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I hope you have been doing well this week. I am jumping straight into this post since I have been waiting to share these oils with you. This feature is all about the calming effect; an interesting grouping of trees, leaves, and flowers that you may not have known to have similar benefits. 

1. Siberian Fir: 
Abies sibirica  

This oil smells slightly citrus with a woody and fresh green (almost pine-like) scent. Siberian Fir has actually been used in medicine for nerve pain, bronchitis, colds, joint aches, and swelling due to inflammation. Native to Canada and Russia, this tall conifer tree has natural components that are uniquely distinct for its soothing benefits; bornyl acetate gives many of the grounding ease and comfort benefits to the skin. 

I like to blend Siberian Fir with cypress or rosemary with shea butter for soothing muscles. To clean the air and have a calm, stress-reducing environment, especially if you work remotely at home, use a diffuser with a touch of Siberian Fir essential oil. 

Tip: To relieve minor irritations post-workout, use a spray bottle and add several drops of rose or geranium, and one drop of Siberian Fir essential oils, fill the bottle with distilled water.  Spray the affected area. 

2. Magnolia Touch:
Michelia alba

Have you smelled magnolia before? Magnolia is quite a special flower that has a beautifully sweet and herbaceous aroma. This oil can be used as a natural perfume and moisturiser — there’s a honey-like fragrance that is subtle and fresh with a delicate lemony aroma. You can find Magnolia throughout the world in South Asia, North America and the Pacific. It has been used in health and wellness to balance emotions and the body, and the bark has traditionally been used in Chinese herbal medicine and used for cough relief. 

A pricey oil this is, but precious and lovely just as the mere letters forming the word itself, ‘Magnolia’ as it does roll off the tongue nicely! Linalool is the main component of the Magnolia flower, which is widely known for its calming and antioxidant properties for the skin and overall wellness. The magnolia flower and the oil are often used for tension relief in massage therapy and can remedy a worrisome atmosphere. 

Learning from the ancients: In many cultures, Magnolia is an important flower used for balance, uplifting the ambience of a room reducing anxious emotions, whilst others, as Native Americans use magnolia for medicinal purposes. I like putting this in my satchel or handbag for travelling, using it as a perfume on the go 

3. Neroli Touch:  
Citrus x aurantium 

Derived from the bitter orange, neroli oil is extracted from the small white blossoms whilst petitgrain comes from the twigs and leaves; both come from the same tree. The main constituents of neroli essential oil include the following: Linalool, linalyl, limonene, and acetate. To get neroli, it is a delicately handpicked process so that the flowers are not damaged. Just as all the Touch products, this is infused with coconut oil and ready to use. The smell is sweet, fresh and has a rich citrus fragrance. 

Not only is neroli mood-boosting and we know this because citrus scents help with boosting one's mood, but neroli can aid insomnia, helping you to sleep and calm feelings of anxiety. You may remember my orange blossom post, helping to soothe stomach aches, prevent infection, and even providing digestive benefits with bloating (due to its carminative agent properties). This is exactly why neroli is a great addition to the household. 

Other benefits & uses:  Studies show specifically combining neroli with marjoram, ylang-ylang, and lavender for aromatherapy use alleviates muscle pain, and is used in massaging methods.* Reduces stress in postmenopausal and menopausal women, improving the endocrine system. To use as a deodorant, due to neroli having antimicrobial components, it helps kill bacteria. For radiant and healthier hair: removing scalp bacteria and fungus. 

 4. dōTERRA Detox Mask: 
This is a mud mask that is infused with earth clays and botanicals. Essential oils of myrrh, grapefruit, and juniper berry, which I talked about here. This mask is generally pretty great! It all comes down to preference — the overall scent smells more of juniper berry more than anything and I don’t mind it. It’s a clean, piney, and earthy aroma that cleanses the skin well. You will feel a subtle tingling sensation that’s not a bad thing! 

It’s a simple wash-off when slightly dry formula; also made with kaolin, beautifying minerals such as lentil seed extract to reduce pores and oily skin, and malachite extract, for detoxifying benefits as well as being rich in copper. Some alcohol is in this but I did not find this drying at all. View the full ingredient list here 

5. Melissa:  
Melissa officinalis 

Known as lemon balm, Melissa has a fresh and sweet aroma that has citrus notes; the fragrance is also known to allure bees (in Greek Melissa is for 'honey bee') because of its sweet scent. It's an interesting scented oil that is sharp. To me, it smells first of honey then slightly herbaceous, with lingering citrus notes. 

Benefits: This oil supports a healthy immune system, calms nerves, and promotes relaxation. Other uses include the following: As a skin refresher, mixed with water, in many cultures, it is used to flavour seafood or ice cream, or diffuse the oil for a peaceful rest. It can be used as a rub on your chest or forehead for an anti-stress balm with a carrier oil. 

Melissa is what I like to call, a luxury oil. It’s not one to whelm yourself in from head to toe, but it is a very special oil. Firstly, it's quite pricey. One thing that I've been doing is using a drop of Melissa essential oil on my temples just before any intense yoga flow, it really helps to soothe and calm my body. You could even use this before or after meditation if that is something that you do in your lifestyle. 

Helpful Extras: This helps to reduce fever, relieve spasms and bloating, as well as prevent bacterial infections (e.g., kidneys, colon, and urinary tract, etc.). 

Have you tried any of these oils? I hope this was helpful for your exploration of scents in the future?

The goods: -Provided by dōTERRA, a FASHION TALES blog media partner. As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. These are suggested benefits for essential oils. If pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using. *Neroli study. Read an interesting study here on the effects of Siberian Fir with young cattle.  
*Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be internally, especially in high doses without proper research and an experienced herbalist, or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 

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