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One way to show dinner party guests that you are not just a professional, but absolutely steeped in baking elegance is by using top-notch pieces. This time, I don’t mean bejewelled or golden dipped items; the key is merging function with beautifully handcrafted style. It’s often an uphill battle.  

Learning how to showcase those two elements is an art in itself — the marriage of nature and contemporary components can have a vogue result — although timeless yet functional pieces will always win the fight, rightly, in my opinion. Enter, Panibois! 

When it comes to baking with class, undoubtedly the French are holding a good and proper deck of cards. You may remember these marvellous creations, the little custom wonders from this postToday, I’m sharing all kinds of special in this post! 

Nothing says, “I’m special,” more than a personalised piece or even something with a handmade touch. It comes down to preference: either having a slice of cake from one whole piece (that’s shared with everyone) or having your very own custom cake. Clearly, this is a no-brainer; the individual pieces won here.  

For weddings and similar events, part of the charm is having your very own memento. Whether it be a moment of decadence or a takeaway gift, the entire planning and creating process for these are actually one of my favourite parts. 

The takeaway boxes (which in fact, are 100% biodegradable) are incredibly good for just that; they’re gift crates, a splendid holder of goods for gourmet cheeses and everything in-between. 

The cocotte can be baked conveniently right in their container and come with individual greaseproof papers. Just as you might see your preferred savoury treat or indulgent dessert in a premier Patisserie, Panibois’ pieces do not disappoint. The brand is also favoured by many renowned bakers and chefs for good reason; the items produced are well-made and high-quality. 

The Pani Pousse or banneton proving baskets are excellent for bread baking. It was very helpful in proving (or proofing) my dough. The linen interior cloth is washable and can be removed with ease if needed.  

I delved into my own French workbooks and went all-in with my choux dough — creating éclairs (oblong pastries), and profiteroles, what you may have seen as the main element of croquembouche, vanilla-filled pastry cream with caramel or chocolate drizzled and spun like threads around the puffs piled up in a tower. They are also often created for weddingsI used the Tom Pouce moulds for those. Making these for the first time was such a treat and to be honest, quite easy. It reminded me of my childhood, watching my mum cater for events.  

My rustic chocolate cake with goji berries and chocolate ganache are held in the cocotte, which come with lids and these are ideal for dinner parties, weddings and seasonal events. To embellish them, I designed a quick DIY of lace and gilded washi tape to adorn the containers.  

If you’re looking for a great gifting idea, I suggest using the takeaway boxes with the basket-woven lids; wrapped up, they make a lovely miniature gifting hamper (think, cakes, tea biscuits, beauty gifts, or his and her wedding favours). 

What do you think of these Panibois pieces and my delectable creations?  

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The goods: Cocottes, Tom PouceWooden Moulds, and Pani Pousse c/o Panibois & TechnobakePlates-(Buy Similar), Gold Cutlery-(Here), Wood boards-(Buy it), Rose gold & eco-friendly cheese-paring set-c/o VivaTerra. Shop Panibois and other pieces here. Grab my éclair recipe here. *Some affiliate and sponsor links in this post. View my privacy policy here.

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