Season's Tithings with Flavourful Links: Vol. I

Here's a brief of links that I loved in the past week: inspiration, features that I wanted to share, and blogger love. I hope that your week is starting off wonderfully and in a grand way. 

Oh, and in case you don't follow me on Twitter or have not yet noticed ... I LOVE this time of season, and have been struck with the holiday shopping wand since November 01! Prepare yourselves to be slightly inundated with wants, loves, and even more inspiration pertaining to the looming festive weeks ... even though I'm actually finished with Christmas shopping! 
Getting in the spirit of beautiful blues!

Stylish Applause: I cannot really think of anyone else who does s t y l e quite like this amazing woman, Sacramento. A bandage-free salute with a giant gulp of inspiration! Probably one of my favourite looks!

Intimate Portrait: The Thankful Series: Michelle proves that we all have something to be thankful for ... despite whatever may be happening in your life. One intimate look in the mirror from a group of bloggers, and read 5 things shared that they love about themselves.

Style Talks: minimalism wardrobe: Wearing {subtle} colour or lack thereof? Acquiring fewer pieces of quality instead of abundant quantities? Okay, now I think you're ready to give this a read. A different discussion on the art of minimalism by Arash. I enjoyed reading this post!

Different sounds: Wrap Tunes: As always, Jamillah shows her love for a great cause, and more importantly the ability for all to enjoy and support in style. 

I was also very fortunate to be featured on Oh To Be A Muse, a blog by Cheryl, in addition to a guest post on the North On Harper blog by Alexis.

Inspiration:  EAT, PRAY WEAR, LOVE ... 
Pinned Image
Going with the flow: I just fell in love with this image, the colours inspired me this week, as I needed to let loose and allow abstract influence to enter the room. 
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Okay, forget the calorie counting for a slight second: Enter, the high fiber, vitamin A, delicious tasting pumpkin! Fritter prepared yes, but hey, if you feel like being a food hero or if you just want to be healthy, save those seeds, because they are zinc-tastic! See fritter recipe here.

Feast your eyes for a moment on this ... Ahhh, this is special and I love it! *Personal favourites: #1 & #3.
Karlie Kloss in Candy Darling” in Numéro magazine, Photo - Tom Munro. 

Lace: A Re-construction To MY Style

A week or so ago before the hustle and bustle of a lengthy work week I decided to kick boredom in the bum one day and dye some lace. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you've seen the lovely result, but I've also been preoccupied with finishing holiday shopping and just getting around to wearing and sharing.

In all honesty I was not in love with this dress initially, because I wasn't extremely keen on the collar design on me. However, it was quite easy to slash, dye, and sew my thoughts deep into the seams.
The vision was simple: creating an ombre aesthetic, yet making the dress look slightly vintage. No sketch was required, rather the passion for a successful outcome, and merely being in good health afterward was going to be the ultimate reward; this would be a high-fumed project.
On the Agenda:
I flattened the collar, cut the length significantly, and altered the sleeves making it 3/4 length ... it was starting to look better to me. Then, I slashed the ruffles from the collar and re-sewed them in a more pleasing way, at least to my eyes. Lastly, I altered the fit of the dress and hemmed the rest of the dress, adding gathers at the waist.

I imagine this dress, (once all black with grey stitching) had an overdose of frill appeal intentionally, because that must have been the trend at that time, but I potentially saw something else in this silhouette.

My dear friend gifted me this dress a long time ago, knowing that I'd hear the little designing voice inside of me wanting to shake things up a bit, only to aid in the betterment of the dress of course! Yes, there were times when I wore the dress as it was intended, however through the years I've felt that it's my duty to do whatever is needed to make me LOVE this dress!
This little art project had me reminiscent of my design school days, having more time on my hands to dive into more crafty/art experimentation.

Next, I analysed the fabric and began to bleach the collar and sleeves, then I hung them to air dry, and to see if I achieved the result that I wanted. Lastly, I used a spray bottle mixed with tan dye, and another bottle mixed with a small amount of bleach, both with adding water and began to sporadically saturate the lace, some areas with more coverage than others. After a couple of hours I washed the dress twice, and hung it out to dry. Here's the result.

*Note: Always know your fabrics: Testing first is good beforehand, if you are uncertain about the fibres. All materials dye differently, so proper research is necessary unless you enjoy unwanted surprises!

