DIY-Accessories: Miss Violet + Mr. Zip

Remember this vibrant and alluring fabric? Unfortunately, most uses of the gifted fabrics received have been for non-personal projects, but since I love making things for friends it did not go to waste. However, over the past week I found myself having several extra hours available to spend in the craft studio, (a.k.a. my friends small art studio that we occasionally share.) 

The bold colour of this print is not only striking to me, but instantly makes me want to find violet/fuchsia shoes. Don't worry, that did not happen. Instead, after ruminating over sketches and diverse concepts I created a clutch that I love! And there's still remnants for a future project.
The Mission: A functional, expanding clutch + to find a 3rd use of old zipper sliders that I didn't have, (one that wasn't earrings, on a handbag, or ornate shoe piece.)

Materials Needed:
Fabric that you love!
Sewing machine
Marking pen or tailor's chalk
Trim(s)- for center piece, and/or front
Needle/thread-for hand-tacking beading (optional)
Magnets (2pcs.=1 set)
Metal/fabric glue
*Patience & a power playlist: 1.5 hour

Miss Violet:
I started out with a square shape that I wanted. If you're ever unsure simply use a mat board or measurements from your favourite bag. For this style, I decided to create side panels that could be flattened or if necessary expanded to hold thicker items inside. Additionally, I wanted two inside pockets that could hold various items. My lining is made with the self fabric, but you may use any contrasting fabric.

Finishes & Trimmings: My closure is a metal filigree piece that I already had, and I added a magnet underneath (adhere with metal glue), then I created a self covered magnet. To do this it's simple, and it's just like making a self-covered button. But, to save time you may use a button kit that may be purchased at your local craft or fabric store. I used beading for trimming, and hand-stitched the edges, because of the delicacy of the trim. For the sake of saving you from even more inundated text, I've condensed this DIY, so here are the results.

Materials Needed:

Zipper slider w/pull
Loose rhinestones or other trim
Fabric paint
Metal chain
Preferred closures for necklace-(1 lobster claw + 2 jump rings)
Fabric glue, or strip bonding adhesive
*An easy breezy 35-40 min., including 25 min. drying time. Seriously!

Mr. Zip: He's easy as 1, 2, 3!

I used my chain of preference and joined a lobster claw, and two jump rings (one on each end) to begin. Afterward, cut rhinestones to the length of pull/tab, and use metal/fabric glue to adhere them on one side. Next, take the zipper slider and paint both sides. After drying, slide the zipper+pull piece onto the chain and you're finished!

I've been working on a few more DIY's my friends, and very excited to share the next ones with you soon. Enjoy!

Instagram fun and my new Madison Collection labels! 

Keep Pressing On + IFB Roundup Weekly Links à la Mode

I'm beyond ecstatic to be included in this weeks  Links à la Mode. I know for many of you it has already happened and for some countless times, however for me it is new and hopefully more to come. I had given up for a short while, and there were times when I'd forgotten to even submit.

I've just come back from wedding festivities with a friend today and suddenly when I finally glanced around IFB had seen the round-up. Pardon my delayed reaction. Time and time again wondering if a post would be something that would be chosen among the IFB Gods... you know what I mean! Of course, I will keep pressing on and plugging away, but I must say this did make my day.

Congratulations to all those who are included! And dear friends, I'm obviously wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Still Evolving
Edited by: Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought

I love how multi-faceted fashion blogging has become. In the beginning it was mostly celebrity style driven but has evolved to include everything from personal style, social commentary, fun fashion trends and high fashion! While blogging is becoming a staple of our everyday world, fashion blogging is continuing to push the envelope.

Fashion is converging into lifestyle and we are defining the medium and what it means to be a fashion blogger. Check out the diverse links this week that our pushing our craft to new places.

New Jackets at Shopbop: Opening Ceremony, Add Down, RED Valentino, RLX Ralph Lauren, Mackage, Jen Kao, Vena Cava, Doma, Winter Kate, Halston Heritage, Veda, Gryphon, & Ella Moss.


If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine

Pumpkin & Ivy: A Wool Love Story

These particular shorts became a favourite at first sight, however it wasn't until I actually tried them on that I fell in love with them. This was associated with my mega haul of secondhand and vintage, yet when I acquired these bold shorts the climate everywhere was still quite warm.

