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The Advent season is a festive and jubilant time of the year, especially for those who love to entertain. Of course, that’s no surprise at all if you have been following my little blog for years (I can hardly believe I’m on my 10-year mark coming up in December!) — there’s chock full of inspiration in the archives for newbies to this blog as well.  

John Boos has undoubtedly been innovative and sustaining with its product range. What’s more, my heart palpitated when my eyes caught such a beautiful lot in the mix.  

A dedicated hostess, a cooking foodie, or any dinner party throwing enthusiast will appreciate versatility; this is when having a variety of serving boards are ideal. For my faithful readers, you will definitely want one if you happen to fall into any of the aforementioned categories. If not, there's always a first time for everything!
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The Boos Block 4-Cooks is a great addition to the quality cutting board family. It comes in 3 different sizes, in addition to being offered in Northern Hard Rock Maple, or American Black Walnut colours. 
I am featuring this 4-Cooks board and it’s as smooth and stunning as one might imagine. I do think that the larger size (shown in this post) is better suited for someone cooking frequently, the smaller boards can be used for quick cutting or smaller servings for presentation. The board itself is not bulky and makes a great [extra] board for doing loads of prep work.  

Details & Features: 
The Boos 4-Cooks board is an NSF-approved, edge-grain constructed board with a bevelled-edge. You don’t have to worry about wondering where to stow this away, as it will fit any space due to its slender and sleek aesthetic — stand it up, lean it on the kitchen counter, place it in sliding drawers.  

The easy-grip cut-out handles carved on the shorter sides of the board is a lovely feature for presenting and transporting food to your table, especially if you choose to have your dramatic moment of cutting at the table, right on the board. A great benefit in this product is that the board is reversible, when one side is being used and soiled, simply flip it over for a fresh new working surface. As I have mentioned before, cleaning your board properly is of the utmost importance. 

I used one side of the board for prepping mostly because I like to use my wider or circular boards for tables and food displays. Then, another day I used the other side to present my little sticky ginger cakes. 

My mum sent me loads of moulds, some Scandinavian and French vintage baking tins to add to my collection, so I am pretty much exhilarated, walking on air in the kitchen. The season always makes me so delighted. I’m off to start decorating early since my schedule will be ridiculously busy in the coming weeks until the new year. 

What do you think of this 4-Cooks board? Are you entertaining this holiday season?  

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