Silversmiths: An Opulent Art


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With the wedding season in full swing, there are plenty of unique gifts and stunning pieces for the contemporary couple. Hersey & Sona silversmith workshop based in London, produces handmade luxury silverware products ranging from Armanda dishes to cufflinks. I am in love with many of their pieces and have put together a small lookbook for you to view their products.  

Hersey & Son's products are marked with the premium standards for quality, a hallmark. A Hallmark guarantees the metal content of the item you acquire, precious metal, etc. It will include the sponsor's mark, a fineness mark and the mark of the assay office (in the UK, it's struck by an independent office) where it's essentially analysed. 

Did you know that hallmarking is the oldest form of consumer protection known; use of hallmarks has dated back as far as the 4th century AD. After the King of England (in 1300) made it compulsory to meet a sterling silver standard, later on, Goldsmiths' Hall was formed, due to the charter granted by King Edward III. Items made were taken there for assaying and marking. The process of testing was to ensure fine quality. Only silver meeting the standard was marked — the term as we know today, ‘hallmark’ was originated. 

I have been fortunate to see silversmiths work as a child when my parents took me to a silversmith shop, and it's remarkable to see the workmanship done right before your eyes. Founded in 1971, Hersey & Son takes pride in keeping the art of silversmithing alive, with traditional methods and ancient techniques blended with modernised technology in design. 

Don’t worry if you’re not attending a wedding anytime soon, the company has offerings for the home as well as jewellery pieces to adore. For the new homeowner, dainty accessory lover or the elegant interior enthusiast, I am certain that you will find something to love.  

I’ve curated some personal favourites that I am coveting at the moment, including these wine coasters, sterling silver tableware and napkin rings. Couldn’t you see these in one of my tablescapes and décor? 

Be sure to take a look at their site and tell me which pieces would you buy. 

What do you think of these silver pieces? 

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