The goods: Lace dress-DIY and altered-gifted, Knit pants-Topshop, Socks-Falke, Shoes-seen here, Necklace-here, Fan-Chinatown/SF

Vanity + Vintage #13

Modern Girl, The New Bohemian:
I've been wearing this non-stop! I purchased this hat about a month ago to add to my collection, which seems to put me in a hybrid of reverie every time I wear it out; between a new-age western dame and an arbiter of mystic fashions. I bought it because I (loved it, and) realised that I didn't own a large-brimmed solid brown hat. Believe it or not, this style in particular, has quickly become a favourite. I'm certain it has to do with the enormous brim that may be contoured to my liking. 

Enter: the vintage clutch! This clutch is significant to me because when I acquired it when I wasn't actually seeking anything for myself. I had a list of items to find for a past styling job, I was so focused on the mission at hand that this little treasure almost passed me by. 

However, I did hear the fashion angels sing in a soft ballad - a faint whisper calling my name, yet with a guilt-free intention and only to make its presence known. So, I turned around to glance at the caramel colour, touched it twice, and was captured by the woven details. Then, I began to open and close it as if I needed to get the maximum use out of it in seconds ... this lead to the instant confirmation that I'd be taking this clutch home ... and I did!

With the volatile climate in pretty much every location, I decided to wear cable-knit tights and take the new hat out for the world to view. It seemed to be a plausible reason to wear it once more. The next few work days were followed by donning long gloves and a tailored blazer of course. But, for now, I'm enjoying these threads.
 A few items I'm loving: Pumpkin colour, forever Fair isle knits, plums, and golds.

The goods: Yellow beaded necklace, lucite beaded pendant-gifted, Oxfords-F21= I know can't believe it either, Ha!, Retro dress-Thrifted, Leather clutch-vintage shop, Scarf-c/o Goorin Brothers, Hat-Steinmart, Knit tights-Anthropologie.


IFB Links à La Mode + Happy Friday!

I'm excited to be included in this week's IFB Links  à La Mode. Check out these blogs, and don't worry I'll have more DIY fun awaiting for you this holiday gifting season. 
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies! 

Incite, Invigorate, Influence, Inspire
By Jessie Thorpe of Denimology

When selecting blogs to be featured in Links à La Mode, more often than not, I'm drawn in by an interesting image or a cleverly composed title. I'm a big fan of wit, whimsy and a little sarcasm. However, this week I handled things a bit different and made choices spurred on by inspiration, you know, that good ol' gut feeling!

Bloggers aplenty (this means you) emboldened me to do more than just write about style and fashion (denim in my case).  I wanted to bust out some serious sequin yardage. I pondered why everything looks better with glitter. I was impressed- no, I was in awe- with brilliant use of nail polish! I chose links that lured me far from my computer, taunting me to use my hands for anything but typing. Dear bloggers, you may have a small pedestal (you know.. your blog), but your voice can still be mighty... and inspirational! The future of fashion belongs to those of us willing to get our hands dirty!

After you've had a good read of this weeks links, step away from the computer and go stain up those hands. Make sure to document the process because, you know, your coming right back here to your computer anyway. You may as well be inspirational. Last thing, it's okay if all you do is make is a mess; at least you were inspired and that counts for something, right?



Gift Boutique at Shopbop: Thread Social, Hanky Panky, Yigal Azrouel, Printed Denim, Marchesa, Rich & Skinny, Bracelets, iPhone Cases, Sonia Rykiel, Rachel Zoe, Satchels, Winter Boots & Scarves.


If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine


Tones, Prints, and Body Rhythm - SS2012

(Above) Nicole Farhi

It's always easier to fall in love with spring colours or even autumn for me, because both are transitional seasons that share traits ... one having the ability to get away with long or short sleeved garments, in conjunction with or without jackets, sandals, and tanks. It's the almost rhythmic period that I love ... neither cold nor hot! We make our choices and the experience begins.

Some of the silhouettes, and details that I admired for next season were a blend of textures, and prints – particularly those of pastel coloured motifs mixed in separates.

