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Paichideya Demoyo

Are you in the market for a powerful wardrobe that's also stylish in every seam? Meet Paidemoyo Chideya, also known as "Pai," the notable emerging designer behind the clothing brand, DeMOYO.

The DeMoyo collection, mostly produced in Canada with hopes of also adding Zimbabwe to the list, consists of bold hued silhouettes that play on the art of draping. For example, the Bustier/Cowel dress, or the Princess Seamed/Cowel skirt, which comes in Regal colours with unique style lines. There's also garments like the Princess dress, that offers a contemporary and edgy take on the LBD, a must-have staple item in every woman's wardrobe.
Demoyo Fashion collection
For her Spring 2011 collection Chideya attributes her inspiration to her mother, Mazano (referencing her middle name). "She taught me to be limitless, and thus, my ode to Majestic Mazano," says the designer. Chideya's creations has already captured the eyes of many and for good reason. When a woman wears her garments she immediately exudes confidence, and daring style.

The unequivocal influence of Chideya's travels and eclectic background is one resounding element that attracts women to her clothing, with having lived in places like London, and Sweden. Yet, it's the sophisticated qualities she acquired living in New York that adds depth and eloquence to her designs.

Holding past apprenticeships with fashion gurus like Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, and all American celebratory designer, Ralph Lauren it's clear that Chideya has started off in a dashing path with outstanding mentors. "New York is a melting pot of unlimited possibilities and people," says Chideya. It's her eagerness to learn, proper timing, and tenacity that has immensely helped her in her career thus far.
Paidemoyo Chideya InterviewCanadian Fashion Designers

What does this emerging designer live by? It's this simple motto, Remember thee, remember thee. "We are all created to be magnificent reflections of God. I strive to live by this everyday. We all have great purpose on this planet, its just that most of us have forgotten," says Chideya.

The DeMoyo collection uses silks, chiffons, and satins, but also provides eco-friendly fabric choices with natural dyes, using broadcloths and sheen cottons, amongst other materials for an added casual elegance. She manages to arrest the essence of a stylish woman, one who wants to make her presence known in a fashionable way. Your closet will surely be revived and freed from boring apparel!

Chideya is an inspiring designer who has high aspirations, and will stop at nothing until it is fulfilled. She hopes to expand her brand in the next few years to specialty boutiques located in Europe, and North and South America, in addition to creating a Flagship store in Africa.

What's next? Well, look out for the DeMoyo collection in South Africa Fashion Week next year.

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Photos: Courtesy of Paidemoyo Chideya

Dark Homme: Industrial worker-chic, or Warrior masterpiece

I grew up around wonderfully artistic people who dressed daily in what they either had tucked in their closet, created themselves, or found at local vintage shoppes; modifying everything to their individual style, which was often in printed form. Needless to say, being encompassed by this at an early age also affected my fashion choices.  However, when it came to my love for men's design I always tend to gravitate to organic silhouettes with tailored details, or dark, very abstractive, and often extremely unique pieces of art.

During my travels with a friend, I was completely enamoured by a young man's outfit that we'd seen in-passing on the street. After making haste to introduce myself and chat about the pieces that he wore, he mentioned that it had been purchased from one of his favourite boutiques, DarkLands. Oh, yes! How could I have forgotten ... it's an ultra-special place! This boutique exemplifies my highest adorations of "outside of the box design," as well as contemporary worn art. 

DarkLands is a Berlin-based men's fashion store that carries some of the most innovative, dark, edgy, and raw designer clothing and accessories. You'll find pieces from designers like Damir Doma, Rick Owens, and Obscur, hanging alongside other avant-garde peers such as Boris Bidjan Saberi, Yohan Serfaty, or MA+, to name a few. Campbell McDougall, a Canadian native and owner behind this vanguard of dark garb, initially started selling similar-styled clothing in his (then) Vancouver residence at the Komakino  guerilla store. But, when he made the move to the art inspiring streets of Berlin, he also carried a roster of high-end designers to add to his new clothing racks. 

