Country Décor and Modern Decadence


Whenever there is free-time (which isn't very often, as of late), I try to get creative with our home décor. Whether it be as simple as changing the tablecloth to a seasonal hue, or rearranging the space entirely for new furnishings, there's always something that can be updated, revamped, or refreshed. It's usually something simple, because I quite like our current décor, but recently I have been grabbing more of my inspiration from furniture pieces and textiles.

I came across The Cotswold Company site a while back during a browsing session for my hopeful living room, and kitchen revamp. I made a few wish lists, but I didn’t need anything at that particular moment. After a thorough glance and virtual cart fulls later, I could somewhat narrow down the styles that I was looking for. The Cotswold Company offers rustic, elegant, country, classic, and many other styles of furniture.

Currently, we have mostly stainless steel and granite in the kitchen, a very industrial, but modern design. But, I keep finding myself charmed by French country style kitchens, or period inspired furniture. My interior style for the most part has always been classic vintage meets contempo-chic. However, there has been occasions when I've found myself gravitating to certain pieces that conjure nostalgic memories of my family's old kitchens. Some of these pieces remind me of my nan's larder cupboards, and farmhouse kitchen, or my parent's English country style breakfast nook from childhood.

How you decorate your living space can say a lot more about you than you think. Since this photo shoot, I have been heavily influenced by venturing out more into the world of wall art, not only wallpaper.  In terms of background design décor, these wall designs below (although not in the styles that we'd choose for our home) were influence enough to have me contemplate further about textures on one of our walls that is now an arts and crafts studio space.

At my friend's recent housewarming, I was struck by the intricacies in the wall paper that they chose for their living room. It was a desert theme with palm trees that almost looked too real to be on a flat standing surface. I've put together some inspiration for both rustic furnishings and modern décor.
Home decor Cotswold Co. UK Furniture
Above: Living room / Mudroom Inspiration: (From left to right) Farmhouse Natural Hall Bench and Cushion, Appleby Oak Shoe Storage, and Bourton Painted Medium Bookcase available at CotswoldCo.
Murals Wallpaper
Above: (From left to right) Cream Knitted Jumper Mural, Crumbling Brick Wall Mural, Zellige Tile Effect Wallpaper, and Jelly Beans Mural via Murals Wallpaper. Below: (from left to right) Kitchen: Cheltenham Cream Dresser, Oakland Dresser with Wine Rack, and Caldecote French Grey. View more via CotswoldCo.
The Cotswold Company
Above: Ivy Covered Wall via Murals Wallpaper. "Cottage Oak" Coffee Table. Images via Cotswold, and Murals Wallpaper, edited via Fashion Tales. 

What style is your kitchen or living room? Do you have any wall art or hanging décor in your home?