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2021, I welcome thee! I know, that’s quite an understatement but we made it through the past year everyone, so there’s something to smile about! Happy New Year! 

If you have a small home space or if you’re trying to save space in your kitchen, this option will work for you. Of course, you may use this board however you see fit for your culinary needs but I absolutely love using this walnut board for prepping and presentation.  

This post has come a bit later than I had planned but with my aforementioned blog hiatus, I decided to save this one to start off the new year. This post is special because it ties in celebrating my blog anniversary (which was in fact, last month), something honestly that was quite difficult to keep in 2020 but certainly helpful to keep pressing on.  

Food on a walnut cutting board

My gift to you dedicated followers who have remained loyal to my blog is this beautiful John Boos butcher block giveaway! If you're new here, welcome! In earnest, the accoutrement of any cook or entertaining foodie is a great board, and this one is similar to a smaller version of my walnut butcher block 


The bones and beauty of this edge-grain board come with a stylish edge — the stainless-steel bun feet accents and width of the board allows optimal prepping on a smaller scale. Not to mention, it’s less heavy than its Boos Block cousin. Don’t be fooled though, this block has a good weight, and the quality is superb with a smooth finish.

The fact that many of us are still working from home, some cooking more than ever, and preparing meals differently means that you should ideally have more than one board. Or, if you’re like me, your prepping method is basically the same just cooking for fewer people — I miss entertaining regularly so much. But, alas, there is hope for the butcher block deprived foodie! Food brings joy so, let’s celebrate positive energy with this beautiful new year!  

Food on a butcher block


Do you have a friend, family member, or neighbour that could use this board? Enter the giveaway for them or simply for yourself! It’s the perfect time to plan how you would use this board?  

Will you have it in your beautiful kitchen or use it mostly for presentation? *Hint: This beauty is made to be used and has an incredible weight!    

Grilled vegetables on a cutting board


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Cookies on cutting board
John Boos Board
The goods: Blended Walnut Edge Grain Board 9x9 w/SS Bun Feet-Provided via John Boos & Co., a FASHION TALES media blog sponsor partner. Shop more Boos Blocks and cutting boards here. All content and opinions are honestly written and are my own. *Some sponsor and affiliate links enclosed within this post. View privacy policy  

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