Cool Breezes: The Home Edition


A couple of weeks ago, I was in the baking mood, and made gluten-free cinnamon rolls along with a big breakfast. I actually had time! My sister and one of her best friends came to visit and the refrigerator was full, so I decided to finally use a few of our new kitchen machines ... you know, other than Keurig and Nespresso. 

There are so many recipes that I want to try, including homemade spinach pastries, an olive loaf, and a red snapper family dish, amongst loads of others. I have been pinning like a mad woman, but all in the name of inspiration!

It doesn’t hurt that we have an incredible amount of entertaining and hosting to catch up with as well. The menus are in the making, and fine ingredients are waiting to be used to accompany supreme meals. This is not even holiday chatter; this was simply more of a celebration of loving life.

At the present moment, my “downtime” is comprised of browsing food blogs, reading recipe books, and (actively) mastering the concept of how beneficial a good power nap can really be. Afterward, add an energy shake and I am ready to go.
Gudrun Sjoden Home interiors fabrics
I used this wonderful fabric in the kitchen to accent the baked goods. Usually, I tend to buy more solid colours than printed for kitchen towels, which is funny since I love the bold and printed in everything else. I chose this simple hued print because it was still vibrant, the dotted patterns reminded me of cold weather and snow.

It was another great reason to pull out one of my practical Martha Stewart cookbooks as well, which was helpful for additional menu suggestions. It also seemed to match the tone and setting for part two of my food inspiration. Part one is essentially a compilation of influence from fellow gastronomes like Nigella to Chuck.

What do you think of these new kitchen threads? What type of style and colour do you like in your kitchen fabrics? 

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The goods: “Krokus,” Organic cotton Pillow case in Lavender, and “Tuss” Organic kitchen towel in Sky blue -Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén.

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  1. Lady parisienne08 November

    Very elegant and a little boyish, just perfect

  2. I like to experiment too in legwear and I usually buy colorful and patterned tights, even though at the end I wear pants more often. The ones you wear are so cool, love the plaid pattern is so cool and you matched it in such a lovely and cool outfit, one of my favs from yours!:) Have a great weekend Madison, kisses! xo

  3. KizzyDoll08 November

    The tartan looks amazing doll, love this look!! Very vintage, yet a little modern with the tartan on your tights, I do love tights :)) Stunning. I hope you have a marvellous weekend doll xx

  4. sepatuholic08 November

    I love the shorts!

  5. Thanks so much Lilli!Legwear is always fun to include in an outfit. Happy weekend. x

  6. Thanks, glad that you liked them, I made them years ago. :-)

  7. LOVE the plaid tights, and love that you're using a tie as a cute!


    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Thanks dear! Actually, this is supposed to be their Sweden style version of the 'Glen Plaid' with faux twill weave marks, lol, but I do have proper tartan and plaid styles from other brands and I love them too! Wishing you a great weekend! xx/Madison

  9. sartorialsidelines08 November

    I recently got a pair of plaid leggings that I just love - I wear them all the time!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  10. Erika Sorocco08 November

    Ooh, this is such an Ivy League / London-like look - I'm in love. Gorgeous Madison!!


  11. The stocking are rad, Madison! They look great on you. I used to wear them a lot for work, but now, not so much. I wouldn't mind finding something like this though:)

  12. Daniella08 November

    I love how you've taken all these classic pieces and styled them in such a fresh way! Preppy-chic but with a twist. The tights definitely transform the outfit and even though I not that experimental with leg-wear like this, it's definitely made think about it more :)

    Take care Madison and have a lovely weekend,
    Daniella xox