Marbled: A Clockwork Gold

Welcome to Volume Two of the 'So Anthro' series. This design revamp was done almost instantly after my marble trays because I've been on an obsessive marble high. I have always loved marble because my mum had it in her kitchen but only recently have I been wanting to create pieces of marble or rose gold, copper, and everything similarly in that arena regarding décor.

For Kubrick fans, I have obviously seen A Clockwork Orange a few times and the film was playing when I was working on this project, so there goes the title inspiration. Now, let's get to the main attraction à la “So Anthro” décor revamp!

The inspiration was simple. I have extra wall clocks in a box from my last place. I don't use these wall clocks because I have a lovely set that goes with my current décor aesthetic. However, this style revamp will make your home visitors give your wall décor double takes, eye rolling side-eyes (wishing they had a similar one), or slow motion dance moves. Scroll down to be inspired.

Continuing my unwavering love for seeking new pieces for the home, I stumbled across marble details with a friend back in January. There are other times when I’m shopping with a friend or client and we see items that make us gasp in unison, then others that make us laugh, price-wise. A particular marble wall clock was one of them but who wants a heavy piece of marble on the wall? I didn't see one at Anthropologie when we were there but I thought this craft was suitable for this series due to the polished and sophisticated end result.

When a co-worker friend asked me to come up with ways that her daughter could dress up her new flat. One of the projects that I had been wanting to do for awhile was a clock makeover. I used the rest of my marble vinyl for this DIY, then I made another with granite and silver framing. All you will need is a wall clock to start. View the upgrade below and read on for the tutorial!

1 wall clock
Marble printed vinyl (contact paper)
Awl or flat knife
1 Blank card stock sheet
Thumbtack to mark centre
Metallic spray paint (copper or gold)
Sealant/clear finishing spray- (Optional)
Open air flat newsprint lined working space

Now, you have an elegant wall clock that costs … well, not even a tenner!

After I finished my clock makeover, I placed it back in the box to visualise how it would look as if it were packaged in a store.  I am proud of this revamp and really liked the finished results! Next up, is a fun little project dealing with formations from Mother Nature. Stay tuned, lovelies.

What do you think of my wall clock upgrade?

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 


Spring Blooms In Hot, Hot Heat

Spring has greeted us, and there's so much to think about—from outdoor entertaining to festive celebrations! You needn’t worry, though, I've got you covered with a little inspiration starting with Swedish eco-friendly accents and home styling, and a heated monthly box from UK brand, Lick My Dip.

Tropical Décor Tips: 

I don’t know about you, but I am already dreaming about tropical holidays! Make your own placemats as I did with these palm leaves and choose to style as vibrant or sophisticated as you fancy. All you will need is felt backing tips for the bottom or just cut out your own felt circles. 

Glue them to the backside of the leaves, et voila! These will bring joy to your table as a centrepiece or just use them as accents for your next luau. More tropical details coming soon! In the Interim, do view the small table inspiration below! 

Heavenly Heat: Lick My Dip (LMD):
This is a subscription box of British and European chilli goodies to suit your flaming taste buds. Expect to experience a unique range of curated spicy confections, snacks and more, as well as some award-winning hot sauces delivered to your door. This service is nice because instead of only hot sauces, there's always a variety of items to sample and try out from savoury to sweet gourmet goodies. We'll definitely use some of them in an upcoming foodie post soon. Be sure to check Instagram later on.

Select either the ULTIMATE box for £24.49 or the TASTE box for £12.49. Free UK delivery. Get it here! *Overall Rating: 5/5 
What's Inside:
Content items are sent to you before they hit the market to everyone else. February's ULTIMATE box featured the following six items:
  • Lightly spiced homemade fudge with an almost caramel taste (vanilla made with Mulato chilli (Creamy & Crumbly Fudge). 
  • Scotch Bonnet aged pepper sauce by Ooft!, a small artisan food brand located in the Scottish borders aged pepper sauce is a robust and spectacularly flavoured hot sauce brilliantly made with daikon radish (and tastes good on many dishes, i. e., tacos, pasta, pizza, or even stir fry) and the company ferments their sauces for a minimum of 12 months. This was our favourite hot sauce. 
  • A recipe card for Caribbean stewed chicken (or vegan if you prefer.) 
  • Hot Sand by The Dukkah Company in Cornwall (a flavoured tub of Egyptian mixed spices). Dukkah is a traditional North African dish packed with nuts, seeds and spices, so this was an instant favourite blend to dive into with yoghurt and veggies. 
  • Hot Headz: jalapeño crisps (mild to mid heat tasty chips). 
  • The Unusual Chutney Company's Fiendfyre, a hot sauce made with some of the hottest chillies which was proper heat for taking it to next level taste. 
  • Edible Ornamentals' Nagalicious, an unconventional Seville orange marmalade with a stealthy heat (from farm grown Naga chillies) that will make you ask for more by the spoonful! Spread it on toast, muffins, or just serve with meat. 

Calming Hues & Seasonal Brights: 

Nothing says spring or ... erm, 'Hello Easter colours!' better than pastels and lightly hued glassware. Gudrun Sjödén’s homeware spring collection includes an array of stained glass-inspired mugs and dining items that are perfect for a spring meal dining al fresco. 

I chose these glasses because they can be mixed and matched or bought in one colour. They are also made of recycled glass. View more of our inspiration below. 
Are you incorporating pastels in your kitchenware or homeware accents?

The goods: Glassware-c/o Gudrun Sjoden, Ultimate February Box- Provided by Lick My Dip, Taper Candles- c/o Colonial Candle, Shop more eco-friendly homeware here. *This post is sponsored. All opinions and content are honestly expressed and my own.

What do you think of Lick My Dip's spicy box? 


