Pastels: Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Pastels Fashion Dress
An artist has a canvas they may paint, envisioning potential works of what might end up as their masterpiece. For me as an artist (and fashionista) often those inspiring works are worn by my own physical canvas displaying my mood or even expressing a seasonal greeting

Pastels and charcoal are possibly one of my favourite art mediums to use, so it wouldn't entirely be unexpected to see one of those mediums interpreted in my clothing. Alas, I've been struck by these delicate and charming colours.

As you can imagine pastels are rocking my fashion wardrobe at the present moment. I've not been showcasing my adoration for these pale hues as much as I'd like to, but rest assured all pastel and neon items from my closet are in good spirits. 
Easter Pastels Fashion bloggers
I've had this bag (above) since I was a teenager (or something like that) ... obviously a long time ago! This woven floral bag gives off nostalgic spring and summer feelings that I cherish.

This dress so easy to wear  the fabric is light, but silky smooth, and the body of the dress allows full capacity for a marvelous twirl or two ... if such a moment is needed. Of course, there's always time for a classic twirl.
Fashion Blogger Spring Style
Random photo of happiness, as the sun glistens.
The goods: Dress-gifted by best friend, Bag-gifted from mother, Flats-Target, a spring smile=priceless!

I liked this quote (below), because I think all seasons are special in their own way. Though, my favourites are probably autumn and spring; I believe this sums up weather from a different perspective nicely. 

Haven't we all occasionally yearned for an opposite climate than we actually have? Then, we get the climate wanted, yet in time long for another when we're tired of it or rather when we're ready for the temp-shifting of our fashion garments. Diverse climate makes for a fabulous wardrobe you know!
"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather."
                                    ~John Ruskin

Pastels | Everybody, Everywear

My ... Testing, Testing: 1, 2, 3: The Lash Genius

Oh Lord, not another review by a fashion blogger!
Sit tight and keep your skirt on! All jokes aside let's be clear, you know that I don't like jumping on the bandwagon, (because you know it would be a Concorde) and you may have seen several reviews on this, but it wasn't mine. This was too interesting and I wanted to give it a try! Just like certain lipsticks or any new item ... you don't know until you've tried it out yourself!
Being a beauty product enthusiast I love putting cosmetics to the test! Certainly, sometimes they work and sometimes they may not live up to the marketing hype. Normally I'm very selective when it comes to specific beauty products because of my allergies. But, I decided to give it a go when I received a parcel from Anastasia of Beverly Hills because it was pretty intriguing.

I've used their products in the past and liked them, but this was absolutely far different than what I've used before. Anastasia calls it the Lash Genius; it's essentially a top coat sealant that protects your mascara. It's waterproof and glides on clear.
Anastasia - Beverly Hills
What? Yes, I wondered this as well pondering if something like this could in fact work: those times when wearing fun make-up dancing the night away, standing in the rain, or if I just happen to be having one of those tearjerker moments during a movie night. Right, then. Here's the verdict:

After I applied my favourite mascara and waited for it to dry I used the Lash Genius as a finisher. My lashes are already quite long, so I'd say if you want a super "dramatic" effect you could easily use false lashes or a higher volume mascara brand with this as well. I used it with Maybelline's Falsies mascara for the first time, then a thicker type: Volum'up by Agnes b., as well as Lancome's (regular Hypnose) the next few times. Whichever your "go-to mascara" is, use that!
Ladyofashion The Lash Genius Review

Cons made into Pros-
Some people say that it's hard to take off ... given the fact that it's "waterproofing"  yes, it was a bit difficult in my first use to remove it (with regular make-up remover), however after the second usage the beauty wisdom fairy whispered, no yelled in my ear, "use your make-up removing towelettes woman!" Hello! This completely solved the minor issue at hand and allowed me to carefully remove at the root of the lashes.

This formula stays like a second skin, so you will definitely need to take it off securely.

*Good Tip:
I believe it also depends on what brand of mascara used initially, because I found that with some brands it was easier to remove than others. Interestingly enough, using it with Maybelline Falsies made it more difficult for me, so I used other mascaras and it worked great! But, that's just me. I don't like clumpy eyes, do you? FYI: The Lash Genius itself doesn't clump at all.

