Pekka Salokannel: Light, Time, and Design


After a much needed boost of inspiration last month, my friend Lars and I went out to do a stint of what we call a day of museum-jetting, which included an art show of modern wine sculptures, catching up on local exhibits, and conversing about industrial design and architecture. 

Along the way we met a couple who also shared some of these interests and were just as passionate. The artsy couple spoke of a particular art piece that they loved; it reminded them of a certain designer and artistic style they’d heard of recently.

The irony of the conversation was the fact that I had just spoke to Lars about the work of the designer they were referring to, because of a wristwatch design that caught my eye. To say the very least, this specific wristwatch was quite clever. It was also created for the Swarovski Competition by Finnish industrial designer, Pekka Salokannel.

Days later, I was browsing the Internet and came across yet another piece of inspiring work, unaware that it was also done by the same exact designer. With that being said, I decided to share with you more works of Salokannel as well as my brief conversation with the designer himself.

“Finnish design heritage have taught me to always somehow do functional products, and I'm very happy about that.”

As with any impeccable design, there’s always a process, a time frame, and result wanted. In this innovation below, Salokannel shows us that great concepts are worth waiting for to achieve an excellent outcome.
(Above) Cresco lamp for Freedom of Creation (FOC), one of Salokannel’s proudest creations! He also credits Janne Kyttänen for extensive experience in 3d-printed lamps as being invaluable. "Usually in my best work, ideas come quickly but, making it ready, of course takes time," Salokannel said.
Here’s another favourite. Jacket buttons!
More creations may also be found in his shop here.  

The TEMPUS-wristwatch that Salokannel designed for the Swarovski Competition (Seen above). The unique design involves e-ink technology. With the designer’s love for watches, it was natural to want to participate in the competition. He showcases a sleek presentation of the wristwatch offering gemstones as ornate fashion with the added tech of a USB. In addition, he provides the wearer with the ability to transform the style or personality of their watch.

You may also check out his most recent award winning concept development project for Finnish furniture design company Martela. "Together with Martela we [intend] to realize the concept and reveal it next year, when Helsinki is the World design capital," Salonkannel said.

In fact, according to the World Economic Forum (WED), Finland ranks third for being one of the most digitally connected economies. Sweden holds the #1 spot, Singapore rests at #2, and Switzerland and the U.S. fall in line at the fourth and fifth position respectively. Therefore, as in design innovation and digital technology, Salokannel may not be too far off the projecting path.

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Getting to Know Pekka Salokannel:
Location:  Helsinki, Finland
On favourite designers… Leonardo da Vinci is the number one, there's no doubt. There hasn’t been more of a competitor in the fields of art, engineering and experimentation before or after him. Eero Aarnio, he has done design classics since the '60s, and continues doing it with a smile on his face. Also, Peter Callesen's paper art has stayed in my mind since I found those inspirational works few years ago.

On his current focus and occupation... I work as an industrial designer for my day job. However, I'm concentrating on marketing design, such as POS material, and shop and exhibition design. 

Do you have a set studio? Where do you design &  produce your products? My home is my studio. When working at home, I have time and enthusiasm for new designs. 3d-printing has made it possible to work from my home; providing the products as files, just like music and videos nowadays. The 3d-printed products are produced in the Netherlands.

What's your priority when designing? Functionality vs. design aesthetic...
Functionality, maybe. Let's say that it's rare if I want to do anything which is only about aesthetics. When a product is meant to be a decoration, like jewellery, it still has to work. Otherwise it's still a concept. Finnish design heritage have taught me to always somehow do functional products, and I'm very happy about that.

What's currently on your music playlist? I go with the modern Scandinavian classics: Kings of convenience, Röyksopp, Mew...

How has your location affected your personal style & design mentality? I believe that nature in Northern Europe, with it's special light behavior, has affected me a lot. The polar night of the winter and the midnight sun during summer has shown me the path for designing time and light related products. For years my passion has been lamps and watches. We basically live with artificial light and time, especially up in the north. We live more with the clock than the sun; we live more with the lamp than sun!

Photos: Courtesy of Pekka Salokannel


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  6. Yes, Jamillah,
    But it's USB in the sense of a lock for & also a way that you may change the look/style of the watch completely. * see other styles in the colours above! -xxoo Thanks for reading.

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  9. What amazing designs, especially that lamp! Did you get to meet the designer?

  10. Thank you for your comment Wynne & taking the time to read. He has a nice design style!

  11. maybe one day in-person Marissa, but was only able to "speak" with the designer about his designs, etc. Glad that you liked it, yes the lamp is amazing!

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