Seasonal Updates | January


Welcome to a new year, and how exciting to be back after a long holiday. 

Food collage

I hope you have been keeping well! How did 2022 start off for you? I actually had to do some travelling before and during the Christmas holiday, had some family and friends over as we were entertaining; it was both amazing and draining.  

The entire process of hosting and entertaining has been a unique experience since the pandemic started — I think it’s easy to forget all that’s involved when you’re not doing the cooking, cleaning, decorating, arranging and all other preparations needed to make such an occasion a fun, delicious and memorable one! But we did it! 


Here’s a glimpse of some of my favourite bits of the past year, some were shared on the blog whilst others were just fun client work, or personal projects such as knitting. I also, started a new mushroom garden over the holiday, very excited this year for many things, and cannot wait to share with you a feature in the coming weeks! 

Cocktails Photography


Did you enjoy new year's festivities at home? How is your January so far?