DIY: Bird Print in 3D

DIY Bird Print

I remember watching the film The Birds by Alfred Hictchcock for the first time in class when I was younger, and being a bit frightened by some of the scenes. The boys in class would make mild, yet still disturbing attempts of reenacting parts of the film, and at the moment none of it was comical to say the least.

Since then, of course as it would turn out I became a huge Hitchcock fan, many of my family members are as well. It was the intrigue which led to my obsession with mysteries, and the rest is history.

Apart from the film I have also been enamoured by bird prints in general for a long time, whether it be mere silhouettes or detailed depictions. All of this past influence and suspenseful nostalgia of the film ignited the thought of a 3D inspired print.

I decided to use a few notions on-hand in my all-purpose crafting bag to begin this fun and easy project. Enjoy!
Glitter (loose)
Fabric glue or spray adhesive
Fabric remnants (Dull satin)
Sharpie or tailors chalk (optional)
Needle and thread (optional)

How to DIY Bird print
          Click  to enlarge image.

I started by deciding on the scale of how I wanted the bird pieces to be (drawing and freehand cutting out pieces in diverse shapes on the wrong side of the fabric). I used a dull satin, because I wanted the pieces to still have a slight drape when finished. Then, place glue atop each piece and sprinkle glitter over the entire piece. Let dry. To lock the glitter, carefully dab or spray a sealant/clear fabric glue on the pieces to use as a topcoat. Let dry.

Lastly, you may take needle and thread to sew the center of the bird pieces on your garment like me or glue a pin back on them if you want it removable. I had a few leftover pieces, and embellished them more so that I could use them as fun additions on our table runner for a themed dinner party.

Now, you have a bird print with a unique personal touch!

The goods:  Bird adornments-DIY, Leather heels-Bivel via Rabat boutique, Trousers-La Redoute, Shirt-Express, Belt-Zara (used from coat)


Branches, Pumpkins, and The Midnight Sky


These hues might be unlikely colours that some people would normally put together, but for me it's just fine since I love bold colours. I like daring oranges and mocha browns together, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to also be drawn to the deep navy colour jumbled into this autumn palette.

At first glance, for some reason to me the colours (in this dress) are reminiscent of a tree branch, the skin of a pumpkin, and deep blue reflections of the night sky. Sometimes clothing patterns and colours may remind me of work of a certain artist or surrounding architecture amongst other elements, however this time inspiration consisted of an assortment of influence.

When I selected the dress I was slightly hesitant, uncertain that it would suit me completely, but I'm glad that I took the risk! The colours appealed to me, and I was in a state of bliss when I finally stepped into the unique fashion blend!

The colour medley alone had me in a spirit of fall nonetheless ... so, of course I welcomed the season with open arms!

Have you welcomed fall or are you still enjoying the last spurts of summer weather!
The goods:  Leather bag-Thrifted/Ann Taylor, Dress- c/o CocoFashion, Shoes-Secondhand shop in Copenhagen, No Hassle Tassels- DIY, Faux leather jacket-Marshalls, Handmade tiger eye bead necklace-gifted, Wooden Necklace-Aldo, Belt-Michael Kors

Coco-Fashion Bloggers


Rebecca Minkoff: Inspiration From The Runway

There were many styles and silhouettes that caught my eye from Rebecca Minkoff's spring/summer 2013 collection. It's harmonious, and entirely wearablefrom bold florals to cobalt's distinctive placements, print and solid played a beautiful song throughout the line.

I created inspiration boards showcasing these particular looks because they best exude my spring/summer style interpretation.  
 Rebecca Minkoff Runway Inspiration

A favoured feeling: Colour blocked, printed, and confidently strutting the streets in a patterned melody! I adore prints and patterns so this look inspired me to use my DIY clutch as an alternative playful interpretation.

