Amazing Workouts For On-the-Go Babes


Being an on-the-go fashionista and full-time “foodie” means that I need a great fitness regimen—and because you know I love to eat in style, a good workout schedule is essential. When I am travelling, I still use these apps and of course, my favourite go-to is having SworkIt in the rotation, especially with the updated version. However, in recent months, I have found myself going back to yoga incrementally for the most part. It has helped me maintain my strength and weight. I am consistently rejuvenated afterwards especially after work.  

I also cannot do HIIT or other high-intensity exercises anymore due to my old ankle injury from track and gymnastics but that doesn’t mean that I have to toss away my love for fitness. With a blend of healthy eating—which is only one part of a healthy lifestyle—in addition to exercise and a great attitude (because that does matter), it is important to listen to your body. Lack of sleep, stress, and your environment all affect our health and can also contribute to health-related issues.

I have curated my top favourite exercise styles from 4 female fitness darlings. I have used their workouts regularly and find these women great motivators. Low-impact fitness flows are also available with their workouts, which I absolutely love!

Perfect Timing, For The Busy GirlBoss 
  1. 1. Boho Beautiful: Global Inspiration. With love, From Canada 

I typically do a yoga routine blending both Hatha (gentle) and Vinyasa (power) yoga flows. So, when I am short on time, I have found Boho Beautiful to be extremely helpful. Vegan and travel-enthusiast, Juliana provides powerful and effective workouts for just about every level of the person and for every occasion. My favourites are her morning flows and post-travelling workouts; there are simple ways to stretch the limbs and work targeted areas where you need them the most when sitting too long at the office or on an aeroplane.  

Additionally, you can find great videos of her and her beau, Mark—the plant-based couple are both very passionate with a zest for life, travelling the world and doing good. Check out The Land of the Strays campaign here. 
  1. 2. Briohny from ALO Yoga:  Los Angeles, California  - 
  2. {Locations & Studios: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica & New York, USA} 

I don’t remember the exact date when I accidentally stumbled upon Alo Yoga fitness. All I know is that it was rainy outdoors and I couldn’t be bothered with heading to the gym. I was also jet-lagged and irritated by sleep deprivation. Alas, my saving grace was Alo’s YouTube channel. Briohny is a great teacher and I've done many flows before heading to work, led by her and a couple others. Between her 45-minute Vinyasa flow, the detoxifying challenge (30-mins.) thirty days of mindful movements, and Josh Kramer’s core burnout (10-mins.), you will definitely feel some heat and have a great start to your day.  

  1. 3. Lilly Sabri: From London to Dubai 

Fellow influencer, and fitness guru, Lilly has been such a personal inspiration. I have used a lot of her workouts in the past few months and have loved them. She also has a great sense of community and always engages well on social media. My favourite workouts are her ab and thigh workouts, you can feel the burn in minutes! Do follow her inspiring videos on fitness and how-to tutorials for proper form. Say “hello” on her Instagram here. 

  1. 4. Love Sweat Fitness: California Sunshine 

If you want a motley blend of Pilates exercises, Barre, and some yoga stretches, then #Team LSF is for you! Founded and lead by Katie Dunlop, she will visually take your workouts to the beach but you don’t have to travel at all. I am more focussed on yoga and interval training at the moment but I like her videos on days that I want to do shorter workouts when I am crunched for time. You can get a quick 5-minute workout easily, squeeze in another two 5-minute fixes and you’ve already done 15 minutes

I have used some of her videos even last year during the Christmas holidays. Her site is definitely blogger-inspired. She manages to make each workout fun and engaging. She also shares her personal weight-loss story and more. 

What is your fitness routine when you are travelling or very busy? 

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