Finding the perfect petite long dress can be a daunting task, but it can be done! Even if you prefer a more casual style, you still need a few formal dresses for certain occasions. It’s a staple in a petite woman's wardrobe.

Here are tips on how to style your formal dresses and pull off the perfect look. Take note of these tips before you head over to different stores to find the perfect dress. 

1. Consider The Silhouette
The silhouette is your starting block. Your short stature depends on what you wear to elongate your body, so the silhouette of a formal dress can make or break things, and those stylish homecoming dresses for the 2019 season at Peaches Boutique have what you need. The most flattering gowns for a shorter frame are the simple, sleek silhouettes.

If you pick something too complicated, such as beading or too voluminous, it could look like you’re wearing a duvet or a tent. 

The best silhouettes for petite women are:

• Mermaid
• Sheath
• Fit and flare
• Modest A-line

2. The Neckline
For your petite frame, opt for V-neck or sweetheart necklines. In fact, don’t underestimate just how powerful the neckline can be. Sweethearts and V-necks create more space around your face, making you look more slender. A V-neck, especially, elongates the neck, making you look longer overall.

If you’re a pear shape, an off-the-shoulder dress will be flattering for you. That’s because the neckline creates a horizontal line to balance out a heftier bottom half.

3. Accessories
Jewellery is a must for petite long dresses. The trick here is to style your jewellery in a way that draws attention upwards. So, wear things higher up like earrings, necklaces and dazzling hair accessories.

If you have a short neck, choose a necklace with a long pendant to draw the eye up and down, elongating your frame. 

4. Shoe Choice
Finding the perfect heels to go with your long dress is essential! Nude pumps are the most flattering for petite women as they act as an extension of your legs. The best pumps to go for are ones with no straps, low vamp and pointy toes.

Pointy toes, especially, are flattering. It’s the slightest change and it makes the world of difference to how great your legs look.

Straps tend to make your legs somewhat cut off, so stay away from them.

5. The Bag
Bags can complete an entire look. Picking the perfect bag to go with your petite long dress is important. As a rule, a petite person should opt for a bag proportional to their size. It doesn’t mean you always have to go for a small bag, though. A tiny clutch, for example, may make curvier women look bigger and just out of proportion. The idea is that the bag should balance your body size.

 I hope these 5 tips will help you style your petite long dresses for any occasion!

*This is a contributed post via Mediabuzzer.