A Dash of Easter + Q&A


Since, we are not actually going to any Easter egg hunts or little celebrations this year, I wanted to make a playful and stylish table for adults. Of course, I initially wanted to have an intricate breakfast, but I created a table for our game night instead with brightly coloured props 

The night also included some noteworthy coffee and tea sampling, along with my homemade tapas bar, and special desserts by a culinary friend. I will try to share more photos of the food on my Instagram later. I filled some of the plastic eggs with different game clues, as we played a series of diverse games throughout the night.  

Answering Your Questions: 
One of the best parts about our little gatherings is that I always try to change things up. When friends ask what to bring, I generally say, "nothing, except yourself." That is, unless they are foodie friends who can also cook, then of course I know that they also want to throw on their baking and cooking gauntlets to contribute. Because, if we are like the company that we keep, then their palate is thankfully just as "acquired" as mine 

Skills and Friendships: our tight knit group uses each other's strengths, especially when it comes to entertaining. And, since most of us do a bit more than dabble in the culinary, tech, and design world, it's a treat to learn from each others and celebrate areas of our expertise.  
Where do you get some of your décor pieces? 
Honestly, everywhere! I try to list everything relevant that I use if it's not vintage or if I recently bought it, but I literally use most of what I already own. Fortunately, my mum has an epic collection of fine china, and vintage pieces from entertaining and catering and has given me many great pieces. Otherwise, I try to pop in local charity shops, and antique stores in every city that I travel (after finding a charming café spot). 

A few favourite sites that I have bought from or used for other styling gigs and tablescapes are ChairishViva Terra, One King's Lane, and Joss and MainA current favourite is Wayfairand wait for it …. wait for it …. eBay! The latter definitely takes patience, knowing your antiques/vintage, and strategic bidding, haha. Occasionally, people list things that aren't exactly accurate periods, styles etc., so ask questions and do your research!  

Is there always a theme? 
Some of you asked if I always have a theme for my gatherings, and how often do I entertain? Firstly, "yes!" There is usually a theme for every dinner party, brunch, and gathering that I have, but certainly not always an elaborate one. For me, my inspiration isn't always direct. It is often quite abstract--influence may come from a mere colour palette, or even from one interior accent. For example, a nautical table that I created for a past brunch was designed entirely around a vintage piece that I found as I was travelling.  

When do you find the time? 
The Busy Blogging Bee: Oy, that's just life right, aren't we all busy? Passion + Work = Time. Complaining doesn't get anything done, so it's a transitory moment in our household. Although, it can make us feel better at times, I try to only allow it for ... well, let's just say long enough to buy a new lipstick to feel happier and pretty. Because being busy and stylish is a must, wouldn't you say?  

Even with my schedule, I try to have a themed gathering of some sort once or twice a month. Rotating at friend's residences is also a big thing that we do. All of our gatherings do not always make it to the blog, it's just an alternative way to catch up with those near and dear friends.  

Sometimes, it's a simple night of gourmet snacks, and other times it's a full spread of delectable cuisine. It just depends on the timing, season, and who is attending. Obviously, for our musician friends, I try to have plenty to go around for seconds and more, because those gents can eat  

Aside from that, I hope that you enjoy this inspired décor, and I wish you a Happy Easter weekend. 

I used the paper grass as the edging on the remnants of my burlap fabric, taken from this project, as well as a couple of pillow accents for the table, and the bunny folded napkins is my altered interpretation of this version with added cotton balls.

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