This multi-locale, changing store has a diverse and international clientele as well as stylish locals that welcome DarkLands' clever, board game-like move of say, every 6 months to a year or so, which allows them to take advantage of spaces in many areas to set-up shop with a skillful imagination.

The store much like the clothing has an esoteric quality that makes it intriguing. After viewing these selections, I am inspired once again to go back to my roots of designing men's wear, which for me was the passion that started it all. I'm sold on this place, and there's also an on-line store for those of us who don't reside in Berlin. If you're like me and absolutely love cutting edge men's wear or possibly know a male who's worthy of these threads head over to the DarkLands. Have a look at these forward creations. 
I call it: "Tale of a Nomad: Battle-shield, goth, and roll!"  

Aitor Throup


Boris Bidjan Saberi
For more information on Darklands or Komakino shop visit:
Top photos: Yohan Serfaty

Proper finishing, Because One Can't go naked

Okay, the moment that you've been waiting for is here; the curtain has been drawn for an exciting handbag company that awaits for your special purchase. Would you like to add the right finishing touch to your wardrobe? Perhaps you just want to give your wallet a new and improved comfortable home that's fashionable and eco-friendly. 

You're in the right place because Fashion Tales is proud to collaborate with a new brand sponsor Can't go naked. Can't go naked is a high-end fashion handbag company that produces well-crafted designs, that are both multi-functional, and sustainable.

You likely possess a great shoe, necklace, and a pair of staple denim to accompany the stylish print that you're wearing. However, there is still one thing missing ... a versatile bag to complete the look! I am happy to share with a new handbag company that I love and will be providing a nice little discount for you in the next week.

Their use of exquisite leather and materials that are quality conscious, as well as concept driven is extremely favoured by their diverse clientele. Designer, Katja Marschner started the brand with the simple theme of expanding the idea of versatility with practicality. As a result, Marschner's product has grown an international and enthusiastic client base. 

Can't go naked offers a multitude of fashionable selections that will add luxury to your favourite ensembles. There's designs like the 3 in 1 collection that allows you to wear a bag in a variety of ways. You have other savvy options such as, the 24hours or the Bowling bag, which can be described as a travel worthy, lightweight shopper (for the modern and organic-shape loving customer). There's also must-haves like the Folding Pouch, as it converts into a waist-bag, clutch, and even a shoulder bag!

If you wanted options there's plenty of them, and you may choose from colours that blend seamlessly into your closet.

Your clothing will not matter as much until you try 'Can't go naked!' Fortunately, these are absolutely perfect for holiday giving or a mere token of self-gifting love. So, go ahead, make the right statement and indulge in these sustainable treasures for your everyday needs!

Stay tuned for more specials!
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Photos: courtesy of Can't go naked
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Clutch me!

Are you looking for the right clutch for a night on the town? Or quite possibly your'e searching for a new bag that's playful, casual, and stylish? Here are some favourite styles that I'm loving from the land of the clutch bag. 

My peers know me as one who carries either a grand functional bag (which I fill with my daily necessities), or a clutch bag (preferably one with multi-pockets, or zippers inside). These styles below are my fashion potpourri of sorts with leather texture mixing, some acute detailing, femme prints, and vintage inspiration.

Act fast, because there's just too many great styles to sift through for the perfect clutch this season!
With a little antique finish, small bits of freshness, and a hint of unique hardware you will be headed on the proper path to finding an amazing bag. 

Happy perusing on your holiday inquest, and remember stay chic by viewing one clutch at a time!
River Island-Heart clutch £59.99 
Minimarket clutch £227 .21/ approx. $321USD

Free People-Feathers Chain clutch- $208
TopShop-Classic box bag-£35.00

Miss Selfridge £16.00 Diamond clutch, Floral chain envelope-£18.00 
Rokit Vintage-Dover clutch bag, approx. £25.00 

River Island- Faux fur clutch- £16.00
Macy's- Ribbon clutch-$35.99
Paul Smith-Playing Cards clutch - $225


Heel Condoms, A safe shoe pleasure!

