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I am back with a few useful oils that I have been using over the past month, in addition to one home kit that is essential for every household.  

Immortelle - 10ml  Topical use
Immortelle is a beautifully blended anti-ageing oil; it promotes smoother skin that glows. With the rollerball application, it’s quite easy and convenient to use. As a holistic healing advocate and dōTERRA ambassador, it's a thrill to share new oils and plant-based products that can help you in your daily life, even for your burgeoning health and wellness journey.  

A thin layer of the Immortelle oil is all that is needed, as it glides on smooth and flowing. Ingredients include the following: myrrh gum resin, frankincense resin, Hawaiian sandalwood, lavender, as well as helichrysum flower, and rose oils. 

This was the first for me to use this oil and I had been excited to try it. The first notes that you smell are lavender, frankincense, and sandalwood—strong, clean and calming. The type of oils mixed in this blend absorbs in the skin well and may help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, for a lasting more radiant complexion. 

Best uses: I like to use this oil instead of using my serum, after toning my face use it blended with night cream or with a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil. I found it to be quite powerful blend of oils.

Family Essentials Kit + Beadlets  
The newly updated version of the family essentials kit includes all the necessary oils for the entire family; oregano, frankincense, lavender, dōTERRA On Guard®, lemon, Deep Blue®, dōTERRA Breathe®, peppermint, melaleuca and DigestZen®. It’s a curated version of the most essential and used oils to keep everyone healthy, from the common cold to aches and pains. There are even more diluted forms of this but I still would not give to children. 

The kit also comes with the addition of peppermint and On Guard® Beadlets—providing calming, uplifting and immunity system support for the body. The best part is that since the cooler months will be approaching soon, this is a great introductory kit to house all the basics; oregano, melaleuca (tea tree oil), frankincense and lavender oils are the most used in my household. For more on those view these posts here. 

TerraShield ®Spray - 30ml 
Even though summertime has left us, that doesn’t mean that the effects of the environment don’t affect us (especially if you have allergies) in the same way. TerraShield ® is a proprietary blended spray that shields you from environmental threats, working as a natural repellent.  

This spraying oil acts as a guard of protection outdoors. Use this when you're going camping or if you're just going to spend more time outside (gardening, doing work around the parameters of the home). This revamped formula is made with ylang-ylang, cedarwood, catnip plant, eucalyptus, litsea, vanilla bean absolute, to fight against environmental irritants. 

Smells like: a really deep forest citronella scent with underlining notes of vanilla, ylang-ylang, and pleasing floral notes. It’s an herbaceous scent that sort of grows on you — great aroma for an outdoor and insect-repelling oil. Oddly addicting, I might add. Spray it around you first, let it linger with a vigorous wave of the hand, then spray your arms, ankles, legs, and neck before battling the outdoors. 

Alternative uses: Window seals, around door openings, tents or patios. 

dōTERRA SPA Rose Hand Lotion 
This spa hand lotion is made with the essential oil of Bulgarian rose, notably known for its radiant glowing and skin toning properties. Other ingredients include macadamia oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, benzyl alcohol, and jojoba extract. View the full ingredient list here. 

Why you will love this? Although I absolutely adore rose scents and all of their many varieties, this is one rose fragrance that is a complete must-have, even if you are not obsessive about rose-scented products. The natural fragrance is there but it is not at all overwhelming nor is it a lotion that will overpower your own perfume. The lotion is also blendable with other oils; bergamot with this is a lovely addition for purifying and skin cleansing properties. 

This is a hydrating and non-greasy hand cream formula that is subtle and very favourable to pop in your satchel. What's more, it doesn’t leave your skin dry. I think this works excellent as an everyday hand lotion. *Note: Full purchases of this hand lotion are donated to the brand's Healing Hands Foundation, empowering diseased and poverty-stricken communities, giving them proper tools and hope to be more self-reliant. 

The company truly stands behind what they do, their charitable initiatives are just a fraction of the good they do. It's an honour to be part of a team that believes in producing premium goods, providing jobs and giving back.

Have you tried any of these products? 
Which item would you use in your health and wellness routine?   

The goodsProvided by dōTERRA, a FASHION TALES blog media partner. As always, all content and opinions are honestly expressed and my own. These are suggested benefits for essential oils. If pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using. 
Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated, and not to be internally, especially in high doses without proper research and an experienced herbalist, or consent from a physician. It is important to understand alternative methods and holistic healing elements are not for everyone but are natural ways of promoting health and wellness. 

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