The next day I put it through tests: facial water splashes, tears of excitement (only because there was no rain where I was) ... it survived through date night, extended work hours, and even a heat infused environment, all with the caution of using the brilliant tip stated above.
Anastasia The Lash Genius - Press

It's easy to use, instantly waterproofs any mascara.
Another cool factor that I noticed was that it actually improved the look of my lashes. I decided to use one side with the Lash Genius and one without going about town.

Since I have no problem talking to strangers I asked a few random folks (the fashion-friendly with fabulous shoes) and they did notice a difference as well. I also used this without mascara, merely because it seemed to work nicely alone. But, thou shall not waterproof naked lashes should they? Oh well, I did!

Would I recommend this to a beauty gal to give it a try? Yes!

I'd give this an 8 out of 10 only because I am an on-the-go kind of lady, and this would add an extra step to my beauty routine. Okay, fine, 9.5 it is!

You gotta love the things us ladies do for pretty! I hope that you enjoyed this lovely beauty distraction for the day.

*All opinions expressed are my own.
Product: Lash Genius courtesy of Anastasia
Details and Availability:
When: May 2012
Where: Exclusively sold at Sephora stores (including their online site first), and hopefully more places since good ol' Union Jack made a cameo in their press booklet! 
Price: $21.00
Made from: Jellified triglycerides, high melting point wax, and silicone resin.

Weekend Inspiration 4.0 + Links to Love

What a glorious weekend this will be: of course a bit of pampering is scheduled after having such a fully loaded work week. I hope that your week went well, and here's to wishing you a warm, relaxing couple of days! I will also be spending my time wisely by catching up on my glossies, especially my architectural stacks of beautiful! 

I'm happy to be a part of this week's links. Check out the top links of the week in Links à  la Mode!  


Edited by: Wendy of Show Me Chic

The blogging world is abuzz with spring fever!  Tuesday marked the first day of this warmer season, and everyone is talking about it.  Looking for tips on how to clean out your closet?  Wondering what the season’s hottest trends are?  Interested in Women’s History Month?  Not sure if you can work the backpack trend into your wardrobe?  Ready for an awesome DIY?  Curious about what bloggers are wearing on these lovely days?  Search no further!  This list has you covered.



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Hello: It's Spring

Hello dears! Here's an old jersey dress that I made during my art university days. It's also a part of my crafty purple dyeing project that I discussed with you previously. I am always filled with excitement during seasonal transitions.
Fashion Tales Dyed DIY dress
With the changes in climate and style of dressing it allows me to grab inspiration in a mere thought of a considerably warmer temperature. Though the sunshine and meteorologists tend to fool us every so often I always hope for the best ... for fashion's sake!

It's no secret that I adore all colours, and violet hues have certainly been on my wardrobe radar lately, in addition to mint, orange, and yellow.
People often ask me, "what's your favourite colour?" I used to say yellow and blue, then grey had its moments. But, throughout the years my hue favour has evolved into an assorted fashion potion. Depending on the day, my mood, or local climate it just varies.

I think I've simply taken them all; tailoring the colours to my [custom] style mixture, which may sometimes resemble a Mauve Martini Monday, a Teal Tony Tuesday, or even a Saturated Savvy Sunday  Beautiful, artfully chaotic, sophisticated, modern, dated, yet easily digested. And just like that ... a gulp of colour brings a smile to my face. Today, it's purple!
Ladyofashion DIY dress
The goods: Sandals-Chinese laundry, Dress-Ladyofashion, Necklace-SF flea market, Belt-last seen here, Straw hat-Urban Outfitters

Tell me, do you have just one favourite colour? Even if it's a colour that someone says is not the best on you ... do you still wear it? You already know my answer to this one, so I'd love to here yours.

Ladyofashion Instagram Spring Flowers

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" 
                                        ~Robin Williams

Camouflage Denim: A Different Casual

Stonewash DIY
Not long ago after I had been asked by my friend Aaron to do a class on textile dyeing for his art students I decided to start with a quick session for my close friends. It gave me time to do a pre-teaching class before I actually went on with the real thingI wasn't too keen on the idea in the beginning. It's been a long while since I've taught a crafts class, but my nervous energy developed into a much calmer and comfortable feeling in the end.

