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Maple Holistics has a wide range of natural beauty and personal care body products. The cruelty-free and ethical brand offers body products from shampoo to natural lubricants. I recently tried one of their massage oils; here are my thoughts. 

Muscle Relief Massage Oil 236ml (8 oz.) - Rate: * 7/10 
The oil itself is clear and surprisingly non-greasy, it’s high absorbency formula but has a silky-smooth consistency. 

Benefits: Aside from the succinct ingredient list, this is paraben-free, made with therapeutic grade essential oils (with ylang-ylang, and geranium, amongst others), and has no artificial contents nor additives. How wonderful! Key ingredients include the followinglavender, sweet almond, lemon, jojoba, basil and rosemary oils. 

I liked using this massage oil before and after a workout, especially on leg day. It really did help to relax my muscles and feet, but I would say, if you have chronic pain this probably wouldn’t be as favourable. I find that since I already use essential oils that are targeted for pain relief and calming purposes; there is more immediate relief in those oils, albeit more concentrated.  

This muscle relief massage oil is better suited for anyone who isn’t comfortable using single essential oils, for anyone with ephemeral pain, and for anyone that wants the convenience of not having to use the addition of a carrier oil. This particular version is not too potent, therefore ideal for most users and may be suitable for sensitive skin, in my opinion.  

The lavender fragrance is not overpowering but definitely present and the sweet almond oil pairs well with the subtle rosemary and basil notes; there is a clean lemon scent that is faintIt’s a lovely oil – a good massage oil to start with if you are seeking a natural muscle relaxing oil. 

Unconventional Uses 
If you walk quite a lot, go hiking, cycle, or even regularly do yoga, then I think you will want to give this oil a try. I used this oil on my hands after a long day, or after being on my electronic devices (you know that slight cramp that one gets occasionally from typing or using your mobile) — this helped tremendously. *Helpful Tip: If you rub this on minor aching areas before your yoga flow, or extensive cycling, it will relax your muscles even more. Stretching will seem effortless.

Learn more about Maple Holistics, their efforts in sustainability and impact in the community here. 

What massage oil blends do you use? Have you tried this brand?

The goods: Muscle Relief Massage Oil Aromatherapy-Courtesy of Maple Holistics. As always, all opinions and content are honestly expressed and my own.  

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