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There is such a deep focus on wellness more than ever now, and just in case you never thought that it was important, there’s no time like the present to get on board. However you get on with it is up to you, but I’ve got heaps of inspiration for times like these.  

Best Mushroom Powders

These products from Four Sigmatic below will help you with your daily lifestyle, no matter the season. As you may know, I have been a fan of the brand for some time and introduced them here on the blog a couple years ago, after I was genuinely impressed with the book that I read on mushrooms, Healing Mushrooms. Most recently, I have been using their protein powder. 

I have used pea protein powder before and I will admit, it does take some getting used to (and I love peas), if you've had fitness powders in the past then you can understand. However, this version of pea protein powder is by far one of the best that I have used. What’s more, this plant-based protein can is unflavoured, providing wonderful nutrients for your health. 

The best way that I like to mix it is either in a morning breakfast shake, or merely alone with almond milk and a drop of pure vanilla, drinking it just as you would hot tea. If you have a quality blender, then you won’t have any problem. I did try the powder in muffins as well and could not taste the protein powder, it worked well!  

I prefer to blitz it in my blender for a smoothie with other vegetables or with fruit — suggestions for anyone who may not be keen on smoothies would be to use it in soup or sauces. I used it in a thick and hearty mushroom soup that I made and it was amazing! Oh, by the way, in case you haven’t been looking on my IG Stories, we’ve been growing and harvesting our own mushrooms. It’s brilliant! 

Four Sigmatic

The Benefits: Overall immunity support, which is incredibly important. This protein powder aids your entire body including the muscles and provides antioxidants for health and wellness. There’s 1000 mg of mushrooms, 500 mg of adaptogens, and 18 g of sustainably sourced plant-based protein. It’s made with organic mushrooms of the followingchagareishi, cordyceps, lion's mane, turkey tail, with monk fruit, eleuthero, organic lucuma, coconut palm sugar and pink Himalayan salt. 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
 (Above) A spicy turmeric protein concoction.

Beverage Agenda: 
03:45 AM - 04:00 AM: My day starts quite early typically and even earlier now for work, but I start with hot lemon water, then a good workout, after that, a cup of the ground Mushroom Coffee with lion's mane and chaga mushroom for immunity support and boosting productivity.  
05:00 AM: Post-workout and in-between getting ready for the day, I take the Plant-Based Protein powder with breakfast. Somewhere between noon and after lunch, at least three cups of tea have been consumed, usually green tea and a herbal concoction, or an adaptogenic tonic.  
20:15 PM: In the evening, make a cup of Mushroom Cacao With Reishi and do a quick 20-minute stretch for relaxing the muscles. *I drank water throughout the entire day. 
22:00 PM: Goal: Off to sleep. Water by the bedside. 

*Looking for more reading on wellness goods to have in your health and beauty arsenal, or to keep in the larder, then view more posts here on mushroom coffee. 

I do hope that you are well and taking the best steps in the right direction for you personally to boost your immunity system.  
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