Fortunately the class went very well, as the artful teenager's attention seemed to be held by the subject nicely. Afterward, I showed my temporary pupils a few other dyeing examples including these jeans (above) that I had finished. "I want those," yelled one young girl. I was quite surprised because though I loved them, a couple of my friend's asked if I was going to wear them out! Of course, I was! I will forgive those two people, as fashion is not their focal point in life. (Joking!) 

Aside from the comical relief that I apparently provided for a couple of folks, I was very happy for the outcome of my denim stone-wash project. 
Fashion Tales style     
How to Get the Camouflage: 
All that was needed was coffee, bleach, water, and optional bands. I used charcoal not black old denim jeans. First I soaked the denim with coffee, then sporadically spraying bleach on the front and back.

Let them rinse in the washing machine. After it finished spinning, I then poured a large amount of coffee in random motion preferably in a few of the bleached areas (this creates a layering, marbled effect). Be mindful of the crotch and bum areas. Wait approx. 30 min.
Stonewash DIY

Fashion Tales Denim DIY

Next, I rinsed the denim again, and this time pouring around 1cup of bleach and water on front and back areas, focusing on the parts that you want lighter (This part of the directions works best if it's done when the denim is loosely scrunched all together with rubber bands).

Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes and wash/rinse. *Do not dry denim until the last step is finished. Please be careful when bleaching and dyeing textiles, if you are not experienced seek expert advice.
The goods: Denim-H&M/Ladyofashion modified, Heels-Salvatore Ferragamo, Necklaces: Ribbon necklace-Ladyofashion, Zipper-DIY, Silver chain linking-F21, Waistcoat-AbStudio, Leather clutch-DIY


Beauty Shares

Several days ago I received a couple of beauty parcels, one being from my mother. It's great when something comes to you at the absolute right time. About 10+ or so years ago my sister introduced me to Yves Rocher, a French cosmetics company. 
Back To Home
They sell worldwide and have an array of [affordable] diverse products. I've only been to one of their actual standing stores when my sister lived in Austria, which was nice because it was great to see loved products up-close and personal instead of merely on a computer screen. 

For some reason I had forgotten about this company, probably because there's loads of on-line sites that I frequent now, but it wasn't long until I was warmly reunited thanks to the beauty parcels sent to me.  
Outfit sneak peak: Sunny beige tinted worn alone w/ Kohl liner. Pardon the indoor mobile upload ... time crunch you know!
When it comes to make-up, for me it's always a bit difficult to find an excellent colour pigment match, however over the years I have found a few great brands that I do love. But, just like the changing of the seasons, my skin changes as well, therefore it's typically between a couple different shades and depending on the location/climate my skin just changes anyway!

So, I was extremely elated to see this sheer foundation/tinted moisturiser in the package. I don't typically wear foundation, I usually stick to light powders or bronzers - the very quick and easy solution. But, this doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all, and goes on smoothly.

There was also kohl liner in the beauty goodies bag, which I love! But, enough about that here's a few other treats that was included. 

  This is in sunny beige, basically perfect for me!
I have already made good use of the creamy kohl liner, which she says was a free-gift.

Restorative lip care: Lip balm glide with shea butter (above) It smells good, and works wonderfully!
       Smooths on like dust! 
This sparkle powder creates an illuminating effect, can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your preference: Made with virgin almond oil. It's growing on me, however at the moment I am a little too impatient to get it's full benefit, but I was able to use it once. Perhaps I'll use more for a night on the town! 

Of course, it's a bit different for me because I've been a long time Yves Rocher customer. In case you've never heard of Yves Rocher, I'd recommend grabbing their catalogue, or browse briefly on-line to see what products they have. 

You may also check your location, because they might also have a standing beauty store near you! I love trying new items, especially when it comes to beauty. 
An added surprise was from another company that I loved! It was the Hydra Mar Paraben-Free Face Scrub by Dead Sea. Skin rejuvenation: thumbs up! I found that you may buy it here!

Do you love any new beauty companies or stores that you've tried recently, or  even items that you've been graciously gifted?

I am living life, and working on an important project for work, so I've been a bit absent ... will catch up on your blogs soon. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

Fashion Cassettes: A Random Mixtape

Dear lovelies, there's new inventory hitting stores from a lovely boutique that I wanted to share with you, and also a few links that I loved. Essentially, a quick mix-tape of style to get you pumped up and ready to dash out the door to any [imaginary] tune; whether it be for a mellow Monday night or that sassy throwback Thursday. Here's a personal fashion inspirational tape created just for you!