I loved so many other looks, however here's a few more that I haven't shared:
Sparkling golds, and solid white styles captured my eye as well, especially with a touch of a few peplum additions. In fact, throw in a luxe hat or fitted bottom into this stylish medley and then ... well, you've sold me! 
 Giorgio Armani
Pant slits and a colour palette glistening of dreamy night.
 Light and airy safari sophisticate: I really adored these flowing looks from Chloé.
Barbara Bui
Colour-blocked: lights, shadows, grass, and sand!
Blumarine showcasing electric colour!

All other photos:, and

*This post is apart of Kristy Elena's Full-time Fabulous blog event. Click here to see what other bloggers are loving.

*Also, when you have a moment show some love and check out my guest post on North On Harper!

DIY: A Spool of Earrings and Glitter Shoes

As you may have seen from my previous post, I did have fun with glitter recently. Here are the results and process of my glitter heels. I actually loved them so much that I may make  a second pair in black with my ballet flats!

I've been working on a few other design projects for new clients and friends that I'm beyond excited about ... some previews may be posted at a later date on Instagram. This DIY is a very easy project that you may even create during a television programme! In the spirit of appreciating the needle and thread profession I also decided to make spool earrings with neon hues! 

Wooden or acrylic spool pieces
Earring pin + fish hook earring wire (pair)
Thread (gauge of your choice) 
Fabric glue, and a waterbased sealer- glue finish 
Foam spatula
Needle-nose pliers, and wire cutter

Sole glitz:
Glitter Shoes

A fun project that you've probably seen from many others, this glitter glam project was so much fun to do, and very quick! With mixing the glitter and glue together I carefully painted my shoes one side at a time. Within 5 or 6 minutes I started to see the glue dry and started on the next coat to completely cover the shoes. For both shoes I ended up using approximately slightly less than 14 gms., from a small container and painted about 4-coats for full coverage.

According to your preference of coverage, i.e. scattered effect of glitter or entirely saturated with glitter (like my version) start with more glitter than glue, because my glue covered quite well in a simple coat, however there's a different effect when actually dried. I also glittered my heels side, and used a sealer. Once you achieve the result wanted, let dry, and then you're ready to wear your glam heels out!
DIY Glitter Shoes

Spools of colour: 
DIY Fashion Tales

By using a metallic pen or gold paint I brushed the tops and bottoms of each spool- let dry for a few minutes. Use a brush to carefully paint fabric glue on the body of the spools, then wrap the thread around each spool to desired thickness, and cut the end with scissors at a stopping point where you can tuck the end inside one thread.  Glue in place. (see images)

With needle-nose pliers and wire cutter, attach earring pin by inserting it into the center hole of spool. Tuck metal end until flat. Atttach jumpring of fish hook earring wire to opposite end of spool.  Now you're complete!
DIY Spool Thread Earrings


Bow Appeal

I am absolutely enamoured with bow-ties, ones that are uniquely styled, tiny in size, or even gigantic!  I've been a bow fan since my childhood. In fact, so much so, that during my tomboy-styled phases as a teen, I'd also try to incorporate a bow somehow! Needless to say, those outfits were youthfully "artistic!"

Despite the frill-thrilled, overly feminine, and very girly whisper that beacons my dress selection when considering all romantic-hued options of the bow, there's a string of thoughts that also come to mind ... be it the affiliation of bows or the stereotypical assumptions and impressions of one who wears bow-ties, especially when being worn by men. 
Fashion Bloggers Style Bows Bow-ties
But today, bows and bow-ties are donned by anyone and everyone, from diverse social classes, male and female, young, and well-seasoned. They are also produced in a multitude of fabrications and colours. Has the world as we know it become appreciative of the art of the bow? On the contrary, perhaps it's just a statement fashion comeback accessory to wear for some folks!

I am not entirely certain what specifically draws me personally to bows, other than its adorable charm, but it's likely related to the allurement in the folds of the fabric or display of small gatherings that fabric naturally creates when its being knotted and tied. 
Just as a simple garment may look complex when it's draped a certain way, sometimes it's the slightest characteristics of an object that results in our fondness, thus becoming timeless in our styling. Occasionally we make these objects special or ornate, tailoring it to fit our personal wardrobe. 

This is an outfit that marries a few elements in fashion that I particularly love: pin-tucks, silk, black, bows and stripes, and more recently the colour of pink!

