Family Essentials: Healing Oils


The transitional season usually means slightly changing my skincare regimen as well as stocking my palate up on healthy, heartier foods.  

I am back and sharing some of dōTERRA's essential oils that you definitely need in your household year round; it’s a basic amalgamation of useful flowers, spices, fruits, herbs and trees to love. 

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With children back at school, there is always a need to be prepared to fight common colds and flu season. Sometimes, even though we are eating clean and doing all of the right things food-wise, there are times when our immune system gets low, due to seasonal or environmental changes or when we’re in the airport. Germs and bacteria are being heightened simply by everyday people not being as sanitary as they should be. This is when essential oils have proven to heal, and help with some of those issues. 

The Family Essentials Kit is packed with all of the proper essential oils that one might need—from ideal oils for cleaning surfaces to immunity boosting, bacteria-fighting oils for the entire family.  

This kit includes, 5 mL bottles of Lavender, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, doTERRA Breathe®, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca (Tea Tree oil), Oregano, DigestZen® and doTERRA On Guard® the necessary oils to help fight insects, boost your immune system, lift your mood, cleanse your skin, body and relief aches or pain. 

The best part is that there are oils for everyone in the family. My favourite oils from this kit are the following: Oregano, Frankincense, and doTERRA Breathe®. It’s a great oil to use for your respiratory system. Use it before sleeping or add a few drops in your humidifier/diffuser. 

Uncommon Benefits:  
Oregano: Did you know that oregano oil can be used as a natural detergent? I usually use oregano oil or tablets during the cooler season, if I feel that I am about to get a cold; using dried oregano leaves steeped in hot water can knock the bacteria right out of you! Oregano also helps to maintain a healthy immune system, digestion, and respiratory function.  

Did you know that rosemary oil has anti-microbial and antispasmodic benefits, so it’s good for treating asthma, allergies, colds, and sore throats as well as preventing STDs. 

Beauty Tips:  
Rosemary: I really love rosemary in general and when it comes to lifestyle, there are many uses for this herbaceous oil. I typically use a drop of rosemary oil on my temple, if I have a headache. It's a great oil for cognition improvement as well being energising for the body. It is important to understand the difference between using herbs (dried and fresh), versus aromatherapy for health, and what the functions are for specific ailments.

I also like to add it to hair products as a deep conditioning stimulant for the scalp. It may increase the cellular metabolism to aid in hair growth. Blended with coconut oil and lavender, it has a wonderful relaxing element for tired limbs. Other uses include oral health, stress-relief, and odour removal. 
Method: Steam Distillation (from the flower, leaf) 

Ylang Ylang works great for the skin as well as being a good nourishing oil for healthy hair. I like to use ylang-ylang oil in my toner, and sometimes just alone with coconut oil. Often used in weddings and religious ceremonies, ylang-ylang dates back centuries in use.  

The oil has a floral, spicy scent that is slightly similar to jasmine. It's derived from the tropical tree of the same name, collected from the star-shaped flowers. This oil is good for obtaining beautifully lustrous hair and promotes healthy skin as well as lending its use in perfumery. Ylang-ylang also provides antioxidant support when taken orally. I like it in my conditioner and sometimes add a few drops to my lotion bottle. 
Method: Steam Distillation 

VetiverThis is a special oil that supports a healthy immune system and works lovely as a massaging oil, or rubbed on the feet to relieve tension. Vetiver is a root plant actually classified in the grass family. 

Use this oil to promote peaceful sleep, calming for emotional support, and added to your hot beverage for immunity support in the winter. This thick oil works very well but has a resin-like scent carrying sweet, caramel, and woody notes with a smoky hint. It’s a rich and complex scent that is blended in beauty products and extensively perfume. It grows on you but upon the first inhalation, it's not a traditional or alluring smell. Similar to Myrrh, the resin-like oil may become sticky, so make sure to wipe the cap after each use and use a toothpick if necessary. 
Method: Hydro Diffusion  

Juniper Berry is a berry that I use in cooking, especially for root vegetables, which gives my roasted veggies a nice gin-like kick in flavour. The oil has a woody, balsamic and spicy fragrance, with an almost citrusy crisp clean distinctive note. Juniper berry comes from a coniferous tree, and the oil has been used historically for many years in healing, detoxification and skincare.   

This oil can be used as a toner, to help reduce blemishes and support healthy kidney and urinary tract functions. It has a natural calming and balancing effect on the senses as well as the ability to purify the surrounding air. I also have used juniper berry oil for leg and foot pain and aches when blended with lavender oil, it works very well.  
Method: Steam Distillation 

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be internally, especially in high doses without proper research and an experienced herbalist, or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 

What do you think of these oils? Have you used any of these?

The goods: Rosemary, Ylang YlangVetiver, Juniper essential oils, and The Family Essentials Kit-Provided by dōTERRA, a FASHION TALES media blog partner. Shop the collection and explore more essential oils here 

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