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Camilla Wellton Designs                                         Camilla Wellton Interview

I had the pleasure some time ago to interview the lovely & talented Swedish fashion designer, Camilla Wellton. After taking a moment from her busy schedule, she was able to sit down and chat with me about her past collection, vision, and her creative beginnings. Here's my article and the result of our discussion published over at our friends of Astonish Magazine.

You may also check out her new Spring collection at:
Photos: Courtesy of Camilla Wellton
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  1. Great article! She has a very interesting shapes in her collection.

  2. It is so cool that you were able to interview her! I checked out the collection and I LOVE it!
    Have a great day doll!

  3. Thanks Ellie! I love her design style! So different from the mainstreamed... & the bags are lovely. Enjoy your wkd. My Friday today! -xxoo

  4. Hey there Kirstin,
    Everything in the line is high-quality comfort. Thanks so much! :)

  5. That is such fun you were able to interview her. Heading over there now to catch a little read!


  6. Thank Marissa! She has an incredible collection. -xo :)

  7. i just went over to Astonish and your article is so well done. and my word, what a great designer--all the fashion is so edgy and stylish.

  8. Thank you Cheryl! I really appreciate the sweet words. It was one of my favourite interviews I've been honoured to do. The designer's divine passion allowed me to convey mine in this piece as well. Thanks for taking the time to read it. -xxoo

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