Flaming Discoveries


I'm back with a spicy post today, and a trio of new hot sauces to share. Last time, I introduced you to Fuego Box along with five diverse hot sauces for the flavour driven palate—whether mild or incredibly intensifying. Keeping the "summer grilling" theme, this time we used these bespoke hot sauces during a recent late-afternoon BBQ party.  

The grilling feast was decidedly moved from the outdoors to an indoor area, because sadly it started to rain (which wasn't on the weather forecast). But, we're a spontaneous bunch and tend to go with the flow of things.

First up was the LaMar Sauce, a Caribbean Lime hot sauce originating from a little family-owned restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a slight nod of island flavour this hot sauce is infused with green Serrano chili peppers, and fresh lime. Try it on poultry, or blend it with mayo or yoghurt for a quick sandwich spread.

The Scovie award-winning Fat Cat "Cat in Heat" was next, which was a spiralling staircase of heat droplets with a fiery swagger in your mouth. With every moment passing the level of heat increasingly raises a wee bit to another step. That's right, it's a super bold sauce with a brief lingering presence. Fat Cat "Cat in Heat is a creole-inspired concoction made of chipotle, habaneros, roasted tomatoes, cilantro, and ghost peppers with dashes of smoked paprika. I used it on our breakfast where I made shakshouka, which was a teardrop of brilliance for added spice. The additional smoky flavour took it to a whole other level.

Saving the best for last was Old St. Augustine Snake Bite Datil (Datil as in the word "Paddle") Sauce, which comes from the elusory Datil pepper only grown in St. Augustine, Florida. Personally, I felt that this bottle outranked them all because of the mid-range of heat, and the versatility. It has a tad bit of fruitiness with a piquant peppery notes in taste.

The hot sauce titles in this bunch were fantastic, and our favourites were actually all of them, but for different cuisines. Regarding grilling and outdoor seasoning to spice things up, I'd suggest  Old St. Augustine, and La Mar Sauce. Later on, I also used the La Mar Sauce Caribbean Lime on grilled nachos, as well as an onion and cucumber salad.
The menu consisted of vegetarian, meat, and fresh seafood options, and we tested out the Old St. Augustine on grilled salmon, prawn, and smoked meat varieties. Of course most of the guys loved the spicy heat, but for most of us ladies we lasted far longer than some who tasted Fat Cat, "Cat in Heat" sauce (a little goes a long way). Although, it wasn't as severe as the ghost pepper sauce from this gathering.

For those who like it a tad milder, yet still want a hot sauce that provides a semi-spicy and flavourful experience, the LarMar Caribbean Lime sauce is a great choice. Surprisingly, it's amazing on Irish whiskey white cheddar cheese too!

For others who like a proper dose of heat, whether mild or super spicy, be sure to grab a Fuego Box of bespoke sauces here.

What do you think of these Fuego Box sauces? Which one would you try?
The goods: Old St. Augustine Snake Bite Datil, Fat Cat "Cat in Heat," and La Mar Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce-c/o-Fuego Box *All opinions expressed are my own. Checkered mason jar tops-eBay, Ghanaian wooden bowl with utensils-family owned, Blue willow bread bowl, Lace tablecloth-Vintage, Cutting board-Art+Cook (Buy Similar).


  1. Delicious post! Must try that hot sauce!


  2. I do not eat hot sauce but know friends that love it so will consider to make them hot wings.