Pastel Splendour

I had truly wanted pastel frames for quite some time, and I think I even dedicated a few Pinterest images to this desire. So, with great enthusiasm, I got really excited when I heard that these eyeglasses were waiting for me in a parcel. Thankfully, I finally received them safely, and went journeying on in route to meet up with a colleague. I could not wait to try them on to get the full effect, surely fellow eyeglasses wearers would understand.

Just as any fashion garment or accessory these particular eyeglasses are certainly not for a self-doubting, conservative, or shy type of fashionista. Although, I will tell you a secret … I used to be painfully shy in my youth, believe or not! But, when it comes to fashion … not at all. I always enjoy artsy statement pieces of expression.

Yes, I would say that now, I have a proper eyeglasses collection—everything from classic cat eyes to tortoise style frames are included. One for any type of outfit or day of the week, it’s no problem! But, these are more of a playful fashion statement. Ah, the glory! Can you feel my excitement?
Derek Cardigan #lookambassador

I tried to capture these frames with an easy outfit, but even in the photos they looked a wee bit different than they actually do in the sunlight vs. indoor lighting. Up close and personal though, they are more of a light lavender colour, and it works well with neutrals. Anyway, I am very happy with these frames and have been wearing them so far most of the week.

Will I be acquiring pastel shoes with a matching pastel bag to wear along with these frames? Hmm, not a chance! But, if you somewhat know my style at all, then you already knew that. Perhaps, I will style them differently (think, something printed and vibrant) with another outfit very soon.

Have you tried a new style of sunglasses or eyeglasses recently? 

The goods: Derek Cardigan matte frames Style#7003-c/o Coastal. View new frame options hereDenim mini skirt-Refuge/SF-thrifted, Tank, Cardigan-Express, handbag-Vintage. *Special thanks to my friend Dahlia for dyeing my hair with a few streaks of blue. 
Coastal Style blogger Pastel eyewwear
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Table Four: Black and White Style

There are various reasons why I love hosting little gatherings: it's fun, a great excuse to showcase recipes that you're proud of, and when you're outdoors it just makes things even better. Whether it’s just having a couple of friends over for dinner or even an intimate celebration of some sort, I enjoy creating tables for the ocassion. I have known for a long time that another reason is because I adore interior décor and table linens.

Interior design is like fashion’s next of kin, to me. And, as you should know by now, fashion and design in general, along with architecture collectively work together as influence in my creative space. 

For this year’s spring and summer collection, the Gudrun Sjödén brand absolutely did not disappoint. Of course, there are vibrant colour and daring combinations to appreciate, but I went down a different avenue this time.

I had to wait a while until I could actually use these pieces, so I recently decided to have a quick weekend outdoor lunch with friends. This was also most likely going to be one of our last few seasonal hosted BBQ gatherings together until autumn sets in, since we're all currently preparing for summer holiday and wedding attending in the next few weeks.
In the eco-home collection, there were far too many marvellous prints to decide on, although after a good browsing session I chose a simple black and white themed setting. I found myself drawn to the vegetable prints paired with stripes. Afterward, I instantly thought to use our cobalt dishes for the lunch. So, I added a few embellishing accents (silk flowers, basket, and mason jars) to the table, yet still managed to keep it simple since the prints were going to do most of the style “talking” in this particular tablescape.

I had almost forgotten to take snapshots because the grilling was happening along with great conversation. It’s funny, we all got caught up with each other, then chatted about how great it was to enjoy the weather and finally be outdoors with a full dose of sunshine. Doesn’t it seem as if these past few months have rolled by so quickly—soon we will be complaining about the weather yet again, thirsting to don multiple layers, and boots even! But, until that time comes, we’re calmly savouring these little sun breaks and counting our blessings.

What do you think of my summer outdoor table setting? Have you done any summer entertaining recently?
The goods: Printed pillowcase, Towel, and Stripe Placemats-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén
*View other prints from the Gudrun Sjödén home collection here.

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Doriane van Overeem: style cyphers

Fashion is often personal. It can be bold, classic, and everything in-between. Creative expression in fashion is always a great vehicle to interpret one’s personality. But, above all, it should be fun and if you think that there’s no humour in fashion, well then you should probably get out more!

Belgian fashion designer, Doriane van Overeem creates garments with such a unique (fashion) spirit. Some designs have modern nobility as an underlining influence, but with a far edgier and playful aesthetic; namely one that provides an immediate response from spectators.

There’s an instant reaction and bond with her garments for the wearer because it often becomes a mood shifter—the saturated colour and pattern vibrancy runs deep throughout the line. It’s essentially artful “statement” pieces with no accessories needed! But, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a total royal fashion party without a few bells and whistles here and there. You needn’t worry though, this designer has got you covered.

I had the pleasure of catching up with the Brussels-based emerging talent to discuss and view her most recent collection fearlessly titled, “Fatherfuckers Queen,” and how she’s created her own modish royal family, so-to-speak.