Have you ever had to meet friends for cocktails after work or needed to make a rapid style transformation after a long day? Perhaps, you've even made a quick stop at home to change your shoes before heading out for the night.  Well, if your'e dying to know what the latest buzz is in the (versatile) shoe community then, you should try "Heel Condoms."

Here's a great product for the jet-setting diva, or the savvy city sophisticate.  Ladies look no further, a packable dress solution has arrived.... and it's for your shoes!
Heel Condoms, the new women's trend, not only provides a fashionable outfit for your shoes but also makes the average passersby audibly jealous by the view of your sexy feet. Although easy to slip onto your heeled sole, they provide complete protection for those worn or even new heels.
Sandrysabel Ortiz, the creator of this brilliant invention, has given women worldwide another reason to love the statement shoe. “I want women to experience that in times of economical stress they can still feel empowered by each step they take,” Ortiz said.

The eye-catching Heel Condoms at first glance are enough to build your trust. They come in a variety of ornate styles such as black suede with gold stud-like buttons, tiered lace with sheered fabric, and animal-print leather spotted bows, amongst others. With the large amount of people already sporting a few of these looks, it's hard to believe how affordable they are (ranging from $20-$30). Don't just observe this trend, get on-board!

Are you ready to double your shoe wardrobe with unique designs by simply pulling on a new garment, condom-style, then the Heel Condoms would be a good investment!

For more information or to acquire your very own Heel Condoms visit: Heel Condoms
Photos: Courtesy of Heel Condoms  
*pricing has changed to $20-$30 since article was published.


Dated Inspiration: The culture Issue

 As I prepare for a long awaited and much needed holiday, I am remembering old glam magazines, tear sheets, and ad campaigns that I once possessed; vivid memories of the pages that have been turned, or rapidly cut away from some of my favourite high-fashioned gloss sheets. I have been seeking inspiration for an upcoming project, and stumbled upon this wonderful piece that I'd forgotten.
This is my inspiration aggregated into a few snapshot frames.  I was simply drawn by the undeniable beauty in the colours, as well as the complete styling in general. The lovely Alek Wek poses confidently in this amazing Financial Times spread. These inspiring photos make me smile, I want to know her story... or even create my own.
Alek Wek-Andrew-Yee-in Financial Times issue, styled by Damien Foxe

What To Wear? Delightful Feasts with Zero Calories

Would you like to know what it's like to order from a menu that's ultra-chic? Prepare yourself to be inspired by a website that's dedicated to satisfy your fashionable appetite. 
Enter, The Clothing Menu, a new and inspiring site that allows you to feast on items that are not only unique and stylish, but also showcases independent talent. The Clothing Menu, founded by Kristin D'Amour carries items that may be acquired any time of the day. This mainstream alternative online shop gives fashionistas additional options at the mere click of a button. 

With infinite amounts of established fashion talent in the industry it's sometimes difficult to achieve a fresh look that's not dictated by trends or fads. Whether you're in the mood for a whimsical necklace or a cheerful top there's many styles to indulge in from a variety of designers. Instead of purchasing the same silhouette seen in your fashion magazines help support independent designers and visit The Clothing Menu today. 


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The Deep Cuts

Mark Fast's showed an edgy cut-out Spring 2011 collection for London Fashion Week.  Yes, this is the same designer who used plus-sized models of 14 and even size 16 on the runway in his past Fashion week show --- we love that! Fast's unconventional ways are what sets him apart from many; he continued his signature of form fitting and unique aesthetics throughout the line.  The body hugging looks included vibrant hues, perforated detailing, paired with fringe materials and platforms that emanated a runway showgirl feeling in a Ready-To-Wear way.  Some of these looks were those you could definitely see a few highly confident celebs wearing, of course!
photos: Wireimage, Getty, LFW
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