Heel clicks of your favourite stilettos confidently walking down the hallway, but interrupted by a careful sip of the perfect hot beverage needed on a bone-chilling day. Yes, your bold lipstick is still intact!

You're hopeful that the sun will continue to shine, however the birds were not chirping this morning, instead the sound was similar to the anxious chatter of an audience before a runway show. Only this time you didn't mind, because you knew inspiration was in the bag of goodies coming up. But, shhhhh, silence is golden and the music is about to start.

VERSES: Clothing, Happy Links, and New inspirations
Nostalgic Boutique
1. Check out Nostalgic Boutique's newest collection, and sales on separates. Receive 20% off with the code: FASHIONTALES20%. This independently owned label is run by my dear friend Rebecca, who shares her passions transforming them with a vintage flair and modern styling. You can expect a playful melody of colour, tailoring, and threads of structure in the garments produced.
      Photos: Courtesy of Nostalgic Boutique

2. The Northern Light: Here's a blog that I've been viewing at the moment by Norwegian fashion blogger, Hedvig Opshaug. From street-style photography to runway shows, it's a personal blog that I found a little different from my normal pit stops. Simplicity was the key.

3. When I read this Fast Company article tweeted by Bonnieand others weeks ago I thought more people should read it. Since the economic downturn we have seen many people at highs and lows... this post is enlightening and may even make you feel a bit stronger. There's also inspiring bits of a modern way of thinking for your financial and career goals  how evolving with the changes of our times can aid us in the long run.

4. Food! Yes, we all need it, but indulgent treats are on an entirely different level aren't they? The delightful pastry infused blog by flight attendant, Laure of Buttercream and Chantilly Factory is one that I came across recently. You'll find wonderful recipes and shares to give you influential culinary sweetness with a French touch.

Laaah, dah, de, dah, Oohhhhh!  Why not put some love in your closet! Wearing a new silhouette in your favourite hue or finally take those special shoes (that are still freshly stored in the box) out for a spin! Perhaps even pump up your ipods ... ahem or similar "mp3 players" full blast during a browsing session online, but with these speakers!
Synchrony S surround - Front -   Home theater speaker
The Synchrony S Surround Sound- psb speakers
*(Caution: Bop head moderately. Finger snapping allowed) - What to do: Read links again, purchase favourite on-line items, come back for more and ahhh, there's fashion satisfaction. (Repeat if needed)

BRIEF PAUSE FOR:  >>>>>>>>>Nail painting break <<<<<<<<<
Colours that I'm loving at the moment:
        (Photos: Butter, Zoya; edited by ladyofashion)

(Enter: Drum and bass interlude. Interruption: Strings to soften the hit of brights for the coming season!) "Look out! There's orange, yellow, and mint colour awaiting for you!"


   Philip Lim (source)                                                 

The tape is ending so I shall leave you with a final moment of inspiration. I have not had too much time to pop into a store in a few, therefore online shopping has been extremely helpful this week for me to heavily browse new spring items.

When the going gets tough, the tough ... goes SHOPPING of course! Whether thrift/charity, vintage or simply from your own closetwhatever that means to you go do it!  (Now, cue your special dance in high heels or loafers!) And take time to enjoy your own fashion beat even if it happens to be 1 mouse click or finger tap at a time.


DIY: Statement Pieces - Old to New

Lady of Fashion
Here's a bit of an easy crafting session for the time-saving fashionista, and a time consuming one too! Well, almost! Bottom line: I had a great costume necklace that broke a while back. It's not exactly like my version of a "Carrie necklace,"  (of course, don't we all have one of those) however it was a unique piece that I bought with a friend. Fun memories and laughs come to mind when I think of it.

I pretty much glare at the broken piece most days, saying to myself, "ah ... I need to do something with that!" I even ponder about ways to use the clusters of other gems in my crafting box of goodness when I'm away. But, nothing happened until now!

