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Are you getting ready for the gorgeous culinary treasures that autumn and winter have to offer? Time for heartier meals and cold climates for most of us will soon arise, so what better way to prepare for the season than elevating your kitchen game!  

Emile Henry has designed versatile cookware that is a surprisingly lightweight pot. This ceramic cookware is called Sublime. It's made from natural clay and allows even heat distribution for optimal cooking results, so the natural flavours of your food are preserved and not altered.   

Emile Henry Cream Dutch oven

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This pot can easily take the place of your typical heavier Dutch oven — it's essentially one itself only in a lighter weight. All of your usual sauteing, simmering, roasting, frying, and browning can be done with this "Sublime" cookware. 


Lightness, versatility, durability without compromising on functionality and elegant French style. The bumps inside the lid provide a self-basting process to lock in moisture for tender cooking results. Made in France with sustainable raw materials. 

You can place it in the freezer (up to -20°C or -4°F), use it on a grill (both gas and charcoal), and is resistant to sudden temperature changes, so you can take it straight from the freezer to the oven. I also love that the handles keep cool and don't overheat as with other Dutch ovens. 

I decided to make a hearty one-pot meal; a very classic French cassoulet typically includes traditional chicken and duck; however, I am allergic to pork so I opted to give this dish an update by using turkey sausages instead of typical pork sausages. Get the full recipe here. 

There are a lot of ingredients in a cassoulet but definitely worth the effort if you’re into French cuisine, albeit a less than fancy dish when you think of French cooking, this is a staple meal in most French households.  

Emile Henry Sublime Cookware with text Autumn Cooking

A one-pot meal requires a flavoursome depth, no matter how easy or simply your ingredients might be, you should always remember to bring the quality in flavour. Duck brings such a richness to this dish as well as the bone-in chicken thighs used here.   

You can easily make this vegetarian by using cauliflower, wild mushrooms and whole, hearty mushroom caps for this meal. I have used a mixture of portabellashiitakescremini, and porcini mushrooms in the past for guests. 


You can find my recipe for this modern cassoulet of this dish here. 

The pot is very well-made and has a highly resistant glaze that shines beautifully. I found it really lovely to not have to lift such a heavy vessel, as with any typical pot. 


Fun fact: Cassoulet has a cultural heritage of its own, in fact, did you know that in France cassoulet is taken a bit seriously, so much that the Grande Confrérie du Cassoulet defends the quality of cassoulet in all its glory in Castelnaudary. There are surprise taste tests of cassoulets by local chefs. The sanctity of the ancient dish is highly regarded as one's family chilli recipe or lasagne dish in other homes, there are even competitions for cassoulet. 

What do you think of the Sublime design by Emile Henry? 


Cassoulet in cream pot

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French cassoulet recipe in dutch oven

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