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Fashion accessories are just as important as pairing together a proper fitted shirt and trousers. Fit, style, colour, and quality are all factors that should be considered. Choosing certain accessories may also depend on your lifestyle, the occasion, and even seasonal climate.

Expressive eyewear is an excellent way to show your personal style, whether it be classic or avant-garde. Nowadays, there are a multitude of genre variations to choose from: the vintage gent, the savvy sophisticate, the artful chap, the fearless trendsetter, and many more!

Sunglasses have become accessory finishers to outfits. They can be statement pieces and tie a complete look together like the perfect shoe. But, choose wisely, because just like your pearly whites smiling at the world, your eyewear is also one of the first things seen from afar.

If hi-tech, dramatic, and one-of-a-kind describes your style, then the specialty eyewear line from Colors of Birch is probably for you. Finnish designer, Pekka Salokannel uses a 3D printing design on nylon to produce fashion-forward eyewear. Favourite model styles in frames and sizes can also be exclusively requested by the customer. You may also purchase his eyewear at the iMakr store in London.
IMakr UK London Eyewear
Colors of Birch Pekka Salokannel Finnish Designers

Designers, Erik & Emilia, behind the Swedish eyewear brand E&E Glasses makes it quite easy for fashion enthusiasts to want to don spectacles anytime of the year, no matter what location! Their range of unisex sunglasses styles and colours are just a couple of reasons to adore the stylish brand. Have a look for yourself. Here are my favourites!

Eye Glasses Swedish Design E&E Glasses

Statement Sunglasses Trends Scandinavian styles
What style of eyewear are you expressing this season?


Sew What?

I have been relaxing and enjoying everything there is to enjoy with having time off. Additionally, since I was unable to take a sewing factory with me, I did however manage to acquire a few trims and notions to embellish some garments.

If you follow my Instagram then you probably saw that I redesigned a couple of T-shirts and tank tops with a handmade silk screen that I made years ago. I decided to reuse it and alter my screen since I was in a very creative zone that day.

At the moment, I am also working on finishing yet another bag that I will show soon, because the other handbag that I made was for a friend, so there is more to come I promise. In the meantime, here's a few images and preview snapshots ...

Garment Embellishing:
Hand-sewn silk flower petals on a cropped shrug. I am also embellishing them with miniature glass beads. You can see the finished result soon on the blog and via Instagram shortly.
Dorothy Dandridge hand silk screen printed image on lace tank (see here) and on linen (above)

Art Abstractions:
In the process of developing new bag and clutch combinations ... here's one of two. Hand dyed batik over printed cotton. I added tucked leather and studs as trimming. No worries, I shall be styling this soon.

What have you been up to?  Anyone planning any seasonal redecorating or come across any amazing deals lately?

*UPDATE 23/08/13 See the finished result of the DIY cardigan here!

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Versatile Sportswear

As I have not had too much time to share style posts, I thought that I would share with you a look that I wore weeks ago. Also, a massive "thank you" goes out to you dear readers for the overwhelmingly lovely birthday messages, comments, and wishes.

For this outfit, I needed to change quickly into something presentable right after working out, however I didn't need to be fancy or anything. My only destination was meeting a friend for coffee after a long work day and a gym session. I swapped my clutch for a utility messenger bag and my heels for a more sportier shoe, a colourful running cross-trainer! Comfort and style was the overall tone that I was going for.

I changed into this linen utility skirt that I have actually had for a couple of years, then added a cardigan knit that I designed and sewed many years ago. Therefore, much of this outfit is a considerable amount of remixing versatile pieces that I've not worn in quite some time.

There you have it, an easy transition for casual wear. For me, versatility is everything these days! 

The goods: Messenger bag-Delias, Trainers-Saucony, Cardigan-Ladyofashion design, Linen Skirt-H&M, Belt-Vintage, Jewellery-Love Culture/Nordstrom

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Life: A Bit Sweeter

As I type this I am off to enjoy a very long weekend away for my birthday, which has already started off quite well! Although, I will have to do a couple check-ins for work it will be a massive relief from the typical busy lifestyle of a fashionista.

With just over the past year I have learnt so much and continue to evolve and progress with each day passing! So, here is a throwback style outfit and a few wonderful quotes of wisdom, life lessons, and happiness that I wanted to share ...

See you next week lovelies!
"If we judge others, it is because we are judging something in ourselves of which we are unaware."     -John A. Sandford

"The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving."  -Oliver Wendell Holmes 
"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."  -Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver."  -Barbara De Angelis 

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."  -Dalai Lama

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."  -Nelson Mandela

Special shout out to Nelson Mandela: "Happy Birthday!"
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Totes and Textures

With the season of summer there's always a reason to carry a tote, whether it's to the beach or out shopping with friends. I've always loved a great summer bag and even straw totes that are incredibly oversize.

At the moment, I have been drawn to textured totes for summer. But, I want something with a bit more colour or edgier than my other straw bags, which are mostly vintage or have been recently subjected to wearing overload already.
Mary and Marie bag
Check out these bags from Mary and Marie, an Australian handbag brand that produces versatile bags ranging from beach bags to elegant clutches for any destination. The brand focuses on functionality as well as producing styles with an underlined Eco-friendly heart, those of which are constructed with woven recycled material. Here are my favourites and top picks from their collection.

