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Omax Health, a health and wellness supplement brand founded by doctors and scientists offers omega-3 and now CBD infused offerings amongst other innovative health solutions. Their clinical strength formulas provide therapeutic results. I recently tried the Stress Remedy softgels by Omax Health.  
These black softgel supplements are made with Phyto-MAX, a proprietary blend, and 10mg CBD, L-Theanine and omega-3, to provide support in calming the body, and enhance relaxation. [Ingredient list.] 

Your body will essentially have a special woosah moment of its own after taking these. Omax Health prides themselves in producing first-rate products with high-quality ingredients to restore vigour and energy to your health. So, on days where you experience stress or have anxiety, and more importantly seeking sleep improvement, these would be helpful. StressSorted. 

As someone who has already done quite a bit of research on sleep aids and CBD oil, I was intrigued but also slightly apprehensive since there are a ton of brands out there on the market. I have used so many products to help with my sleep, which is why I typically stick to essential oils. In short, Omax Health worked! 

Day or afternoon: Used as a dietary supplement, taken with food and water. Packaged individually in blister packs. 

When taking the softgels in the afternoon, it helped me to wind down. The main reason that I wanted to use these were for evening and night-time. Bad sleep is the worse! Therefore, my primary focus was documenting how functional the supplements were and the results of my sleep pattern. Fortunately, between writing down times I took the supplements and using my fitness tracker for my sleep, this was not at all difficult. Use it for work, travel, or as a sleep aid. 

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What I loved the most: All-natural and sustainable ingredients. My sleep improved, and I felt refreshed when I woke up. This formula doesn’t make you feel drowsy afterwards, it’s a non-habit-forming product (with Full-Spectrum CBD from Hemp with less than .03% THC) that allows you to relax and feel better. Omax Health was a great solution. Unlike some formulas where your body feels sluggish and out of sync, these stress remedy supplements were surprisingly well impressive.  

Developing clinically researched wellness products to promote healthy living is the substratum of the brand — a motivating force to create highly tested products, using trustworthy and pure ingredients that get optimal results. Rest assured, Omax Health uses top-notch methods and Certified Good Manufacturing Practice facilities (cGMP), which is a wonderful thing to know when you are a consumer of supplements. Their full transparency is refreshing and a relief to anyone! 

You can view the entire range here. Let me know what you choose!  
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The Verdict***** 5/5 
Would I use this again? Absolutely! There are so many benefits to using this, for me personally, the most essential was that there weren't negative aftereffects from using these supplements. To be honest, I am pleased, and genuinely interested in trying Omax Health’s Cognitive Boost next. 

What do you think of Omax Health? Have you used any of their products?>

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The goods: Stress Remedy dietary supplements-Provided via Omax Health, a FASHION TALES media blog sponsor. View their products, or shop Omax Health Stress Remedy here. All opinions and content are honestly expressed and via my own experience. Discount Code is for 20% off any Omax Health products using: Madison20. 

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