“The main inspiration comes from the "Queen" character because each woman should be treated like that. I took all royal codes like white fur, gold, royal blue, and the crown as sunglasses mixed with a grunge attitude and punk/riot girl statements,” the designer stated. Her design process is quite straightforward: she sketches out her vision first, and then from the drawing executes the concept in fabrics, and after minor tweaks the result is completed.

"Don't give up, because fashion is full of good and bad surprises ..."
                                       -Doriane van Overeem
Doriane van Overeem - Ciara pop fashion
She produces high-quality garments with a dashing perspective that does a bit more than start a conversation. So, it’s not entirely surprising that numerous style gurus adore the designer’s clever use of texture and interpreted colour theory. It certainly didn’t take an extensive amount of time for the rest of the public to get on board with what she had to say initially with her designs either.

There’s garments for the lavish style and pattern appreciator, so naturally I loved them. Even the R&B/Pop-recording artist Princess herself, Ciara has donned her threads during Paris Fashion Week wearing a pink mohair sweater.

The La Cambre Mode(S) alumna obviously designs for a woman who loves texture and colour. Overeem clearly has a distinct viewpoint ... although, if Katrantzou and Erdem had unearthed a long lost adopted sister she just might fit the bill. The Overeem “Queen” is not inhibited by what others say about her fashion dressing. “I think it's someone who cares about the woman's image of today, someone who wants to fight for more respect,” the designer said.

Even with being at the start of much success with her own label there’s always something to learn. So, what is her words of wisdom for a fellow emerging designer? “I'd say patience and hard work! As a creative, I had issues coping with all business aspects. Everything was new for me! Don't give up, because fashion is full of good and bad surprises, nothing is always going like you planned,” Overeem confessed.
Doriane van Overeem interview 2014
The designer is currently working on her Spring-Summer 2015 capsule collection, "The Way To Say No," which will include eight looks. Of course, when she’s not hardworking on her various projects she keeps calm and sparkles on in her regular garb—“I love [wearing] jeans mixed with funny print messages, and anything with glitter, sequins, pearls, lurex, etc. Everything is more beautiful when it shines,” Overeem said.

She’s also added a couple of people on her fashion wish list that she would love to see in her clothing. “I'd love to dress Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. or Peaches,” Overeem said. I have the feeling she’s not too far off the noble ladder of possibilities, and that simply may happen in the near future. So, be sure to keep a close eye out on Doriane van Overeem very soon.

What do you think of Overeem’s designs?

For more information visit or you may shop for her designs at Opening Ceremony. Images: Courtesy of Doriane van Overeem.

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Sunny Days and The Little Black Maxi

Do you know that feeling when you've had such an incredible night or even week of rest? It’s the sort of savvy slumber that people might call, sleeping like a baby. Well, that lovely moment happened for both, me and the blog. But, it does feel good to be back!

Between having friends in town and a few family (FIFA14) festivities it has been a very long week and weekend. I also managed to try out some new recipes that I had saved, and table style settings (there’s a post possibly coming up sometime soon) for inspiring concepts.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw a snapshot of one of the new wall stencils that I recently bought. It was such a pleasing way to liven up the art studio—swapping out two hanging photo frames for the fresh wall art gave the space the style enhancement that was needed. 
But, on a day when I wasn't being a culinary enthusiast or an interior crafting aficionada I decided to wear this dress for our night out. A simple dinner date night on a summer evening it was, and I thought it was the perfect combination, given the two side slits on the dress. I deemed it to be more of an upgraded LBD for summer, and one that would be for diverse occasions.

What did you do this past weekend? 

The goods: Double Slit Maxi Dress, Metallic clutch, and Bracelet-c/o Oasap, Other jewellery-Ladyofashion, Shoes-Nordstrom.

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The Style Stack: Accessories

I have been really swamped with a multitude of tasks, but I was finally able to take a moment and catch up with ordinary weekend activities, i.e., reading my enormous pile of fine art, fashion, and trade periodicals. 

Thankfully the abundant mountain of glossies has vanished, as there were heavy moments of weeding out what was actually relevant and important. But, I had a fun time creating collages and tearsheets for art projects as I listened to old records. It was also a temporary pastime for a rainy day, as I sorted out bins and drawers full of other crafty notions.

I am working on several new accessory projects, which also inspired my jewellery selections for this outfit some time ago. Dainty chains and crosses have been a favourite of mine, even since my teens—I wore punk styled jewellery and cross styles always came into the picture.

So far, my favourite pieces from the Born Pretty store that I have worn are my watches, the crown pendant, and this silver cross necklace. It’s so unique and I almost want another cross to be dangling somewhere in the middle of the two (which I might add later on). I liked a few of these rings, but the other pieces were very small and some just weren't practical for wearing all day.

I decided to wear this body chain doubling-up with the silver twin cross necklace. Even though one style is silver and one has a gold colour, I wanted to wear them both just to show them together. Although, it took a bit to carefully put on, I will likely wear the body chain separately in the future.

Do you ever mix your metals and jewellery accessories together?

