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I've partnered with UK retailer, Mainline Menswear to offer my lovely readers an exclusive deal. Here's your chance to win a £100 gift voucher to spend on anything that your heart desires ...
If you need some inspiration, fret not! You'll find everything from smart accessories to athletic attire. Whether you're in search of new trainers, designer sportswear, accessories, or an early holiday gift for the man in your life, Mainline Menswear has got you covered.

Still in the infancy stages of testing out my new navy blue Nike Air Max trainers (I am already impressed with them, by the way) whilst walking, I teamed them with my new Adidas leggings that actually fit like a glove.
*Note: If you already know your sizing measurements for certain brands, it's immensely helpful whether it's men's trainers or a basic Tee. There's plentiful options that are unisex as well.

I've recently changed my workout routine, and there's nothing like wearing new sporty threads to help me stay motivated for an early rising workout. You will see me donning two of my favourite brands soon, so do keep up on my Instagram.

Mainline Menswear stocks a wide-range of favourable brands: Adidas, Nike, G-Staw Raw, Vivienne Westwood, Belstaff, Lacoste, and many more! The choice is up to you --- buy a pair of trainers, a jacket, or an entire outfit!

Now, it's your turn to grab £100 worth of designer goodies! You may enter once or multiple ways via Rafflecopter below. 
*This giveaway is open internationally, shipping worldwide: UK, EU, US, AU, etc. View more shipping information here.

Visit their site here, and let me know what products you would buy with the voucher.

Stay tuned for other future giveaways! Congrats to Jaclyn (JR Reynolds)!


Accessories Lyst

I don't know about you, but I will certainly be ready when autumn arrives. Without having any other reason aside from my general aversion to humidity, my enthusiasm for fall's arrival typically starts with the thought of donning leather layers. When the climate is hot and humid let's face it, it doesn't make sense to wear infinite layers for no good reason.

Nowadays, I typically choose comfort first (especially the older that I become). Don't get me wrong, there is a balance. Of course, fashion and function always fall in line right after each other, however when it's sensationally hot or unbearably cold I'd rather be comfortable first. Do you continuously choose style first before function and comfort?

Whichever way your stylish little hearts may go, I have something for everyone — from the daring fashionista to the casual traveller. I've partnered with Lyst again to share a pre-autumn wish list, and some of my favourites from their site. I used the site to curate a wish list of accessories (as seen in these style boards) for multiple occasions: off duty styles, at the office, weekend casual, and versatile pieces. These styles can easily transition for day and night looks without having to renounce your smart garb.
Above: 1-Dune Red Deedee Gusset Tote Bag, 2-Oasis Beige Asis Stella Shopper, 3-Leghilà Blue Work Bag, 4-Liu Jo black & crossbody bag, 5-Dune Grey Quilted Micro Bag, 6 Circus by Sam Edelman Kinley Crossbody, 7-Liu Jo 'coleottero' Bag, 8-ASOS Metallic Quilted Cross Body Bag.

Autumn fashion has already ushered in my social timelines at flashing speeds, and all I can think of is how much I am in need of a new pair of boots. I don't typically purchase a grand fashion supply every season, instead I have been doing a big selective purchase twice a year for certain shoe styles, namely boots.

Over the weekend as I donated some boots, relinquishing a couple styles (due to unforgiving soles), I was instantly motivated by a number of styles found on Lyst. Whatever pieces I end up buying, they'll surely have to live up to the years of wear and quality of the older styles that I've had to let go. After the purging session ended I only kept a handful of styles that I absolutely loved (not including the vintage boot collection, obviously).

Shop fall styles or create your own collections at

Above: 1-Truffle Collection "Luan" Tortoiseshell ankle boots, 2-Cole Haan "Antonia" Small Crossbody, 3-Gordana Dimitrijević Metallic Ankle Boots, 4-Michael Antonio Laurent Bootie, 5-White Stuff-Blue "Dreaming Away" Tassel Scarf, 6-Bait Footwear Blue "Showcase Your Strut" Bootie, 7-Aldo-Red Valllucci, 8-River Island-Khaki Flap Pocket Backpack, 9-KG by Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots.

Which are your favourites here? What are you most excited to wear for autumn? 

View more autumn accessories on Lyst. Lyst is a London based digital tech brand. *This post is brought to you by, a Fashion Tales sponsor. All content and opinions are honestly expressed. 


