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There are plenty of reasons to keep images that you have created. But now there’s an even better reason … to make a gorgeous photo book, of course! Have you ever wanted your blog images, ideas or best Instagrammable shots all in one format: whether it’s a wedding book, a calendar, baby book, or a desktop framed piece. Perhaps, you've wanted to use some of your fanciful art projects in a book, a compilation of your photography, or family memories.  

In collaboration with Artifact Uprising, I created a photo book, which is definitely something that I have been wanting to do since my last book was mostly fashion shoots and jumbled photos, many years ago. This time, I took a moment to organise and separate food stylings from home décor, and tabletop from floral and wedding-inspired event images, etc.  

Why a photo book? More often than not, I always get asked either the following: what is my website(s) and can you show me some more of your work? Of course, business cards are essential but what about afterwards? This is especially the case when new guests are over at ours and I might not want to grab my Smartphone, leading them to a site and sifting through tons of unrelated images on a small screen.  

Your photo book can be similar to said site, only, having a physical book right in your hands gives you a feel for an author’s work on a more personal level. As you flip each page, something more tangible to view is always a winner, in my opinion. Look at it as a custom art gallery showing in the palm of your hand. Side note: still keep your website though, because it's paramount for digital business. 

The Design, Décor & Coffee Table :
I designed a seventy-page (10x10) hardcover book, for me, the hardest part was choosing what size I wanted. This book is more for business, professional friends, and sort of a preview of a larger project that I am currently working on. I created chapter divisions to break up the contents for this one, but you don't have to.  

I had been wanting to create a miniature portfolio but also a lovely keepsake. Iallows potential clients to see what I’ve done—something more tactile for others to view and touch to get a glimpse of both past and present work. This is very helpful, especially if your expertise is expansive in a selected genre. It's also a fun book in general to gift yourself!  

Additionally, on a personal level, a photo book is a clever way to beautifully organise your imagesin a visually pleasing and coffee table-friendly way. You can display it as accent décor. Think, minimal decorating elements or understated design details (your favourite book charmingly displayed on a console table). Simply gather all of your special photos and create a coffee table worthy book! I made a paperback one several years ago filled with nothing but photography of chandeliers and mirrors for a client. 

Books are always prevalent accents in my home too and actual pieces that are used quite often, so I always try to display my favourite author titles or the books that I am currently reading at the moment.  

Results & Experience:
Overall, my experience was good and the site is very easy to use. The only thing that I didn't like was on the book jacket, there was a mistake inside, they left the printer number and data code printed. Fortunately, it's a blank page on that side, but a little disappointing because it was printed inside (in the middle) of the jacket page. 

If you create a new project, I'd suggest using the website because if you use the app, you will have to do all of your editing in the app. Otherwise, your project created in the app will not appear on the website. Just plan ahead, choose your preference and start and finish your project on that one platform. The app is convenient for people who want to use images straight from their mobile or tablet devices.

The book-binding and quality of my images and the book itself was well done. If you have high-quality images, to begin with, then you will be fine. This book came packaged in a lovely sturdy white box covered in a white branded jacket with vellum overlay wrapping inside.

Have you created professional photo books? If not, then you can take it to the next level and get one created by a company that cares about reducing their carbon footprint. View more (here) on the reasons behind Artifact Uprising’s use of recycled materials and their mission behind their intention—advocating a better environment. 

The goods: Hardcover Book w/Canvas-Artifact Uprising-c/o. All content and opinions are honestly expressed and are my own. Turquoise binded book (seen below).  

What do you think of my book? What would you put in your photo book?


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