The not-so-funny thing about wool and I is that our love affair ends rapidly if it's not blended. Yes, if there's an item that's 100% wool I either need to do two things: don't wear it, or have a layering of fabric that will prohibit my body from reacting to the lanolin (wool wax), insecticides: chlorine, dioxins (chemicals used in treating conventional wool), or even harsh chemicals that a factory may have used to remove the lanolin.

People who think they are genuinely allergic to wool may be, however a skin test should be done to be certain. A full-on highly allergic reaction to all wool in a severe case goes further than your clothing. Think about the mattress on your bed, batting used in home items, or even when you're touching products at department stores... is there any aggravation?

There are many factors to take in consideration if you believe that you are allergic to the wonderful world of wool you might be simply allergic to a certain type of wool, (as some have courser fibres than others) or with the aforementioned chemicals related with wool, etc.

I have found that finer breeds of wool, such as Cormo or Merino doesn't bother me as much, yet there still can be irritation in others. If you love (working with) wool, have any allergies, and are surrounded by an amassment of textiles like I am my suggestion to you would be to test and research. I'd also recommend using unprocessed wool, or organic wool yarns.

I used to be completely allergic to wool. Fortunately my allergy has immensely improved than earlier years; though that can be attributed to that fact that I've learned to stay away from certain breeds of wool. But, in the end it's worth taking care of your skin and allergenic concerns.

But, hey! Enough of the wool-101 class! Here's my celebration of wearing wool from head-to-toe, and it not bothering me at all. Aside from wearing a wool-repelling shield underneath the jumper, all is very well.

The goods: Boots-Banana Republic, Jumper/sweater-Club Monaco, Tartan shorts-charity shop, Hat-made from wool/cashmere sweater-Ladyofashion, Belt-DIY, Tights-Anthropologie.

*Further reading on wool here & environmental text here.



Admit it! What type of teen were you? Did you rebel against mother, or perhaps you pumped up the volume a bit louder when asked to turn it down. Oh no, that wasn't you, right? You might have been an angel or a teen who was not into music at all though, I can not relate to an absolute music-free zone. Whichever the case may have been it certainly does not matter! We were all probably in a mood, or in the process of reciting the likes of a Benatar lyric.  
This post is merely about child's play: remixing styles of youth, and memories of being a teenager. Teens today really ponder about completely different things than one would have, say 8, 10, or 15 years ago. *Disclaimer: Yes, the room and concept was created for simple entertainment, yet at some point I found myself really getting immersed into this shoot. 
My dear friend Inga and I had a girl's spa day, which later included comical stories leading to banter about our teenage years. We spoke of the impetuous decisions that were made, what we wore, and even what was mounted on our walls, if anything. 

So, what's a fashionista to do in such occurrences other than make the most of "a moment!"  Our decision to run with a youthful idea worked in nicely with the proper amount of prolonged nostalgia, but you needn't worry ... it was only for a few seconds, because we do love being adults!

Truth be told in my actual teenage room (looong ago), I had an insignificant line drawing of an unglamorous shoe on my wall for some reason. Yes, it was quite an eclectic space, however fashion still spoke to me.
Did you have any favourite posters of musicians, bands, artists, or other inspiring beings on your wall when you were younger? Do share, my friends.
(Above) You can wear a plaid skirt without looking like a pupil! I decided to semi-polish this look with a belt and neatly tucked-in blouse in a way as if I'd wear it differently or professionally. With an easy swap of the shoes with heels, and adding accessories you could be ready for world or a lecture if you preferred. 

The goods: Shoes- vintage seen here, Skirt-a chopped uniform, cardigan-H&M, Blouse-MarksandSpencer, Watch-Skagen,Crest-patch-local fabric store, Eyewear-Prada, Belt-borrowed from bf, Pinwheel candy-worn in hair.

Don't Turn Around: Just Press Play!

casual Style Fashion Tales
My Day: 
The office had an unusual calming air, and all of those who were contained within the space seemed to be preoccupied with affairs unrelated to the professional agenda. A typical work day it was not, but toward the latter part of the day I decided to take the remaining parts of my work home because I had all things art related on my mine.
A few of us had scheduled to attend an art show, however due to a co-worker's (abrupt) life-interruption plans needed to be shifted at the last moment. I was not at all upset, instead I had time to catch a few snapshots before daylight decided to take a night's rest. The weather was mild, then windy, and slowly started to settle at the perfect temperature.
Time will soon transform for the season when an hour will make a slight, or for a large number of folks a major difference in completed tasks for the duration of a day. It's a time when days will be shorter and you bundle up in chunky knits to snuggle yourself into for extra warmth, or at least have the look of warm.  Although, I am dressed and ready, I felt the need to incorporate a "shorts" ensemble once more! Bring out the tights, boots, scarves, hats, and gloves, and then repeat.