Mission: Reuse old items to create something unique. The immediate solution was to create a ring or another necklace with this piece, because the charm that was attached somehow got lost ... so a ring it was!  As for the necklace part, let's just say that I took a slight detour in that department by using more leather and faux scraps, adding silver chain, and then studs as a finishing touch. You know me, before I toss certain items out, I give it a 3 or maybe 4 time glance!
Broken or loose stone/trim
Adjustable ring 
Glue gun or clear cement glue

Leather/ or PU Cut into 4 strips
Loose Studs (with prongs) (6)
Loose chain w/jump rings - approx. 14"
Cord ends (2)
Lobster claw or other closure
Glue gun or heavy duty/all purpose glue
*Wire Cutters/Pliers (both projects)
Fashion Tales DIY Ring
For the ring it was simplicity at its best. I cut off the excess attachments where the chain used to go through, and also cut off the extra charm that was attached to the chain. Afterward, I used my bought adjustable ring and placed a generous amount of metal glue in the center of the base top. Lightly push down. Let dry. Finished!
Fashion Tales Braided Necklace
*Click image to enlarge*

Braided Chain 'n' Stud Necklace:
I cut 4 leather strips approx. 3/8" - 1/2" wide and length desired (15-17") Using a flat surface for stability, place tape on the top of the strips (a paperweight also works as an extra aid so that your strips do not move. Basically do an easy four strand braid with your leather strips.
Lady of Fashion Braid and Studs necklace
I folded and stitched my final pieces so that they would be chunky, but you may use them flat, depending on the look that you want. Sew together the end of each side of your braid and attach cord ends on each side by squeezing the fabric inside of them, close securely with pliers. Next, attach lobster claw. If your braid is large you will need to buy extra large cord ends.

Afterward, add your trimmings! I went for studs and wrapped chain around the braid, using the jump ring (at each end) as an easy way to pierce through the leather. You may add glue to secure chain ends in place. Mission accomplished!

Enjoy your week lovelies.


Purple Rain

Here's 2 of 3 crafting projects that underwent a revamp for spring colour surgery over the past week. I suppose the one thing that I had in mind initially was the fact that I enjoy experimenting with colour. And as I always say dyeing fabric is definitely an easy way to showcase such an experience.

Then, there was also a pair of comfortable canvas wedges that I believe I've had for a good 8 or so years, and certainly on it's ending life threads. Originally the wedges were cream colour; throughout the years they have surprisingly remained cream, but I wanted a purple hue!
Before you toss those old shoes out, try dyeing them for one more wear!
Pardon the indoor shots, I had to make haste to head out for work errands today.
Remember this lovely crochet top ... well, now it's purple as well! Fret not, there are plenty of other lace items in my possession in cream and that I will never alter. One might say that I went on a purple semi-over-dyeing frenzy, but this is not so. I also dyed an old jacket orange (will show you at a later date) and sewed a couple of handbags. 
Yes, it was quite the creation festival last week in the studio with artist friends, gourmet food, and beautiful inspiration. Perhaps it's the transition into spring that conducts a symphonic flow of loveliness, one that affects us all in some way. Whether it be in colour, a blooming floral or just mere bliss in climate change. You know, that upbeat melody that we all hear around this seasonal timewhatever that is, it's marvellous!

Is there a special colour transporting you into good ol' springtime?

The goods: Lace top-Anthropologie-hand dyed to purple, Denim-Cheap Monday, wedges-last seen here, Necklace- Ladyofashion, Clutch-vintage


Easy Decisions: Sueded Days

Have you ever had one of those days where you don't have a clue what to wear or you aren't in the mood for putting in any effort to get dressed? It's not that you put too much labour into it normally, but it's just one of those days ... for me this was the outfit for such an occasion. Clearly it was all about the dated outerwear to come to the rescue.
I knew that I had loads on my to-do list: meetings, phone calling, running errands, etc. I also knew that it was going to be a longer day than usual, therefore my concentration was solely on cover and comfort. I opted for a longer suede jacket to cover what I felt was my "blah" of an outfit and added a belt to hug it all together. It was an easy and comfortable look filled with enough structure appropriate for all of my appointments.


Certainly not my exact "go-to" ensemble, but definitely one with the ability to grab and wear in a few moments and when you're running around, well a garment with pockets is a smart choice.

I hope the beginning of your week is going well.

The goods: Suede jacket-La Redoute, Lace tank-Ladyofashion, Croc boots-Via Spiga, Trousers-Zara, Leather belt-thrifted, Wooden bead necklace-Ladyofashion
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