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In continuation with the Copper Love Series, this feature focusses on two styles that are great for couples, to make family memories with or for anyone looking to have artful aesthetics when entertaining. I had the pleasure of reviewing and shooting pieces from Ruffoni’s Historia Décor collectionit was an evening of succulence with sumptuous cookware.

The Ruffoni family, famed for their quality hand-crafted cookware and attention to details since 1962, have preserved the tradition of designing cookware that provides optimum usage and precise control in the kitchen. These are artisan-made pieces to proudly display at your table.  

Copper casserole dish with chicken
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Historia Décor is a range of tin-lined hammered copper cookware that is inspired by tradition and centuries of history. In fact, the line uses a single sheet of copper that is hammered at the Ruffoni family’s workspace, located right in the Italian Alps. In the collection, you will find a diverse range of products, including a polenta pot, stockpot options, and roasters, amongst many others.    

Aside from hammered copper Moscow mules, I own mostly smooth solid copper cookware but this hammered copper gives your kitchen a different look. The interiors of the paella pan and the roaster are made by hand, fired with durable, refined nonreactive tin. In my opinion, for a veteran or seasoned cook, both, tin-lined interiors and stainless-steel interiors have their place. The real question that one should ponder is, ‘What type of cook am I?’  

Ruffoni frying pan copper

Quick Guide: for the smart & savvy cook: 
Tin-lined products are generally more affordable, but the mix of copper allows you to have better heat distribution as well as maintaining the flavour in your food with this nonreactive tin. Although stainless steel has much strength, anincredible brightness and polished look to it, micro-scratches are easy to have after usage, and with salt, corrosion may occur. Typically, there is also an uneven distribution of heat for cooking. 

Try to acquire something with mixed metals, depending on your needs in the kitchen (tin-lined/aluminium or stainless steel.) I like to have both for certain reasons. When I know I am going to be cooking more acidic foods, then I know that I won’t use my solid copper pans or aluminium pans. Instead, I will opt to use my tin-lined copper, silver, properly seasoned cast-iron, or non-stick pans.  

The pans here can be used with salt, citrus and acidic foods but as a novice cook, you must note that the tin will naturally darken. It all depends on how you plan on using and caring for your copper cookware, and how frequently? Choose wisely, and in accordance with your lifestyle. This happens to suit me and my lifestyle since we do entertain a lot and I cook very often. 

Italian roots, French menu: Garden root vegetables, organic baked thyme chicken with Maris Piper roasted spuds, rosemary, and Brussels sprouts. Roquefort roasted aubergine pinenuts and sultanas. Copper casserole pan with brass handles

Details & Specialities: 
These elaborate pans are not for everyday use, in my opinion, instead, use these high-quality pieces for when you want to entertain, perhaps for the weekly Sunday roast, when you're cooking a special meal for friends and family, or even for date night.  

As I have previously mentioned initially in this series, copper cookware is gorgeous and with any premium cookware, it takes proper caring. This is not to be neglected and with good care, your cookware will have longevity. Think of it just as you would to care for your designer soles, would you leave your Chanel or Gucci shoes out in the rain or forgotten by the back door? No.

The tin-lined pans here are not difficult to clean, and since these are lined by hand, there are beautiful natural brushstrokes visibly inside the pans. This collection can be used in the oven and is suitable for ceramic, gas or electric hobs 

Ruffoni copper frying pan
copper roasting pan with gold handle
(Directly after oven heat usage) Flavour remains, note tonal change.
baked aubergine

These pieces come with riveted hand-cast bronze handles and (acorn) lid knobs on the paella pan, which entirely gives the collection a regal aesthetic.  

I found the Historia Décor range to be both stunning with its bronzed details but also quite functional. The collection is simple to cook in; a note to budding copper collectors is that a slight hue change is normal for copper due to the heat/usage. With frequent use over time, you will need re-tinning, and Ruffoni offers services for that and will hand polish your pieces to look good as new. 

I would definitely recommend these pieces for any seasoned cook that already has high-quality pieces to add to their cookware arsenal, or anyone wanting a showstopping presentation at their dinner table.   
To learn more about this legendary brand, do visit the Ruffoni Private Museum in Omegna if you're in the area—it’s where the brand was founded. At the museum, you can saturate yourself in the copper culture and the ancestry of coppersmiths. 

I hope that this series has helped you figure out which copper styles are for you.
copper pan
Note: the nice hammering: it is not as harsh as other brands, this hammered look is striking and almost has a subtle effect.
copper pan
copper casserole pan
French baked aubergineHistoria Ruffoni Gold brass design

What do you think of Ruffoni’s stunning Historia Décor pieces? 

Copper pan Ruffoni
The goods: Rectangular Gratin 3233A, and Paella Pan 3105B-Provided by Ruffoni, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. Shop the Historia Décor collection here, or here. *As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed my own. 
copper roaster

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