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW SS13

Patterned Blazer + Statement Footwear: This updated city look would be perfect for many occasions ... a day of shopping or even a weekend brunch date! A quick DIY and favourite sunglasses would be an excellent complementary addition. Plaids never really go out of style to me, it's how they're used that makes all of the difference. I loved the dominant stripe within this plaid on this blazer.
 Rebecca Minkoff
Simple Palette: Bold Impressions: This look may be one of my absolute favourites, a smart and contemporary approach to wearing the printed trouser. I liked the solid shirt with attention on the special details, the overall shape, and hem length. I could imagine donning silver jewellery or glossy grey as a top colour for my nails to go with this outfit as well! 

Did you view Rebecca Minkoff's runway show? What were your favourite looks?

Click here to view other styles.

Images: and runway, Clutch DIY, Zipper necklace DIY, Styleboard-Fashion Tales, Straw,,


Fashion Stairs

Here's an outfit that I wore to an impromptu meeting not long ago. I was in the mood for pleats and had the chance to showcase the special bib detail wearing this shirt, which also has an iridescent and satin luster.

I knew that I wanted to wear the shirt regardless, and decided to forgo the trousers that I had initially planned to wear. On days like this solids just seemed to work best for the occasion. Although, I decided to don a mini stripe with the skirt the whole outfit had a pleasing effect to me because of the layering of pleats on the shirt.

For some reason I always think of stairs when I wear this shirt. I believe my inspiration was subconsciously a staircase even for this look! Imagine, the skirt as the custom posts and my shirt representing the actual stairs, perhaps heightened in a spiraling fashion upheld by the woven stripes as support.

 Fashion Tales Inspiration Pleats

Subtle embellishments: I added colour blocked heels to finish the look. It was a nice welcome to fall, with a peek-a-boo open-toe end of summer lingering balance.

I hope your week has been going well so far. Is it me or does each week and month seem to breeze by rather speedily these days?

The goods: Cream pencil skirt-Antonio Melani, Pleated shirt-Benetton, Colour blocked wedges-Chinese Laundry


Beauty Talk: Shadows of The Seventies

Hello lovely fashionistas! With fashion weeks and trends for the looming seasons it brings forth inspiration not solely for apparel, but beauty as well. Anastasia has new arrivals from their holiday collection!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sephora Press

After I hurriedly popped in and out of work my associate saw this parcel and instantly texted me, "Hey M, you're going to LOVE it!" I finally opened it up and yes, I did love the treats inside!

Once again, my attention is always on the marketing as well as the product, and they certainly produce it very well. So, here's the verdict!

For The Cool Kitties: it's the little things:
The theme for this kit had a '70s rock influence from music title colour names to memorable jargon inspired from the period. Before opening the goods it was that special nostalgia embedded in the packaging that immediately caught my eyelet's face it, is there anyone who hasn't heard of Roxanne! Anyone?

This shadow kit comes in a clutch style box with a magnet closure resembling a luxe brushed velvet, but with copper glowing chains embossed atop displaying the collection's name. Just in case one had forgotten the theme or proper palette names the vinyl size marketing showcased the details in an LP format for viewing pleasure, which is definitely a keeper!

The Confluece Group Anastasia make up

The Beauty Mix:
Want You To Want Me: includes a liquid eyeliner, mini clear brow gel, high pigment shadows, and neutral "long wearing" shadows. To love: The playful names like, Ziggy, Brass in Pocket, and Platform Wedge!

Kisses On My List: The variety pack of 6 hydrating lip glosses, includes matte and shimmer shades, and wear all-day Hypercolour glosses. To love: Memorable tunes with the names Jolene, Sharona, and Roxanne! My favourite lip shades were Jolene and Moi.

The Groovy Details:
The differences that I found in this kit than the vintage glam one were the pink and lavender based hues, I liked this kit especially for creating a more sultry look. Perhaps, it could be best for date night or a glowing evening event, however the pale neutral tones worked good for a day glam look as well.

I did find myself drawn to the shadow colour Iron On (the deep burgundy tint ), likely because I am obsessed with oxblood hues for the autumn season. I mixed Iron On with Power Ballad and Front Row Center to achieve my look.