Oscar de la Renta Blazer
After a self style analysis I realised that my outfit was:  a) one that I was happy to play on repeat, and  b) a look that took all of a few seconds to grab-and-go! Perhaps we all have one day a week, a month, or even a year when we have the thought of wanting a familiar outfit or that feeling of "whatever, let's just go with it" type of look.  It doesn't need a heavy story nor does it need to make sense to anyone else except YOU! Well, here is mine.

Inspiration: climate versatility:

When overheated I'm able to take off the jacket, because of the short-sleeved Tee underneath, and if cold there's always the option to put the jacket back on. 
Secondly, I wanted textured legwear: the patterned tights has an air-conditioning breeze that the lace naturally provides; and in the end pairing the boots was genuinely a must! (For some reason I tend to wear this particular style of tights with low boots.) 

Do you have any favourite items in your closet that you seem to wear together in the rhythm of repeat? 
Ladyofashion Style Tights
*Items I adore wearing at the moment: New beauty express eye brow kit by Anastasia: I've only used this twice for night, but I'd recommend this kit if you want to start doing your own brows to look like a pro!  I'm also loving NARS-clear gloss in Moon Fleet, and my new lipstick by Illamasqua in Corrupt, great look for a daytime dramatic touch.

The goods: Wool blazer-Oscar de la Renta, Shorts-Ladyofashion designed seen here, Graphic Tee-seen here, Lace tights-Express, Pin-gifted from grandmother, Boots-Love/modified & design by Ladyofashion, Lace DIY cuffs worn as hair bows, Clutch-Forever21.


Game Art

Joyful. Constitution.Thankful.Confidence.Peace

Life may often feel like a game of chess when we try to devise strategies in hopes that we obtain a content future. However, the essential ruling pieces of life are sometimes much less complicated than we tend to make them. Many people play the game of social status or a restrictive way of thinking — that you have to look this way to be successful, or to look stylish you must spend thousands ... Not so! There may be various boards to choose from, but if we learn to keep our own game boards long enough, we just might find solutions to our concerns embedded within the pieces that lay before us.

As swift as the seasons come and the winds blow, one may wonder whether the board game of life has been played truthfully? In situations good or bad, and changes in home or work life we usually strive for a positive outcome — that kinging or queening moment where one is considerably satisfied. And why not? You work hard and believe that it's deserving, right? Yet, in times of doubt, you forget about your strategy, dismissing your instincts or perhaps you've forgotten how to play your own game! 

The checkers here represent a life style-board, an enchanting undertaking of not allowing others to tell you the "how to" in your (personal) rules of style, or in anything that you firmly believe. Though, we may lose a few of our game pieces from time-to-time, when we get back into it confidently, and in our own way, there's always a win! I believe that after taking a closer look, whether your game is advice, shoes, jewellery, or graceful poise, you've got some fabulous pieces to show! Stop comparing yourself to others, and get your game back!
Three White Squares, 1940,  Pereira (source)

I was influenced by the multi-talented artist, Irene Rice Pereira. Many of her works involves lyrical and geometric abstractions that I simply love. 
Minimal Effects:  Versatile accessory- the clutch. And look! No bracelets or necklace! This was tough, since I have fun new accessories that could go with this particular outfit. 
The goods: Clutch-Express, Shirt-Thrifted, Black headband-Layofashion,Shoes-Charles David, Belt-F21 seen here.

Flavourful Links

Here are some links that I've loved. Many had me inspired, wanting to break out my culinary chops, and even consider making a product purchase. Let's begin!

Mmmm... Food-love:
*Chocolate Chip Graham Cracker Blondies: I saw this bite of decadence on Pinterest originally from the blog, What's Baking in the Barbershop. Here's the recipe! 

*Check out the feature on The Loudmouth Lifestyle, a spicy guest post by Gaby! Many favourites to try-out, mine was the Cajun popcorn, see it here!