So Anthro: The Marble Series

A few months ago, I created small décor accents for my art studio. Then, I decided to revamp a couple of them to design luxe trays in my home space. I wanted trays with a slightly modern and industrial aesthetic, and something that I could also store my perfume bottles.

I love to occasionally rearrange parts of my vanity space. Now that I have a larger area, I didn't want everything to have the lucite/plexiglass effect (as much as I adore that)—I already have the acrylic æsthetic for most of my beauty storage. Then, I was inspired.

I have never done a DIY that was solely influenced by anyone, yet alone a store but I was recently inspired by a box that I saw at Anthropologie, which made me think of a new series that I am starting, called 'So Anthro!' Initially, a tongue in cheek series idea turned blog inspiration developed when I was chatting with a friend. As we were shopping at a homeware store she kept saying, that’s so Anthropologie, very "anthro." My friend B. has lived in Canada, London and Texas so she has a bit of a lovely draw when she speaks sometimes with certain words. We're poking fun at each other's accents and sayings. Thus, I knew the series would have to be called this! 

Meanwhile, I was up for a challenge. Since renovating, I've been in search of multiple ways to be creative in new décor terrain. In an effort to save money (because believe it or not the asking price of the marble candle box above was a bit ridiculous, in my opinion) I decided to make a few marble pieces of my own. My design will cost you a few lattes, in lieu of a Manolo Blahnik shoe, just one left slipper that is!

Above: Large marble tray made from marble tile. Small trays with painted rose gold/copper for the handlebars. See tutorial here.

I have not seen anything in stores or any marble DIYs for smaller items or dainty jewellery, I've only seen a large tray. And, I'd already made ring trays so I wanted something more versatile. That's when I decided to create these trays. I also used brilliant rose gold tape to kick it up a notch. Why paint when you don't have to, even if you have a steady hand for straight-lined sections? The copper tape will take care of all of that!

I do hope that you're inspired and fall in love with these as much as I have. To be honest, I cannot get enough of these! The addition of the rose gold washi tape that I added just amplified the contemporary opulent effect that I was seeking. If you're looking for sophisticated and minimal looking pieces, here's some inspiration and the best part is that it's quite simple to create and‚’SO Anthro!’

Read the tutorials below to make a large marble tray, a marble gift box, or small jewellery trays.
Above: Small marble jewellery trays for rings, necklaces, and other dainty pieces.

Stay tuned, this new series is where I will guide you to create Anthropologie-inspired pieces for a fraction of the cost or other original handmade crafts that aren't in said store but probably should be. These will still look artfully sophisticated without the hefty price tag.

You don't have to be on a budget to be a smart home decorator. A few of my friends have used some of my past DIYs and decorating tips in their posh homes. That's always a great feeling when you can influence others to be crafty and budget-friendly.

What has been inspiring you lately?

*Tip: Try your local hardware or homeware store for marble tiles, and small cut slabs. I found some Italian marble at an interior design store and these were merely discounted samples that I asked for, which worked out perfectly. * If you don't want to buy marble, opt for marble vinyl paper (used on my marble gift box above).

What do you think of these affordable luxe accents?

See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 


Bloggers, Links, and Inspiration

Links à la Mode, March 16, 2017

I was hounoured to be included in this week's Independent Fashion Bloggers roundup on LAM. Do check out the other posts from bloggers below!
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    DIY Home: Storage Jars

    Children can give you the best ideas without even knowing it. One day after spending time with my nephew I was helping him pick up all of his little toy cars. Getting his room sorted is fairly easy when I visit because I like order and he has so many different bins for his toys.  

    Weeks later, I wanted to make something elegant with that child-like inspiration for my home space—containers that I could store my office accessories and tools, like copper paper clips or random bits, such as the leftover rocks from my succulent planters, or even twine. The solution was using some toys, grouping them together and dressing them in coppery paint. That's all she wrote! The result? It was pure magic!  

    After finished this DIY last month, I was in a design store and saw ceramic elephants in whiteAlthough they weren't with clear mason jars, I really wanted them but the outrageous price tag was not justifiable. Perhaps, I will make elephant versions of this as well very soon. I hope you are inspired! 

    Materials Needed: 
    Toy animal miniatures or small figurines 
    Metallic paint – (in copper, silver) 
    E6000 or industrial glue  
    Mason Jars with lids 
    Fixative or clear sealant spray, food safe – (Optional) 
    Newsprint or plastic, to line work surface  

    1. In an open air environment, place the mason jar lids on a flat working surface, dispersing them evenly across the work area. 
    1. Set one toy animal atop one jar lid in the centre of the lid top. Check placement. Then, add a small amount of glue to the bottom of the toy animal. Let dry for 2-4 hours. Repeat this step for each toy animal. 
    1. After reading the directions on the spray can, use metallic spray paint to cover each attached toy animal with 1 coat of  paint, making sure to get all sides evenly with the paint. (I used 2 coats for the large lids). 
    1. (Optional) Spray a non-toxic sealant or use a fixative over the painted jar lids. Let dry, according to the instructions on the spray can before using.  

    The base from one of my pineapple candle holders broke (don't worry, I have more), leaving me with a broken setI decided to use the top and paint it silver. See the results below. You can do so much with mason jars, try this project with door knobs as well! Stay tuned for more décor inspiration. 

    *Tips: For this project you may also use canning jar lids. Just add a small amount of glue to the top outer edges of the inside lid (the small removable lid piece), then adhere it to the inside of the top lid (the twist-off lid piece). Press firmly, and set aside to dry overnight.  

    *Using a sealant (non-toxic) is optional but I recommend it even though you are only painting the outside of the tops, especially if you want use the jars for food storage or packaged snacks, candies, etc.  

    See it here first! // This is an original DIY by Madison, FASHION TALES. 

    What do you think of these stylish containers?


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