Although it's only September and you're probably not even thinking about anything remotely close to holidays it doesn't mean that you have to wait to grab new make up hues!

*What Say You ... Yay or Nay?*
This holiday kit gets a complete thumbs up! It's an excellent buy in my opinion, especially for the rich shadow hues, they seemed to stay on nicely. Although, I liked the brow gel from this kit best, I will give this clear gel a go a few more times. Lastly, out of the entire lip gloss pack 5 out of 6 colours work well on me and all are easy to mix with other colours, so this pretty much gets ... wait for it ... that's right a whopping 10 out of 10! I know, it's the first 10 I've given and I am quite proud. Superb concept/packaging and product, period!

Stay tuned for more fashion goodies in the coming week!

*All opinions expressed are my own.
Product: Want You To Want Me ($34), and Kisses on My List ($30) holiday kits-Courtesy of Anastasia. Also available for purchase at Sephora stores.

In case you've missed out on past reviews about Anastastia's products click here, here, and here!

Have you used Anastasia's products? Do you have a favourite make up or beauty colour for fall/winter? 


A Fashion Tale: Ruffles, Lace, and Sequins

Originally fabric taken from an '80s monstrosity a few years ago I had designed this little jacket for an Eco-fashion event and charity show. Afterward, I then hand-cut old leather pieces to be attached in the back for another project collaboration that I was doing with an artist friend. 

As far as I knew all items from each event were stored carefully, and placed in the treasure chest of fashion goodies, a.k.a. the art studio.

Like many other pieces produced I thought I had the jacket stowed away in my archives until I desired to wear it recently. Then, a model friend of mine sent it to me, stating with an apology that she thought she'd already given it back to me. Isn't timing a funny thing? 

It wasn't a huge deal, as these things happenfortunately, the jacket was in a safe and stylish home, however I was certainly excited to be reunited with it again! It's one of my earlier lace pieces created, and also an item that I feel bonded to, since making its rounds in the spotlight.

DIY lace creations Blogger Style
I feel as if I have been on a style trance of bringing back the old to new more than usual! I do love bits of sparkle in my daily fashion fix, so I decided to wear this little sequins and lace jacket over a sporty tunic. This jacket could be interpreted as having a slight bells and whistles aesthetic, as this random guy at a cafe said to me.  

Random Guy: "There's so much going on in that (jacket) ... you've got the bells and whistles 'eh?"  Me: "Right ... not, exactly the whistles, but perhaps a few bells I suppose. Thank you!" (cleverly grinning) Needless to say, I took it as a compliment. I love the mixture of elements in this outfit and wear them proudly!

H&M Women's tunic
With a matte finish on the jacket's outer shell (although sparkling sequins) the key in creating this matte jacket was using the opposite side of varied sequins and beads in some areas. I also had to alter a few things since I originally created this piece for someone else, but everything worked out fine.
 Details: sequins, and faux snakeskin metal clutch with glam brooch = happiness!

ladyofashion Fashion Blogger

The goods: Lace jacket and Black underskirt-Ladyofashion, Ruffle tunic-H&M, Glam brooch-DIY, Collar Boots-eBay (similar), Clutch-F21, Wearing leather, sequins, lace, and a puffed shoulder all in one ensemble=priceless!

Happy weekend!


Electric Blues


After a few days (more like weeks) of searching for my cobalt mini-skirt I finally came across it ... I knew I didn't toss out this ruffled goodness, which would have meant donated nonetheless, not actually thrown away. 

Rest assured, I found it in my croc-tote bag nicely folded under a graphic Tee! Hmm, don't ask! I was also excited to don more of this electric hue because I have not worn much of it lately. I truly adore cobalt!
OASAP jewellery bangle
To me cobalt is one of those daring colours that you either love or don't, is there really any grey area per se, well, not in my wardrobe! I decided to take it easy with my outfit by minimal styling. Sometimes all a girl needs is a great eyeliner and a favourite lip tint. 

