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Hello, darlings!  

I have been wanting to change a few things in my art studio. Although it's not as large of a space as my old one, I do love the high ceilings and versatility that it offers. But this isn't a post solely about that; a more streamlined aesthetic but with some personality is what I was looking for—wall décor à la mode industrial-chic meets modern serenity.    

Typically, I am not shy about colour, however, when it comes to my creative space, lately, I don't want too many distractions regarding hues. Even though I did want some accented colour, I went on a slightly different trajectory … I call it, concrete sophistication.   

Working with Beija Flor has been incredible and if you remember the kitchen & tabletop series, then you know how enthused I was to play around with some of their pieces from the start. Every product is one of a kind.  

The first piece that I used is a concrete textured mat, which had a certain elegance to it in addition to bringing out the raw look of concrete. Just as the previous vinyl mats, these cushioned vinyl sheets can be wiped clean with no fuss. The application is quite easy: it must be on a clean and dry surface that is not subjected to moisture infiltration. There are several ways to apply the mat to a wall. For the application, if you want to adhere these permanently to the surface area as you would wallpaper or finished interior wall pieces, use nails or wall mounting glue. I used heavy duty adhesive strips in the end for a seamless finish (similarly, 3M works quite well) for the corners and centre areas.

The second piece is more of a modern take on vintage. It's called rust—the antiqued elements in the design really give it an artistic warehouse and industrial vibe. There are several hues, mine wasn't as dark.
The advantage of both pieces is that they can be used for more than wall art and décor. Each one has the versatility to be used for beautiful backgrounds and creative pieces, which you will see more of soon.  

One of the beauties of these abstract pieces is that with lighting or under dimmed lights, it can look completely different. View how I styled these below.

View the full designer sheet range here.

I realised that for larger projects it may be more cost effective to use the Beija Flor tiles or raw stickers, especially if you're thinking of cutting the mat at all. However, I decided on using these for separate looks to show you how they can be used. To give you an idea of the sizing each mat is 170cm/200cm. For a standard length, you may need two to three, or for a smaller area of the home, one will do. I am so pleased with the results of these I can't wait to show you how I used a small part of the other concrete piece.

These colours actually vary a bit from the screen capture on-line but I was fortunate that it still worked in the space; due to each piece being unique. In the end, I loved that the colours were calming, yet respectful of the aesthetic and textures that I was seeking.  

If you are looking to update your home space in any way whether it be the kitchen or dining area, this option or wall stickers may be suitable for you. Décor wall stickers or raw and tile roll styles are on offer in a wonderful range. Check them out here.  

What do you think of these wall installations?
The goods: Designer Sheets: Concrete – RW-C3 and Rust – RW-R1- c/o Beija Flor. Shop the Designer Sheet collection here. This is a collaborative post with Beija Flor. All opinions and content are honestly expressed and my own. 

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