Foodie Tales and Summer Tunes


We do a lot of entertaining, and although in the last few months we have not been hosting as many dinner parties and brunches as we usually do, we'll surely be rectifying that soon. Haven't you heard? Grilling season is ascending!

Since you enjoyed my diverse playlists from the past, namely this one, and my workout list, I've put together just a handful of different artists for entertaining. I don't listen to as much mainstream music typically, but I have included more in this list.

With hopes of brighter days and the absolutely aperitive fragrance of fresh grilled veggies, your preferred protein, and fresh caught sea delicacies, you will need tunes for the great weather. Just close your eyes and pretend you're at my backyard BBQ. Yes, that's right, this time you are invited so come as you are and bring your favourite sunnies!

Don't fret, we've a fully stocked ice chest of every libation imaginable, and I'm making power cocktails with fresh herbs from our garden that you will love. Not to mention, we've several feasts for vegetarians, gluten-intolerant folks, and meat-lovers. I've even made a special frozen dessert or three. Treats for the sweet and the savoury palate. I've taken care of everything. Oh, did I mention, there's live art from a couple of our good friends in town? An acoustic show will be happening later in the evening as well.

Don't be shy, I promise, you will savour every bite, and your belly will be filled. There is plenty of gourmet food for seconds and thirds to go around. When you need a break from eating, the laughter in abundance with a side dish of these tunes will keep the conversation going.

Yes, you may take a couple of Selfies (if you must), but you'll be having way too much fun for that, and I doubt you'll even take out your Smartphone. Ahem, wait ... correction, you'll only need it to take snapshots of the food, obviously!

 Click the text below & listen: EDM, renditions, soft ballads, jazz, and more!

Side A: Dancing in the Daylight 
  1. *"Not Too Young" by Sabina Ddumba  
  2. *"Waiting All Night" Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre
  3. "Bonbon" by Era Istrefi 
  4. " The Get Go" by The New Young Pony Club 
  5. "Let's Dance" by David Bowie
  6. "This is What You Came For" by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna
  7. "Capsize" by Frenship

Side B: The Evening Feast: Wine Down


  1. Yummy post!
    And thx for introducing me to a few new artists!


  2. Anonymous11 June

    Great playlists! I listen to new stuff just to be up-to-date but I always go back to my favourite old songs!