Gourmet Pizza Nights


Dinner for four is an easy way to do entertaining small, well. It wouldn’t be a grand send-off in our house without a gourmet night, and this time a pizza night! As with the past nearly two years now, our entertaining feasts have been quite smaller than in previous years. Albeit, mighty in flavour and never lacking in the presentation, simplicity sometimes is all you need

I must admit, it still is rather different, entertaining that is. I haven’t given much thought to the style or themes of entertaining when it comes to just making delicious food that we normally eat anyway, not as once before! Perhaps again in the near future ... 

veggie pizza on red ceramic pizza stone

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I usually make a variety of homemade pizzas, and this time created two with a new pizza stone by Emile Henry. [Buy it Here] 


The pizza stone is a unique cooking stone made from optimal performance ceramic. The BBQ ceramic has refractory elements that innately offer slow but even heat diffusion. This means that you can literally use it on the grill too, and create some pretty amazing artisanal pizzas in the oven as well. You know, the kind of pizza that has the golden, crispy crust without having to use a brick pizza oven. The cooking is easy and actually cooks evenly like in a traditional pizza oven. 

If you like to make your own pizzas at home, honestly, there are a few reasons that make a difference in this style, and why you need this pizza stone!  

veggie pizza on red stone

Benefits: You can easily recreate the delicious results of brick oven pizza baking with the Emile Henry pizza stone.  All of their products are of great quality, made in France and come with a 10-year guarantee, so you’re covered and definitely will put this to good use.  

There is much to love with this particular style. For me, the fact that it is rectangular was wonderful to use for artisan pizzas at home, breaking the conventional round style. We were able to use the rectangular pizza stone for entertaining but I also used it to roast our vegetables for dinner. Not to mention, the ceramic stone can reach 500°C/930°F. It will heat just as cast iron but will diffuse the heat more evenly, so your food won’t burn quickly. 


You can grab my veggie recipe here, for two alternative pizzas. I made a grilled veggie one with a traditional plain thin crust, and an onion and tapenade pizza with a garlic and herb socca pizza dough. This Emile Henry Pizza Stone comes in burgundy and charcoal.  

vegetarian pizza on pizza stone


What type of pizza would you cook on this pizza stone? 

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Gourmet onion pizza