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I am back with a couple of beautiful classic and contemporary pieces to incorporate into your table settings. Whether large or small, you can indeed have glassware that is durable and looks luxurious when you’re entertaining —  glassware that works so well it’s also family-friendly. 

These pieces of French tempered glassware will go beyond the average cocktail hour or a night of entertaining. Enter the Picardie Tumbler, and the Hexagon Tumbler by Duralex. 

 Duralex Hexagon Glassware

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Hexagon Tumbler: 

The hexagon style is a heavy-bottomed glass with chip-resistant tempered glass, like all of the Duralex glass, it too is thermal and shock-resistant. These styles are functional as well as have a chic aesthetic all on their own. Much like you would have a top to dress up or dress down for an elegant or casual setting, in my opinion, both glassware styles have exactly that!   

As you might imagine, the hexagon pattern makes the glass unique itself, and can definitely be a conversational piece that your guests will love. I concocted a few libations during summer celebrations and cocktail shooting, so I decided to give these proper use. 


Benefits of buying tempered glassware include being more sturdy due to heat resistance than standard glassware. This makes the glass a lot safer in case a fire arises; the glass can withstand higher temperatures, therefore, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for versatility and durability. 

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Picardie Tumbler: 

The Picardie tumbler is a classic French tumbler style with frosted white. The modern sleek design of toughened, tempered glassware is so versatile to be used for any table, from the café to the bar. 

We had great use of the frosted Picardie glasses for the summer, dining alfresco. If frosted is not your style, then I’m certain any colour of the Picardie style would suit your fancy because of the functional design. The colour range includes clear, green, yellow, smoke, red, and pink. 


These pieces are also dishwasher and microwave safe, although I wouldn’t use them in the microwave at all, it’s nice to know that you have that option. Whatever you choose, whether it's lemon water or a cocktail, my favourite is probably the hexagon tumblers but I can definitely see the frosted Picardie tumblers as a repeat on the table (think, holding dessert or ice cream scoops as well). 

You can shop these premier Duralex styles here, and here. 

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What do you think of the glassware? Which style would you use? 


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The goods: Hexagon Tumblers (Buy Here) and Picardie Frosted Tumblers (Buy Here)-Provided by Duralex, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. Shop more glassware from Duralex here. All content and opinions are honestly expressed and are my own. *Sponsor and affiliate links are within this post. 

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