The goods: Body Chain and Double Cross Necklace-c/o Born Pretty, Leather sandals-Mia Shoes, Felt Hat-Oasap, Golden rings-c/o Born Pretty, Linen Skirt and Tank- H&M, Silk Printed Scarf-Echo. *Save an extra 10% off at the Born Pretty store with the code: TNT10

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Style Savouring With New Seasoning

Occasionally, with all of the browsing online that I do, admittedly there are times when I might overlook unique items that aren't necessarily a high priority. Nonetheless, these are still elements of inspiration or mere pieces from the digital world that I want to share. 
 Images: (Source)

//New Heights:
Colourful, printed, or leather, well it's doesn't really matter. I want these! That is all.


Will your milk taste better coming from this stylish glass jar? Probably not, but it certainly will make your other kitchen containers slightly jealous! 


//Jewellery of The Moment:
Adoring this transparent ring because ... well, it just feels right. I love the minimal design style and the aqua colour doesn't hurt either. 

It's perfect for summer, especially if you don't like too much jewellery at the beach. Well, let's not be daft, I will still be wearing dainty charms and drizzling my multi-pierced earlobes with studded accessories


//Quvenzhané Wallis, Learn The Name:
Wallis Poses for the Armani Junior Campaign, I mean how adorable is this stylish little girl? You can catch the Oscar-nominated ten year-old in the upcoming (modern version of the) musical "Annie," with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.

//Wake Up: smell the roses, peonies, and tulips:
My love for fresh flowers will never dissolve, because they are such mood lifters. And, the phrase, "wake up and smell the roses" doesn't only apply as a literal translation given the season. Yes, it is summertime, so go out and smell the beautiful blooms from mother nature. But, do you know what you should also do ... wake up! 

Be Inspired: There are so many people that heavily complain and want to dwell in the past. Leave behind whatever negative things have happened this past spring and winter. Take this opportunity to take charge and try something new. Be thankful. Refresh your attitude for greatness.

Looking For Inspiration:

Be spontaneous: sign up for a cooking class or book a last minute weekend holiday. Fancy a day off, then take one (if you're a workaholic), switch to a new workout, or simply have little moments of entirely unplugging from the world. You may have noticed that I recently started this a few months back with my less frequent postings. But, I am far happier and I've more time (at least trying to have more time) for other things that I had once neglected, such as doing more freelancing, crafting, baking, learning new software programmes (not work-related), etc.

Give your lifestyle a simple wake-up call, and inhale the marvellous scent of letting go! I mean, there's no point in worrying, so just live happier. You will look and feel so much better!

Okay, now take a deep breath. 

Have you had a chance to let go? What are you doing to get motivated for summer?

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Spiced Chai Latte: Gudrun Sjödén 2014

Spring and summer … it seems to be quite a joyful muddle in many places at the moment. The excitement of both, a change in seasonal dress and climate transition—with some days enduring a gentle chill, others surprise us and are far warmer than expected. Therefore, I can still get away with wearing three-quarter sleeves or (light weight) long-sleeved pieces in various areas without breaking out in a sweat just yet.

I have been waiting to share a few new items from the Gudrun Sjödén summer collection, and alas the time has come. Although vibrant colour and graphic patterns are a must for my lively and artful wardrobe, I also like to dive into neutrals, because for me there are still ways to incorporate colour casually for any season. Here are a couple of pieces that I selected—this striped cardigan, and nappa leather boots.

These perforated boots also come in green and black, but I chose the Dala Red (which reads a tad orange in a second glance), so it actually worked perfectly with this soft palette. I had already contemplated several ways that I wanted to style them. 
Usually after a long day, I will trade in my heels for pair of flats to relax in, and give my feet a break from extensive elevation. But, no flats at all were needed after trying on these soles. I wore these boots with ease all week (with dresses, skirts, skinny jeans, etc.). Look out, because you will catch me styling these boots on the blog again very soon.

Here’s a random note: upon ordering my lunch a lady standing in line at the café complimented me about my outfit, and then asked me if I was an art student. I reckon that I always welcome some element of art in my outfits! But, afterward I did ponder about if I had worn my eyeglasses and a skirt that day, would she have said art professor or something completely different.

Oh well, it wasn't exactly off-putting, as I usually get asked if I am in various industries depending on how I dress or if I am wearing my eye frames or not. Has this happened to you before?

I decided to indulge in a big melting pot of neutrals, pairing stripes with my hand-dyed camouflage denim, and then adding seasoning to my bowl of earthy hued goodness with a burst of colour. Stay tuned for a few more of my eco-favourites coming up next month!

Fashion: have fun with it, take risks every now and then, but always proudly express yourself!
The goods: Striped long cardigan in cotton/linen, and Nappa Leather Boots-Courtesy of Gudrun Sjödén, Handbag-Nine West, Camouflage denim-DIY, Necklaces-Ladyofashion, Cuff-Oasap, Lace tank-Love Culture, Scarf and Tank-H&M.

*Shop pieces from the spring and summer collection here.

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