The spirit of the mood:  Let's just say it's a feminine look taking a walk with androgyny... falling into a pattern that ran into ... a hint of colour. 
I love how this photo came out, it looks like I'm floating. 

The goods: Satin (thistle style) bow-tie & white Bow-Ladyofashion, Skirt-deconstructed from a dress-Ladyofashion, Glitter heels-DIY, Silk sheer menswear-styled blouse-F21, Black tank-H&M.

*Further reading:  about the bow-tie, and here!

Say Ahhhh To Spa...

I hope that your weekend was amazing, because mine was very relaxing. I was able to hang out with my mother, and a few friends, enjoy a spa day, and indulge on all things seafood. Can we say... simply the best!

But that's not all that I wanted to share with you. This past week reminded me of soothing moments you know those necessary times of ease that's needed after a long work day or a time when you absolutely need quality time to yourself. Doesn't every woman adore the feeling of luxe and being pampered once in a while? I know that I do!
Spa Dreaming:
I love getting a mani/pedi done in style, and selecting the "ultra" massage, (one that also includes post-massage amenities such as champagne and beauty make-overs), especially if it costs a fraction of the price? I'm a believer in treating oneself to a spa day even during extreme high-priority deadline months and weeks. Think about it, what good would you be if you're always stressed out?

So, the timing was perfect when I was asked to share my thoughts on the spa deals of Wahanda, a site dedicated to health and beauty savings internationally. You've probably heard about them from Cosmo, Elle, or other fashion and beauty sites. If not, then you're in for a treat!

From the start, some of my favourite types of massages are reflexology, Swedish, and shiatsu, so when I hear the words "spa," well my ears are opened quickly. I admire this site, because it's a great alternative to obtaining spa deals and finding out about other new products to check out. However, it's not limited to spa deals, though the spa section is my favourite and the only department that I've actually used so far.

The site is quite similar to the likes of GroupOn and others in the aspect of providing you with plentiful choices for diverse areas of interests, yet their site offers assorted savings focused on health, wellness, and beauty, depending on your location. There's even an area to find top therapists.

Wahanda is also helpful if you're seeking gift ideas or plan to take a holiday and want to explore what your destination has to offer within the realm of beauty. I'm excited to try out new locations in the future since there are plenty of offerings to save on Pilates (one of my fitness addictions). I've already passed this on to friends and family members and wanted to share with you lovelies as well.

Tell me, have you tried Wahanda or any other new spa and beauty savings sites recently? You know I love options, so share away!

Visit: for more information.
This is a sponsored post, and
includes affiliate links. .


You can pretty much always guarantee that I will have some type of knit garment on, whether it be layered within my ensemble or a simple scarf in the compartments of my handbag. This particular crochet knit in (a two-toned hue of) blue presents a rippling effect by the fullness in the pattern, and I love it!

I acquired this lovely crochet-knit a couple weeks ago. Clearly handmade I immediately grabbed it, though it was on the rack in the coat section I had a premonition of how this outfit would play out; I wanted to wear it as a skirt and a capelet.

Knit Expressions:
I was twirling around in this skirt more than a few times before I actually headed out for the day, which had me reminiscent of fun clothes of my childhood. Knits can really be a true fashion friend, lending its beauty in versatility, less restrictive qualities than woven garments, and even give body outlining "hugs of love."

For example, haven't you ever slipped into a form fitting garment, or that so-called body-con dress, one that fits like a glove and hugs all the right places... Perhaps you may possess a cardigan or skirt that's roomy and comfortable, yet that knit of choice also gives you the feeling of a genuinely cozy hug.

The material of a soft hand, unique gauge, or dramatic detailing catches your eye, and when you find that special knit there's a stylish bond that occurs. It may very well be a transitory relationship or one that makes a repetitive cameo appearance in your lifestyle closet. Whatever impression a favourite knit gives you, I hope that it makes you feel as good as this one has made me.
Painting with my autumn style!

"No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love."
Edvard Munch

The goods: Crochet piece worn as skirt/capelet-vintage shop, Shoes-Chinese Laundry, Vegan handbag-gifted-Etsy, Tank tunic-Roxy, Top w/lace sleeves-H&M, Ombre necklace-F21, Belt-gifted, Tights-Miss Selfridge.
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