Do you know that feeling you get when you're fully fuelled and ready to take on the month, the week, okay, maybe let's just start with the day! I've just tackled loads of tasks, pencilled in new projects, and awaiting to attend a few fall events. 

     La Redoute Fashion sweater

Of course, with a comfortable pullover knit and a ruffled mini-skirt it's quite easy to achieve daytime fashion electricity when you're wearing this type of blue. Whether the day is bright or dim I promise you nothing will matter, because I am wearing one of my favourite colours and full of happiness!

How to wear cobalt fashion

Be Bold. Be Daring. Dress Happy.

What's your favourite colour? Are you happily wearing your style today?

The goods: Ruffle skirt-Express, Shoes-Debenhams, Bracelet-c/o Oasap, V-neck-La Redoute, Necklaces-Message tags-Forever21 and Silver chain-H&M, Clutch-DIY


Just a Bit Modern and Dated

If you've been an avid reader of Fashion Tales, then you're certainly no stranger to my passion for period garments and historical threads. Lately, I have been watching old movies when I have down time, which to say the least is quite infrequent, but thoroughly enjoyable when granted. I love observing the details that go into what a character wears for any film.

From black and white classics to specific '40s influential films with an underlining fashion focus, the list is almost endless for inspiration. I started with an early viewing first course of Eldorado (1921) and Roberta (1935), then viewed Now, Voyager (1942) as a main course, and finished with a glam treat of Cover Girl (1944), amongst many others that week.

The more films that I viewed, the categories loved seemed to eclectically grow ... There was your black comedy, dramatic costume influence, and undeniable romance, yet cinematography would also make its way into the shelf of appreciation. A couple friends of mine allowed me to carry-on some of their favourite films that I had not seen, so it was even more thrilling!

All of these inspiring moments lead me to my presentation work outfit sans the hat. I tend to wear all black for some reason on days like this, not always, but most of the time.

The look: I decided to add a touch of modern accessories, my favourite retro hat, and a crepe and silk ruffled maxi-skirt that I made a long time ago to pair with this striped shirt. The brooch-styled ruffle DIY at the neck was then thrown into the mix for the (personal) cherry topping to the outfit! Here are the side snap shots:
OASAP Shirts Vintage Style Bloggers
Nobody's perfect! A Fashion Outake: Coping with the inevitable.

40s Film Blogger Inspiration

I suppose this expression (above) may have been ignited by my pounding headache during that moment, but it was transitory and faded within a reasonable time frame. Perhaps I was also channeling a silent film of some sort. The mental caption read: "This awful headache! Oh, thank the heavens ... right, well at least I wore these comfortable heels!"

Oasap Street Fashion 

The goods: Shirt-c/o Oasap, Necklace-gifted, Metal belt-F21, Heels-Seychelles, Neck ruff-DIY,, Silk skirt-Ladyofashion, Bucket hat-scored at a random boutique, Bird and Elephant Ring-Urban Outfitters and Love Culture.

Do you have a favourite silent film or fashion film from the '20s, '30s, or '40s?


Easy Ensembles


There are many times when one needs to get ready expediently. And it's not always to transform oneself into cocktail hour pretty, occasionally it's for furniture shopping! A little while ago, I woke up at the crack of dawn only to go back to bed, and then get up to head out to farmer's markets and furniture browsing.

The weather was a slight chill, the streets were mostly silent with the exception of the background muffle of engine sounds of trucks from the "sanitation experts." Yes, the trash men seemed to be afar, however the continuous noises were expected, in fact they sort of grew on you like a repetitive hymn given the stillness of the morning.

 Dress details: Wooden beads with embroidery.
How to wear stylish bomber jackets women's fashion

Since I had to find an outfit in a pinch I decided on a strapless wood-beaded dress, then paired it with a thrifted bomber jacket that I've not worn in years. The key was to have a simple outfit that I could still be comfortable in later, in addition to the weather being warmer throughout the day. It was feeling like daytime fall, so I had fun with my leather Kenzie boots and brought them out to accompany this easy ensemble.