*If you have not visited LuxHippie, then you really need to once in a while. Why? because, in addition to great stylings, there's delicious recipes shared with a vegan flare! Here's one recipe that I actually prepared, Vegan Broccoli Bac'un Salad. However, I added crisp sage leaves on top!

*If you love pumpkin taste as much as I do then you may want to try these gourmet pumpkin and hazelnut doughnuts from, Cannelle et Vanille, a beautiful blog that I recently stumbled upon, no pun intended! 

*Lastly, my goto food blog, Delicious Days, check out this archived recipe that's perfect for the season pumpkin gnocchi, here!

For the love of eyes:

(Above) frames by Herrlicht 

I thought this was an interesting read: Sustainable spectacles being available, and some even made from wood pieces to bamboo, in addition to other materials! This article lists 5 top Eco-Friendly options available for the go-green devotee and conscious shopper.

In case you've not checked out Pekka Salokannel's new Colors of Birch collection of eyewear and jewellery, (produced by using a 3D printing technique) you may view it here! The Titanic collection was shown as apart of Paris Fashion Week's exhibition for Fin Noir. You may remember Salokannel from an earlier interview here.

SANS is always a good pinch of inspiration, from canvas art, to industrial influence the brand provides spirited, yet comfortable apparel with a unique design aesthetic. SANS carries versatile garment qualities with an anti-wasteful brand philosophy. 
(Above) garments from SANS past collection.

Additionally, if you're in the mood to create anything without having the knowledge of advanced sewing perhaps you might be interested in this helpful link here! There are men's and women's patterns available to purchase and download.

Photo credits:,,,, Pinterest,

DIY: Dull to Daring

If you're like me and have an undeniable obsession with accessories then you'll appreciate this post!  
What did I want? Oh, just a couple of things: 
#1. To create a changeable cuff designed to give my watch an illusion of a wider one-pieced band.
#2. Use more of the feathers from the archives of my craft closet for an upcoming dinner party.

Taking inspiration from your own accessories to produce new accessories can be quite liberating, it allows ample versatility to a wardrobe. This DIY had me in craft-mode immediately after work, fully excited, and with consumed with plenty of ideas to complement my future outfits. Yes, it is that simple!

From shoulder pieces, to avant-garde gloves, and embellished cuffs DIY delights were definitely on the menu!
Materials needed:
Leather or faux leather (cut in strips)
Beads, button trim, or studs
Velcro, glue gun, and/or sewing machine
Elastic (cut width of band/cuff)
Fun fabric for the bonus cuff band (optional)
Pair of gloves
Felt remnant
*And, perhaps a glass of prosecco for your victory finish!

Watch Acccessories:
For this project I cut (desired width of) leather into two strips that would fit my wrist band size and added 5cm for detailing, which for me was going to be the slits, or twisting that I made for a decorative effect, if you merely want a solid band then skip this step, and just cut strip(s) of leather following the next step: Measure your wrist (this number is without elastic measurement, therefore my measurement was 15cm/6" + approx. 2cm/0.75" for ease and approx. 4cm for pull-on length = cuff band), then cut leather into desired width + total length of cuff band. 
DIY Bands Cuffs Stylish
Afterward, I started adding the details... stud/beaded trim for my first band and twisting two pieces of leather together for my second band, and basted each end of my trimmed concoction.  Next, add the elastic, (this is approx. 2.5cm or so, depending on how tight or loose you want your cuff band) my measurement was 4cm in length + the height of my band. By turning my cuff band on the wrong side, sew the elastic to the each end of the band (this is face side to face side.)

You're pretty much finished, however contingent on what extras you would like to add you may now enjoy your new cuff band! I am using mine as a watch accessory, giving my skinny watch an edgier and wider aesthetic.

Glove Me Tender:
By using an old pair of gloves I decided to cut the tops of each finger to create finger-less gloves. Next, I stitched around each finger to secure the edges (optional).
DIY Gloves Stylish
Cut a circular or square patch of felt approx. 4cm/1.5" or smaller depending on the size of your feather(s).  Stitch the felt piece to the center of your glove, or if you want an asymmetrical look stitch it to the feather center placement (if you don't sew you may also hot glue or fabric glue the felt piece.) Place feather(s) to desired location of the glove, pin in place, then use hot glue or fabric glue to adhere them to the glove. Cut excess stems, and/or feather pieces. 