Body Beauty With Perlier

Perlier has been in the bath and beauty business for over eighty years with a team dedicated in continuous research for their products. With laboratories in both Milan and Turin, the Italian brand uses scientifically formulated products from active ingredients from medicinal plants.

I have used only a couple products in the past, but was recently asked to try out their Golden Almond line of bath and body products. The newly launched Golden Almond collection is made with the Sicilian Avola almond.

Active ingredients: Golden almond oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) of omega-3, minerals, and vitamin E. Fruit extracts, cacao seed butter oil, shea butter (Butyrosepermum Parkll Butter) for conditioning, and Stearyl alcohol (a naturally fatty alcohol from stearic acid, vegetable fatty acids, or coconut oil) to soothe and soften, and work as an emulsifying agent. (View full ingredient lists here)

View the helpful video about Avola almond.

1. Nourishing Body Balm-Oil: This is probably my favourite item in the collection, mostly because of the silky texture that it leaves my skin feeling. You will definitely feel like luxury with the balm-oil. Given the name, one might think it would be oily, but it isn't. In fact, it's a hydrating body lotion that has a thick whipping cream-like consistency. A little goes a long way.

Its claims are that it melts into the skin. It does just that, and rubs in easily when blending into the skin. To protect the look of elasticity, and youth. The result is a better-looking, smoother, hydrated and firmer skin – younger feeling and looking skin that has a glow. I can speak on all of these claims except firming. I didn't notice so much firming, but everything else was spot on. I loved the balm-oil.

2. Super Nourishing Hand & Nail Butter: Claims: "A first-time true natural tonic that helps to deeply nourish and hydrate while making hands look instantly smoother and brighter."

In my opinion, this would best suit someone with very dry skin. This is a nice formula, but slightly oilier than the balm-oil. I could see this working well for winter time or when your skin is extremely in need of some restoration.

3. Bath & Shower Cream: The first time that I used this was in the shower. Then, I used it for a bath and decided that I liked it better for a bath since it's fragrant. Having it used in a larger amount of water worked best. It lathers really well and comes out in a semi-milky formula.

The claims: A rich cream that naturally and gently cleanses skin, and caresses the body. To moisturise, give vitality to the skin and provide a velvety feeling after using. In my opinion, I felt that it was just as any other shower cream, yet simply with a scent.
Overall Scent: The aroma for the products in this collection is fragrant, but the mildest of scented item would be in the shower cream. It's a perfumed elegant smell that is potent but very pleasant as it wears. It doesn't smell like your typical almond products (in that it doesn't smell like traditional almond at all) and you needn't wear any perfume, in addition to using both the shower cream and balm-oil together.

The Golden Almond bodycare collection is lovely trio, full of slightly floral notes with a rich creaminess to each product. Top notes are of bergamont, almond blossom, and tangerine enveloped in a Karo Karounde Base (an African flowering shrub) that includes tonka bean, and cashmeran to give it a powdery, woody and velvety musk odour.

Favourite(s): Although, these products are not anything that I'd typically buy for myself because it's quite fragrant, I was pleasantly surprised by them because it did not irritate my sensitive skin like many perfumed products. If I had to choose one product, then it would be the balm-oil. It's lavish and goes on very smooth as the hand cream, but in a less oily way. I used the balm-oil after my shower and it made my skin feel luxurious. It was also good in deeply hydrating and nourishing my skin.

Have you tried any of Perlier's products? 

The goods: Golden Almond Bath & Shower Cream, Golden Almond Nourishing Body Balm-Oil, and Golden Almond Super Nourishing Hand & Nail Butter-Courtesy of Perlier. Last image (above) via here. All opinions are my own and honestly expressed. 

Shop the Perlier collection below, or  here 


3 Books For Three Types of Foodies

I've been reading a lot of books this year, which includes several storytelling style recipe books. But, here's a curated list of cooking favourites. This is a continuation from my 2016 Foodie Books list that I've put together for fellow gastronomes, and more! Let me know if you're read any of these.
1. The Experimental Foodie:
Buy: Cook Korean! by Robin Ha
Cook Korean! blends comics and cuisine together like a marriage destined for greatness. You will love this book if you like Asian food, comics, or if you're interested in learning about Korean cuisine whether you're a novice or a frequent digester of Korean food. It's the perfect book to choose dishes to make for Sunday dinner, which was usually a deluge of food selections at our house when I was growing up.