What bag style is your favourite for summer?
Australian fashion designers
*Above: Beach Totes - Vego-Friendly (Vegan and environmentally friendly design)
To view the entire collection visit
Image credit: Mary and Marie

Patchwork Play

Sometimes seasonal layering means adding a piece of hardware or leather to an outfit ... or in my case, both! This was my solution to a muddle of climate temps in one day, which was infused with summer, spring, and a chillness in the air. I was exhausted, and needed an easy outfit that could be my versatile style guide from morning to evening.

This was also my excuse to wear more copper hued elements with a fun multi-coloured print. Leather and summer? Oh, yes, it can be done, especially with breezes of the wind passing you like a metro at full speed.

This outfit could easily transition for autumn, and actually has in the past for me one or two times.

I decided to add a turquoise beaded clutch and cinched in my leather moto jacket for a personal touch! I marvel at what a spot of leather (thrown into the mix) can do to one's ensemble. 

Mission accomplished: day to night ready in an instant and with all-weather sensibilities. Although, I did swap my flats for heels for date night! The outfit's rhythm of the night still remained in sync with the morning's initial beats of colourful melodies, but it just had a saucy ending of new heights and danceable soles.

Happy weekend!
The goods: Patchwork printed dress-Selfridges, Cap-toe flats-DIY, Beaded clutch-Burlington, Studded cuff-c/o Oasap, Leather moto jacket-Mark Eisen.

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Vintage Inspiration: The Sixties

I came across loads of vintage advertisements recently and wanted to share a few, most that are predominantly from the sixties. It's quite interesting to look back at how the marketing and fashion industry has changed. How far has the industry as a whole progressed with technology, company branding, and even textiles?

Although, fashion is ever changing and evolving with new technology, there are surely some elements that seem to just come back around again. Can you see anything unique in these ads? What speaks to you first, the typography, the overall message, the garments or actual product being showcased?

Take an even closer look—from makeup to hemlines, my, my, we have come so far. I am certain we'll likely be circling back again someday soon, even if only for a laugh or notable reference of influence.

Volkswagen Camper early 60s advertisement (source)
September Issue Vogue 1965 (source)
 Bobby Brooks/Woolite Ad (source)
Sandy Brown: Chanel 1961(source)
Kraft Velveeta Ad 1960 (source)

Here is an editorial that I am entirely bonkers about for Vogue UK August 2013. The autumnal modern take on the feminine and masculine elements: a bit of tweed meets military romance here seemed utterly marvellous. A massive applause goes to Francesca Burns for the smart styling as well as Alasdair Mclellan, who beautifully photographed this, which is an immediate winner in my opinion!

 See more photos and source here.
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Teal Touches: Joys of Inspiration

Street style
Well, hello dear readers I have missed you! Aside from the usual (work+play+travel) I have been helping out a friend with a new art project (non-fashion related), which has been incredibly inspiring. Often with blogging it is easy to get wrapped up in the posting schedule of everyone else. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a schedule, however I invite you to remember that we must all take time out for ourselves as wellto live life, inspire others and be inspired!

For me, I will continue to do what I have always been doing. But, at this very moment I may need to take a bit of a breather from time to time during the week, given the timeline of these new additional and exciting ventures. I have also finally got back to sewing, so hopefully I will upload a few projects via Instagram in the near future.

This outfit is inspired by none other than nature's own colours. Even throughout the season of summer I still find myself constantly layering. It's almost like a subconscious styling element, but it also always works for me in the end. For this look I decided to layer a lace petticoat with my retro crepe printed dress; one that I bought at a secondhand shop. I really wanted to wear variations of blue, so this combination was well suited for the fashion mission at hand.

In case you haven't noticed, blue and yellow are two colours that are my absolute favourites! Since I have donned yellow in all of its glory it was definitely time to give blue some love!

So, what's your favourite colour? Wishing you a lovely summer and joyous weekend!

The goods: Handbag-c/o Oasap, Cardigan-H&M, Heels-Anthropologie, Retro dress-Thrifted, Sunglasses-c/o Oasap. Lace underskirt-Love Culture, Earrings-Nordstrom, Diamond bracelet-family gifted, Bangles-Consignment shop.

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The Stylish Foodie

How are you lovelies? I have been away, taking time out and enjoying a short holiday, but I also needed to get inspired! Aside from art and fashion, nothing sends more inspiration my way like good food ... and top it off with champagne? That's even better!  

Summertime makes me want to enjoy grilling outdoors and eating lighter courses, but naturally keeping my gourmet indulgences! Here's a few side dishes and meals that I love, most I have tried or simply want to make this summer.

As a daughter of an amazing caterer, cooking gourmet cuisine the leaf did not fall too far from the tree. It's an inevitable trait that was bound to make its way in my lifestyle in some form. Indeed, I embraced it, of course!

As fashion trends change with the seasons often our food selections also vary, especially with certain fruits, sauces, and how we prepare them. As a fellow gastronome, there are often occasions in my own home where we are always entertaining with friends and loved onesbut lately there hasn't been much time. So, instead I have been making a digital menu list entitled, absolutely must-make! Here's a glimpse of it below so far.

Are you planning a summer feast? Have you started to celebrate outdoor cooking in style?

Making Colourful Statements:
Grilled peaches! (source/recipe here)

Trifles are one of the easiest desserts to make to satisfy your guests. (source/recipe here)
Mediterranean Cannellini Bean Salad (source/recipe here)
Grilled fish is always a good choice! (Source)

Clever! Watermelon Inspired Rice Krispies Treats (Source/recipe here)
I will definitely need to make this Blueberry Focaccia bread. I love blueberries! (Source/recipe here)
Gluten free low-carb Cheesy Cauliflower Tater Tots! I've never even heard of this, but I want some! (Source/recipe here)

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