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Organika, an emerging tech accessories brand is bringing the outdoors directly to you (and your mobile devices). It wasn't too long ago (in fact, just this year) that the initial idea and development of these new style of cases came into fruition.

The conceptual design behind Organika's new line of decorative cases is quite unique—producing a diverse range of mobile case—inspiring the customer to regress to pleasant flashbacks and fond moments ignited by familiar scents.

These styles are indicative of nostalgic scents and made with dried plants, and leaves. Some of the styles include, Coffee Beans (energy), Alpine Hay (memory), Rose Petals (love), and Jasmine (calm).

Tech cases that carry a subtle scent intensity? It's an innovative concept, indeed. This special concentration on the sense of smell is something that I've not actually seen before in mobile cases, and I can honestly say that I've never had a tech case that had any scent other than that of new leather. Even then, the "new leather" smell is a distinct aroma, one that most people either love or loathe.

Based in Slovenia, the brand uses organic materials embedded in the design of every case produced.
The Organika team kindly sent me this rose petal style iPhone case, and upon opening the box the first thing that I did was obviously smell the case (it's not something one does ... ever. But, this time you'd actually want to)! Sure enough, the case radiated of rose, yet it wasn't overpowering.

The Details:
Early Bird Price: 29 USD
Materials: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), in addition to organic materials and FSC certified. The outer shell material makes it versatile and semi-pliable, yet still sturdy. The case has grip texture on each side for slip-free handling.
Packaging: Came in a branded box with natural raffia shavings.

Protection: This case protects the outer realm of the phone, not the face of the phone. I have a screen shield on my phone, so this was not a problem.
Made in EU. Organika mobile cases support Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Huawei products. 

 (Above) Image Credit: Organika

Verdict: Rated: 8.5/10  
Overall, I really loved the case, and the idea behind it. If I could tweak one thing, it would be to offer other colours for the frame of the cases, but that's minor. The case is made very well, and of good quality. You can really view the embellished details with the rose petals; a smooth and somewhat textured surface that also give off the rose fragrance.

Who is this for: If you're looking for something different with the splendid element of nature attached to the design, then this is for you. People who want an everyday case, or tend to lean toward a more natural aesthetic in selecting mobile cases will probably like these cases. At the very least, this would be a good addition to your collection of tech cases if you already own lavish leather, or other gilded styles.

*View more details about Organika , and other styles on their Kickstarter page

The goods: Mobile case style: Rose Petals-c/o Organika (MMore Cases). PR sample: I received this mobile case for an honest review. All other images: Fashion Tales.

What do you think of Organika Cases? What scent gives you a fond memory?

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