The book is made up of playful and easy-to-read recipes, such as Bean Sprout Salad, Korean Burgers, and the Seaweed Rice Roll, amongst others. As a whole, this cookery book is part innovative charm, part food-driven storytelling, and the rest is a visual feast for the (artsy) eyes. The only con was that for some recipes you really need to re-read them more than usual, as it's easy to get caught up in the comic-style layout (in a good way) that you might skip part of the details if you aren't careful. But, again, I really liked it overall.
Favourite Bits: Being a kimchi lover, and growing up eating loads of fermented foods in general, I absolutely enjoyed the variety of kimchi recipes that Ha shares. Judging by the suggested "key ingredients" list it looks like my refrigerator was already seventy-five percent "Korean."  Next on the menu is to try the Kimchi Buchimagae (pancakes). I also enjoyed the regional breakdown of certain foods. You'll refine your cooking skills in Korean cuisine simply with this book, or at least come close to mastering it.

2. The Hosting Foodie:
Buy: Food With Friends by Leela Cyd
No newbie to entertaining myself, I found this book fun to read. The book is very "pretty" in a nutshell. And, with such a pretty styled book in front of me, I found myself nodding along with most recipes. It was either because they were familiar to me personally, or because it reminded me of foods that I'd seen my mum prepare for clients and catering events as a child.

Favourite Bits: This book is for the foodie who wants to entertain or loves to cook dishes that are meant to be shared. Get this book if you want to learn new global recipes that are likely inspired by some of your friend's favourites back home. I am particularly fond of Cyd's homemade Cotija, Apricot, & Rosemary Crisps (crostini), and Socca Cakes with Labneh and Fennel recipe. Give me a beautifully dressed crostino (and anything with rosemary) any day!

3. The Allergy Concerned Foodie:
Buy: Pure Delicious by Heather Christo
Fortunately, I only have two major food allergies with one moderate allergy, and neither of them involve tree nuts or shellfish. Thank goodness, because I have a fervent love of almonds and cashews way too much! To be honest, I was satisfied with reading many of the recipes in this book and have cooked several so far. If you're used to a lot of flavour, then you will likely need salt and pepper added to some recipes. However, I feel that goes without saying.

Food Allergies? No problem. Here's an entire cookery book dedicated to serving a buffet of tasty concoctions for pretty much every dietary restriction. One-hundred fifty allergen-free recipes, to be exact and without you having to sacrifice those much needed proteins.

This is essentially a modernised version of comfort foods for people with food allergies. It's a wonderful addition to my cookery collection since we have several friends who are gluten-intolerant and vegan. I usually make a couple of extra dishes at our brunches and dinners when certain people with food restrictions are in attendance.

Favourite Bits: Versatility. There's options for carnivores, veggie-lovers, and vegan-friendly foodies. Every recipe also is free from cane sugar, which I appreciated.

What type of foodie are you? Do you know a foodie who needs any of these books?
The goods: I was given early copies of these books via the publisher for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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A Trio of Favourites

I took a week off to travel a bit to visit family and friends last week, and enjoyed every moment. Between a satisfying brunch feast, and our family party, I was consumed by the minute in the best possible way. That's what life is for right? Living! Now that I am back I wanted to quickly share with you three things that I've been loving currently. 

1. Walking, Instead of Running!
Due to my hurt left ankle, me pounding the pavement is somewhat non-existent. It's also the same ankle that I badly injured in my youth when I used to go snowboarding at ungodly speeds just about every weekend. It's an old injury, but lately it's been irritating me. Fortunately, I decided to use some herbal remedies from my nan and it has been doing a lot better.  

I decided to buy some new cushy trainers for walking whilst on my journey. I will be running again in the future no doubt, however at the moment, I am quite alright with speed walking comfortably since I am still getting an effective workout … it just takes me longer until my ankle completely heals. At the moment, I am also loving jersey dresses, and solid jumpsuits. It's a new day, because I am pretty much living in flats, trainers, and sandals so it works for my present situation. Thankfully, I can work remotely for most days. 

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I recently had the pleasure of tasting the most incredible Aussie-made treats that are perfect with a cuppa, your hot cocoa, or espresso. Kookas Natural is founded by the lovely and incredibly friendly, Johanna based in Australia. 

These little circular indulgent nobs of joy are packed with all-natural flavour and culinary wonder—the cookies are full of fibre, antioxidants, and nutrients that enhances health (skin, hair and energy). After eating these biscuits it made me want to buy them in bulk, especially for the office! 

