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Ancient Remedies For Modern Wellness
I have been using some skincare products from Nubian Heritage and wanted to share with you the items that I've used from the African Black Soap collection. Based in New York, Nubian Heritage proudly produces products created with Certified Organic and Fair-Trade Ingredients.   

Organic Skincare

African Black Soap Mud Mask (177ml / 6 oz) 
Using natural ingredients like raw shea butter and black soap is something that I am very familiar with from childhood, amongst other West African elements. Firstly, I will say that this mask is really wonderful on my skin. The consistency looks thicker than it actually is; as it glides on your skin, it becomes thinner and much more translucent, although not entirely.  

I was surprised by this mask and I really enjoyed it. It has become a regular in my wellness routine, one that I am currently using on a weekly basis. This mask is ideal for any person who needs a great detoxifying product to clear their skin whether it's due to environmental allergies, or occasional skin issues during the lovely monthly (menstrual cycle).  

This mud mask provides a radiant polish to the skin without over-drying effects. Claims: to improve the appearance of acne-prone skin by removing dirt and oil whilst balancing the skin. It works! Vegetable glycerinshea butter, cocoa, willow bark extract, tea tree oil, and an essential oil blend for a fragrance which is subtle. View the full list of ingredients here. 

Facial Moisturizer Anti-Acne & Clarifying - (59ml / 2 oz)  
This is a hydrating formula, which includes ingredients, such as Bilberry, Mango butter, Sodium Phytate, a plant-based complexing agent, originated from rice or bran, and Caprylic Triglycerides, which are just the blending of plant sugars and fatty acids (palm and coconut oils). View the full list of ingredients here 

Even though this was very moisturising (because I do love mango butter), I don't have any acne, however, from the ingredients, it's keenly suitable for blemish prone skin. The addition of aloe vera, oats and vitamin E helps to soothe and smooth the skin.  

Exfoliant Spot Treatment - (15ml / .5 oz) 
This is a wonderful spot treatment. It glides on with a gel-like consistency and you don't need very much for each application. This will clear up blemishes and helps to prevent stubborn hormonal breakouts. This does have a bit of witch hazel and isopropyl alcohol but it's not the main ingredient. I also think because it is a spot treatment, targeted toward blemish-prone skin types this may work well for you unless you have very dry skin. I found this formula to work wonderfully without irritating my sensitive skin. 

Active ingredients include Hydrastis Canadensis, an ancient medicinal herb, used here as natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent to benefit the skin. This treatment is also made with jojoba and grape seed oilView the full list of ingredients here.  

Nubian Heritage Fair Trade Beauty

Bar Soap - (141g / 5 oz) 
This soap looks and feels like normal black soap, although it's not as rough as most fresh-cut slabs. It's lightly fragrant and works as a good exfoliating soap to use in rotation with your regular skincare regimen. The soap lathers quite easily and cleans the skin well. I like to keep it on for 60 seconds then gently rinse my face well. You can also apply it to a microfibre cloth and lather it up for a no-fuss clean-up. View the full list of ingredients here. 

Overall, this is a great brand, with good ingredients and pleasing scentsThis collection is certainly one to try—depending on what your skin concerns are—there are plenty of items to get your skin drenched into. I love that the brand also supports community groups; with over two decades of outreach initiatives and services to raise awareness of sustainability, health and wellness. Read more about how they work with a local farmer and garden in New York here. 

Two must-haves would be the mud mask and the black soap. If you're interested in using affordable skincare products with organic ingredients and rich African roots, then you will like this collection.  

Have you tried these products? What do you think of Nubian Heritage?

The goods: Facial skincare products-Provided by Nubian Heritage, a FASHION TALES media sponsor. Shop the collection here or view other products from the brand here. *All content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. 

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