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Humble Wrappings: Fashion Tales Turns Three


As a fairly private person when I started a blog I knew that it would take some time getting used to the publish for all to see button. Having something posted in "cyberworld" in general was going to be a conquest in itself. When I began blogging there were no style shots, no DIY's, no special features ... just a simple travelling journal, etc. I mean, back then I had only recently joined Twitter!

But, the blog grew each day and every time a post was created. Through blogging I have met some amazing people, obtained new clients for freelance projects, developed great friendships, and have even been apart of global causes that are close to my heart on a larger scale. Fortunately, between the wee hours of night and the waking chill of morning air I have managed to squeeze in my blogging moments that works best for my lifestyle.

I have developed such a passion for fashion writing and blogging far more than I ever thought I could. There were times when I thought a post was going nowhere or when a feature I've spent much time on has been overlooked. And, I choose to steadily share my thoughts and inspirations regardless. But, you have definitely shown me that ears are listening and eyes are reading, and for that I am grateful.

With that being said, this is a big thanks to you dear followers, random visitors, and secret admirers in the blogosphere. Thank you for walking with me through the progressive journey of FASHION TALES. I look forward to continually sharing my artful lens of fashion and style with you, all uniquely and creatively expressed.

Here's just few styles & highlights from 2012
Click images for the memory!
OASAP Blogger Style VintageFashion Tales Top Plaid Styles Coco-Fashion Bloggers  

Happy 3rd Birthday FASHION TALES!

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