I had the goji-choc (goji berries and organic raw cacao nibs), and the paleo-friendly orange (zest) with hazelnut. 
I cannot tell you which is my favourite, as it changed by the hour, or rather the type of tea that I was having. I will say that the orange hazelnut entirely left an impression in the last bite that I took. 

*Oh, and did I mention that these cookies are also free from dairy, egg and refined sugar? She also carries options that are entirely paleo-friendly, nut-free, and for those that are gluten-intolerant. 

I was recently contacted by Caseapp (Deutschland) to try two items. I decided on creating an abstract pastel Smartphone case as well as a ready-made cityscape laptop skin. The Swedish brand offers a plethora of designs for various Smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, and laptops (both PC and Mac). After I ordered my laptop skin, it arrived wrong and damaged but their customer service team were right on it and sent me a new one straight away (See it here).  The Parisian city scene was my favourite amongst the ready-made styles. 

Have you used Caseapp before? If you have in the past, what did you end up getting? If you'd like to order your own mobile case or laptop skin visit, and grab the promo code: "FASHIONTALES20" for twenty-percent off your order. They ship worldwide!

What have you been up to lately? 

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The Fashion Tales App

I am so excited to finally share with you the new FASHION TALES blog Android app. I know that loads of my readers are on iOS, but I also have checked out that many readers are Android users. Now, you can catch the latest happenings on the blog and more! I will be sharing exclusive features in the future for my readers, so make sure that you download the FASHION TALES app via GooglePlay.

I worked with "I'm In" to design the app and, to be honest, initially I had my reservations about having an app because I felt that it was just another element that I wasn't keen on adding to my roster of blog platforms, services, etc., with an already chaotic schedule. That was all tossed in the bin when I played around with it, and I definitely understand why some people get both iOS and Android apps for their sites, and blogs. I may be jumping ahead of the game, but I could perhaps see a food app in my future, with all the spoils added, of course.

It's nice to be challenged and as a blogger, I am learning new skills with the app by manually updating all the details myself. I am still tweaking a few things, so if you download the app do let me know how you like it. It's a free mobile app, so there won't be an overrun of glossy features quite yet. However, I would appreciate your comments and ratings, which will allow me to know how it's working on your side, and any improvements that we can make.

If you are looking to grab your own app for your site, for your blog, or know anyone who would be interested in getting a free Android app created, then visit this page here to get started. Brittni from I'm In was helpful and answered the scroll of questions that I asked her, and with such patience.

With technology improving and having an everlasting effect on the masses, I've had to choose my favourite platforms above others to stay focussed, and to not get overwhelmed. But, I'm hopeful with this since it's fairly easy to update. There's even areas to just drop the HTML if you're computer savvy enough. Basically, if you already own a blog, then you can modify your own app. So far, I like it very much … Wish me luck!

*Special thanks to I'm In for offering their services in the creation of my new mobile app. Get started on your own free app here.

Do you already have an app for your blog? 

*Click the icon to grab the app or use the QR code below! 


Maritime Party Décor

It's always exciting for me to throw events and dinner parties because I grew up having parents that entertained quite often (for family, formal, and corporate events). When it comes to birthday parties, I love it even more because there's plenty of room to really personalise tables even the smallest way.

For this creative tablescape there's a little bit of coastal influence, and even DIY goodies to love. I've partnered with Oriental Trading to show you creative options for a nautical-themed birthday party. This is for an adult party, but there are a lot of pieces that can be used for a baby shower or children's party. Check out how I completely transformed foam board, gift boxes, and more below!

Purchasing a large scale blackboard can often be costly. Instead, I just bought chalkboard paper, and mounted it on a foam board (poster size board). With gold floral wire, I created a freehand anchor, then used jute twine to wrap around the whole piece. It added an artful and abstract touch to the menu board.

For this nautical-inspired adult birthday party, I actually used quite a few miniature pieces, which gave the whole aesthetic of the table a playful vibe. These small popcorn boxes are also great pieces to use for a variety of celebrations.

For party favours: Pillow boxes are wonderful elements to use for small gifts, and if you want to decorate them for your guests, it can be done minimally. I used patterned Washi Tape to decorate my gift boxes, then added jute twine and anchor charms on the outside.