Fashion Blogger Lucky Magazine

As for the shopping, it was an eventful day. I saw all things tufted (which I love), and gazed at vintage cabinets, but we left empty handed and decided on a new plan for our modern living room this time around. But, I know the tufted items will win regardless!

 Fashion Tales Lucky contributor Style
  Happy September!

The goods: Boots-Kenzie, Dress-Charity shop, Clutch-Vintage, Necklace-H&M, Bomber jacket-Thrifted, Leather belt-Urban Outfitters, Socks-Amazon


Jan Knibbs: Fashion’s Triumphant Achiever

Around this time last year I met designer, Jan Knibbs in London, during the chaos of London Fashion Week. After my work was done there I headed to a not-so-typical work related event showcasing a vast amount of emerging talent amidst the weekly excitement.

Knibbs displayed garments from her collection for a fashion savvy crowd to view. I remember taking a closer look at her creations backstage. With each glance it was like discovering hidden gems embedded in dramatic threads of whimsy florals. I caught up with Knibbs a few weeks ago to chat with her about her designs.

Of course, initially it was the lace and flowery romance seen in Knibbs’ garments that captured my attention given my reverence for details with a costumed embrace. “Hmm, most interesting,” I thought with a pleasing nod, and soon I would find out even more behind these fanciful concoctions.

Photo: Jack Willingham 

“I  don’t think I really know where I sort of belong, I’m not mainstream fashion."

Photos: (Above left) Kris Talikowski, (Right) Jack Willingham

Knibbs uses silks, feathers, and Swarovski crystals, amongst other materials in her designs. The multi-award winning fashion and textile designer is very down to earth considering her esteemed accolades. It was very inspiring and easy to speak with her about her faithful beginnings and career.

“It’s been sort of a gradual build up … it’s especially difficult marketing, because I am not based in London," Knibbs said.  

Throughout the collection you'll find a variety of options from specialised bridesmaid’s pieces to red carpet events. But, her one-of-a-kind items are what keep many admirers coming back for more. The excellence in her craftsmanship truly shows in the embroidery pieces, which are an eyeful alone. 

Yes, the very feminine woman, perhaps even quirky styled dreamer type of lady would wear these garments. However, if you’re simply a lover of blooms interpreted into artful threads you’ll definitely appreciate them too!

“I don’t think I really know where I sort of belong, I’m not mainstream fashion. I’m also interested in wearable art. It’s sort of in-between all of them really, art, craft, and fashion! It doesn’t really fit into one category,” Knibbs said, regarding her works.
Jan Knibbs Press UK Designers
    Photo: Marek Neumann   

Aside from making couture Knibbs also has an upcylcing service that she offers to clients. With this ethical mindset she takes existing pieces, whether it be appliqués or garments, and creates novelty pieces. “Sometimes people just want little bits of fabric that they want me to incorporate or even old bits of jewellery. I’ve done quite a few things like that for weddings … so it can be really personal,” Knibbs said.

A few personal favourites are her embellished neck and shoulder pieces. They have just the right amount of over the top glam added to them.

So, what’s next on Knibbs’ agenda? You can expect to see more of her works in an upcoming collaboration with famed Iraqi-British designer, Reem Alasadi for Tokyo Fashion Week.

If you are in the area catch Jan Knibbs participating in the annual Herefordshire Art Week (h.Art).

For more information or enquiries visit:
London Designers Helen Machin Photo
    Photo: Helen Machin

Getting to Know Jan Knibbs ...
On influences:
Christian Lacroix, and Alexander McQueen. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s always been a passion and I’ve just sort of never given up really!

On most proud works:
I’m quite proud of some of the competitions that I’ve won, receiving the British Bridal Award in the embroidery category, and in the Hand and Lock competition winning the Swarovski prize for embroidery.

Do you have any words of wisdom to give aspiring designers?
Stay true to yourself and work hard! Stay after it! It’s literally taken me about 30 years to build up to where I am now; it’s not an overnight success!

Photos courtesy of Jan Knibbs

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