Refreshing Kale Salad


Spring has certainly shown itself recently, and I've been able to eat lunch outside for several days in a row with my trusty scarf by my side, of course. A favourite dish that I love to make for warmer weather is an easy kale and mint salad. 

In recent years, I've added in other delicious ingredients that's quite popular at our summer gatherings now. Here's my kale salad with lemon, fresh rye croutons, and a little refreshing twist. 

There are so many ways to enjoy kale. How do you eat kale?

Buzzfeed Food - Food blogger Kale Salad

bunch fresh kale (med./lg.), about 350 g to 400 g (finely chopped) 
120 ml extra virgin olive oil 
1 large pinch garlic powder 
1 tbsp. tahini
1 garlic clove (sliced) 
lemon (freshly squeezed) 
 lemon zest for garnishing 
6-8 fresh mint leaves (finely chopped) 
4 sprigs fresh coriander (finely chopped) 
1 avocado (chopped in cubes) 
3 tbsp. crispy onions  
1 tomato (chopped) 
4 anchovy fillets (ea. sliced in half) 
1 tbsp. Hungarian paprika 
2 tbsp. crushed pecans 
chèvre cheese crumbles (optional) 
 kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper

  1. In a large bowl, add kale, olive oil, and lemon juice from fresh lemon.  
  1. Using your hands, massage and coat kale for a few minutes, this will help make the kale softer. (Otherwise, you can braise the kale if you don't like it completely raw). Next, add tahini, and all of your herbs and spices 
  1. Slowly mix in cut anchovies, tomatoes, garlic slices, and pecans with a spoon 
  1. Add lemon zest, and slightly drizzle olive oil on top of salad if needed.  
  1. Lastly, add in the avocado, and top salad with crispy onions, and chèvre (optional). 
  1. Toss slightly before plating, and season with salt and pepper to taste.  
  1. Serve chilled or room temperature. 

*Extras: I made rye croutons from fresh rye bread by toasting two slices in a pan with light olive oil (same pan from cooking the garlic), then cut in squares. Add to salad just before serving.  

Prep:  10 min. or less. Cut and remove stalks from kale. Wash fresh kale thoroughly, then drain off excess water, and pat dry with paper towel. Chop kale in very small pieces before proceeding to step one (I used a mix of Lacinato and Organic curly kale). Next, chop all of your fresh herbs that need to be finely chopped. 
In a pan, slightly toast pecans. Set aside. Then, in a pan with olive oil sauté garlic slices. Set both aside for step 3. 

Time20-25 min. or less. Yield: serves 2-4, depending on serving as a side or main dish.

*Great additions to this dish 
Although this kale salad is good enough to eat as a main dishhave also served this salad as a side with pan fried sprats, grilled prawns, or with olive oil and lemon marinated green peppers and portobello mushrooms (sliced and put on like a kabob). All lightly seasoned with kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, and garlic. This makes for a heartier portion. 

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