What do you think of this nautical birthday table?
*Behind the scenes images, and instructions on how to create these tassels. Use this easy DIY!
The goods: Products Provided by Oriental Trading. *I was given products in exchange for an honest review. Text templates-Art store (Buy similar), Gold paint-(Buy it here), Charger plates-(Buy similar), Shells and Starfish-Crafts store, Fish netting-Hardware store, Other items used-Fashion Tales. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own.
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Weekday Pampering

I don't typically like to acquire loads of full-size beauty masks unless I can buy them in travel sizes first to test out. In collaboration with Octer, I had the chance to use their site for some of my shopping needs. Thankfully, after perusing the site, I searched for Peter Thomas Roth masks and stumbled upon a few gift sets, and variety kits. Octer is a fashion platform that allows customers to find their favourite retail products in one destination.

You simply search the product(s) you're seeking, then within a click you can navigate a multitude of items to instantly compare pricing and shop, all in one sitting. Octer started as an app back in 2014, but with rapid growth they later expanded into a global platform for fashion retail, now offering a roster of brands from the high-street to designer.
I spotted a deal on these particular masks, so I purchased two boxes. With the boxes combined it comes to about six total facials per mask type (= approximately, three entire mask applications per tube), with six tubes per box. Then, I purchased a couple full-size items afterward since I wasn't expecting such a great price on the kit. Here are my thoughts on what I have tested.

#1 - Irish Moor Mud: Purifying Black Mask: The only Moor Mud experience I've had has only been in spas, so I was looking forward to trying this at-home mask treatment.

This mineral-rich mask is made of nine-thousand year-old Irish Moor Mud (known to be the highest–level of organic content in the world), volcanic ash (reducing fine lines and winkles), activated charcoal to help wash away impurities and toxins, and Black Hijiki seaweed (providing essential nutrition and hydration). Some people have said that they experienced redness after usage, but I didn't have this problem even with my sensitive skin. This mud mask has no ordour.

I really enjoyed this mask, and it worked well for me! It has a slight warming effect when applied, and this left my skin feeling smooth, rejuvenated, and yes, it did seem to minimise pores after multiple uses. I do not have dry skin, but use a night moisturiser after masks typically. I give this mud mask a 9.6 out of 10.

#2 - Irish Moor Mud Purifying Cleansing Gel: This same Irish Moor Mud is harvested by hand from the Irish countryside. This claims to help to dissolve pore-clogging, refine skin texture, and rejuvenates the skin for a healthier complexion. With many of the same active ingredients as the mask, the gel additionally has willow bark, lactic acid, and tea tree oil. It has a very faint earthy sea smell that's almost undetectable, and I didn't mind it.

This formula is a gel, and comes out with a black tint, then lathers easily into a light grey/green foamy colour. It rinsed off well, and left my skin feeling great.

Note: If you have dry skin, I would say to use a great moisturiser afterward. I have normal to combination skin overall, and this cleans off dirt and makeup well, leaving my skin matte.

With using the cleansing gel, I am very happy with this product, and I did notice a difference in my skin. My skin was very smooth to the touch. After using the product six times so far, it gets a 8 out of 10, because I think if you buy this, then it probably should be used in conjunction with the Irish Moor Mud Mask for the full experience.

#3 - 24K Gold Pure Beauty Cleansing Butter: For deluxe/trial sizes a spatula or sponge is not included. This butter is made with honey, chamomile (butter), and katsuri turmeric.
If you have oily skin do be warned as you'll probably not like this unless you use a dab of product. I do not have oily skin, and even with using this as directed, I felt that the formula overall seemed a tad oily ... more than I expected. It washed off with ease, and left my skin very soft and hydrated after using.  The scent is a lovely aroma (more of honey), however chamomile is distinct as a subtle and pleasantly lingering aroma.

Alternative use: In the end, I decided that the product would be best suited on my legs as a hydrating butter I liked the minuscule speckles of gold that the cleansing butter left on my skin. This cleansing butter was not for me. *This product gets a 5.9 out of 10 if using as directed.

I am only on mask four, and so far my favourites are the Irish Moor Mud, and the Irish Moor Cleansing Gel. I will share more about the other masks in the future. Have you used any of these Peter Thomas Roth masks? 

Have you shopped using the Octer site? Which mask would you try? 
The goods: Peter Thomas Roth products-c/o Octer. Jewellery/Baubles-Nordstrom, Serving Tray-Vintage, *All opinions are my own and honestly expressed. This post is brought to you by Octer, a Fashion Tales Sponsor. To search more brands, and shop the Octer site click here.

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