Insta-Living Vol. VII: dashing favourites


Since so much has happened over the course of two months, I wanted to share a few highlights from March and April. These are lifestyle moments, including some succulent cuisine, fun eco-inspiration, and fresh cut blooms because who doesn't love those?  

I have been obsessed with these blush palettes lately by BH Cosmetics (Thanks to Jackie for the suggestion), and then I finally took weekend to do a cleaning of some of mcosmetic brushes.

With the adjustment in seasonal climates I try to update my workout routine, and always make an an attempt at revising and updating the designated playlist as well. But, l have also recently put together creative playlists for other occasions: be it drawing, post-reading, or just relaxing. I have been captivated by these unique covers by The 1975, and Foxes. I've been listening to loads of extra music too since we had friends in town, and I managed to get back to sewing and painting this month. (Bravo, to me!)  
  (Above) Neutral manicure days, Fresh blooms of tulips, A daytime snapshot before Easter, Homemade truffle pizza with a handmade herb crust (family recipe), Giving the brushes a cleaning, Nike Roshe trainers, Fell in love with this House of Harlot bangle via Rocksbox (you can still get a free month with code 'TMBFF'), Fun upcoming new project, Baking a lentil cake, We made handmade sushi in a cooking class by a chef friend, New favourite: mini notebooks, My #ootd: weekend edition.

Amber Run is another band to give a listen to. Amber Run's, "I Found" is hauntingly beautiful, and if you remember this post, and loved London Grammar, then you might like them as well. They're currently on tour in the UK. Check them out if you can, their certainly worthy of attending a live show. 

Shame on me for just stumbling across this next rendition. I literally shushed the mister, then played the video twice within a few moments upon my discovery of this cover. Foxes managed to cover Pharrell's hit song, "Happy" in an otherworldly and artful way. 

If you know her (Louisa Rose Allen's) voice already, then you will understand how magical it is. There's also a clever treat at the end with her version of Massive Attack's, "Teardrop." Sure, "Happy" is far different from the original, which is why I like covers like this--I appreciate it when an artist makes it their own instead of doing an exact copy. 

The 1975 turned Clean Bandit's, "Rather Be" into a relaxing touch of café sips and nudges of gentle jazz, which made me love their version.   

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How has your April been so far? Are there any concerts you're looking forward to, or any brilliant hauls you've had recently? 

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