For tabs/straps: I used the last remnants of my animal clutch. I cut them into the length of the glove hem, and stitched one end to the glove hem. For the other end of the tabs you may use Velcro or just stitch it to the glove. Though only for display, I wanted the tabs to look functional, hence the added Velcro on my version.  

*I used feathers for my trim, but you may use any kind of embellishment. I have much more to share with you, but as always... in due time my dears. Enjoy!
DIY Fashion Tales Designs
Don't forget to spread the love!

Charity Garb

There's a good handful of places that I frequent when it comes to charity shopping and vintage. Nonetheless, eventually I find myself scouring specific places regularly when I know exactly what I'm seeking. My personal shopping list included wanting a purple dress or something navy and red. With that being said I decided to stay in the Pimlico district to have a quick coffee and continue on the shopping journey. 

One major reason that I completely support charity shops is their simple mission: to aid others. I'm constantly drawn to places that are passionate in helping people, especially when it also involves children. This time I went to FARA's Retromania, which for the most part is a boutique-styled aggregate of retro clothing, vintage, and a generous hodgepodge of other hi-fashion items. FARA aids disadvantaged children, and funds special needs educational programmes for children of Romania.

I've been to several of their locations, and from my experience the environment is always quite friendly. Generally, I love a great deal, and of course there are tons of other places that you may check out when it comes to thrifting. However, it's safe to say that if you're not in a rush, and have time to kill, Fara is definitely always worth the reward of quality merchandise. 

During my secondhand haul I found several pieces, one in particular (that I've already worn twice) is this lovely V-neck oversize sweater. 

This sweater is so versatile, despite its bold stated colour in the overall aesthetic. I've worn it shorter (above), and slightly billowed, but it also has the ability to be worn much longer if preferred as a tunic. One of my favourite parts of this sweater is the ribbing colours (which are the banding elements on the sleeve hem, and bottom hem of the garment.) 

Red, White, Blue: These colours emit an intense significance to so many people, in different cultures, and in different countries. Additionally, they also sort of herald a patriotism and daring expression (fashionably) that just goes so well together. I'm forever sold on the red, white and blue hues, and even emerald if you look closely, as I've managed to slip in a print that carries the colour of green leaves into this ensemble!  

Fashion should be fun! As a whole perhaps we are all encompassed by world affairs, pressures of family, work, or even times of feeling helpless. Isn't it a great feeling when you can score an article of clothing that you immediately cherish; knowing that a mere purchase not only brings a smile to your face, but to a child or anyone who might be in need. Spread fashion love in your way!  

For more information on Fara charity shops click here!

The Goods: Grazia 60s Mod Sweater-Fara charity shop, Vintage YSL knit skirt, Handbag-Dorothy Perkins, Heeled loafers-BCBG, Cherry printed dress worn as skirt-Urban Outfitters, assorted chain necklaces-Ladyofashion, teardrop necklace-Nordstroms.

Sitting Still: October Style

Who says you can't be a little stylish in very casual dress or even sitting down. It's windy, the sun is shining, and after work I thoroughly enjoy transforming my career blouse and heels outfit into a more relaxed ensemble. It's quite simple, yet adding a few key personal elements such as my favourite earrings and hat makes the overall look mine!

Departing from work slightly earlier than usual I was enraptured by the amount of tasks one could finish with just being granted an extra hour off a work day. I dashed out and was able to finally complete a few projects that I've been working on for (what seems to feel like months) a few weeks.
Being at ease is a wonderful feeling. I took this moment to reflect on my day, inhaling the last few summer-like aromas of my neighbour's barbecue, and also thinking about Halloween outfits. In addition, to fall online favouritesthough not exactly top priorities, random things occasionally go through an artist's mind. 
Doesn't it seem like we were just talking about summer colours and transitional wears? Now that October has come upon us we can prepare to focus on holiday pieces from fashionable cuisine to actual attire because it's most certainly right around the corner. Admittedly, I am in no rush!

Happy October lovelies!
The goods: Shoes: Vest-Express, Tee-F21, Shoes-BDG, Feather earrings-DIY-ladyofashion, Silver tassel necklace- H&M, Black braided necklace-Ladyofashion/Gestalt Collection, Lurex denim-charity shop, Hat-Urban Outfitters-seen here!
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