Happy Hour With Fashion Formulas

Hello lovelies, I hope that your week went well and if not then you can take your mind off of it and focus on the joy that awaits. Mine went rather fast actually, considering the loaded tasks and family visits that were scheduled. Thus, easy packed garments were needed! Do you have (wardrobe) quick-pulls, outfits or separates that you revert to when you need to make haste to your destination?
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Sheinside Handbag Trends
For me, these pieces are generally items that I can expediently get in and out of because of mid-day yoga or Pilates sessions that are pencilled in an already booked day. Well, this was one of those days!
Top Style Summer bags
I have been going back to my basic fashion formula for my recent wears, which means when impatient I pull something printed and something solid. When it comes to the mood of swift fashion dressing I opt for a simple knit or an easy step-in skirt.

So, I chose my new seafoam handbag to pair with this floral beauty of fullness to add happiness of colour to my day, and also accompany an oatmeal tank that might normally feel slightly overshadowed by a bold print. But, they worked marvellously together, and the best part ... no ironing required!

Do you have any fun plans for the next few days? Wishing you a happy weekend! 

The goods:  Handbag-c/o Sheinside, Floral skirt-Urban Outfitters, Bandage sandals-charity shop, Tank-Target, Necklace-vintage, Earrings-SF boutique, Bangle-gifted, Orange leather belt-Flea market

Silently Blended in Leopard

As much as I adore animal prints I actually do not possess a ton of leopard, especially after the seasonal donating session that recently took place in my closets.

This dress is from Oasap. I've only tried items from them that were not garments, and had my reservations selecting apparel, given the fact that it's a one-sized style. But, after a few minor alterations (taking out the drawstring at the waist, and the rhinestone pocket patch) I was happily in a leopard wearing mood! This knit dress is very comfortable and completely accessible to anyone on-the-go, as it packs nicely and flat.

I added minimal touches of accessories with a belt, watch, and vintage bag instead of bold drizzles of jewellery, because leopard speaks for itself! Additionally, I wanted a no fuss look, meaning that it was simply one of those days when I did not want loads of charms dangling from my neck or disquiet bangles shouting from my wrists when in route.

Normally, I don't mind those fashionably reasonable noises, however there was much to do on this day. Have you had one of those moments?

This was a fine look for my day filled with a dose of work, running errands, and having family in town. A little leopard goes a long way!

Wishing you a joyous and productive week! 

The goods: Dress-c/o Oasap, Boot straps-DIY, Belt-Ladyofashion, Vintage-patent leather bag, Top-H&M

Summer Courses For the Decadent Lifestyle

Mozzarella, tomato, and avocado salad: (Source)

I truly adore summer, although autumn and spring are my favourite seasons. However, I do feel all four season have their place in my book!

For most, the welcoming of summer has officially begun or you've been wanting to welcome summer despite the actual climate pattern. As seasonal changes affect our wardrobes our food palate tends to transform as well. Hopefully the summer has inclined you to still have a fashionable appetite, whether it be to wear vivacious colour or indulge in soles of new heights.

But, just because it's summer doesn't mean that you have to trade in your decadent cravings! Let's talk food!
    A must try! Sturgeon with honey and ouzo (Source)

    Mediterranean salmon spread (Source)

There's one thing that I love about summer other than donning lightweight apparel and that's seasonal cuisine ... well, delicious seasonal cuisine in general! Enjoying the bite of fresh salads, grilled entrees, and washing all of that succulence down with citrus beverages (poolside, of course) is quite a treat! 
Summertime in Paris cocktail w/ rosemary + citrus vodka (Source)

Perhaps, you might even need a jolt of food influence to help you with summer entertaining. Here it is!

My favourite: Le Gruyère Cheese Plate with Figs *I also like this with Manchego cheese. (Source)

Flaky puff pastry mushroom puffs (Source)

Here's tasty visuals of inspiration, food that I've saved in my food for thought Pinterest board to tryout for gatherings that I will be hosting this summer. These are merely dollops of happiness for the epicure. Enjoy!

    Decadent chocolate mousse torte (Source)
    Maryland crab feast cupcakes (Source)

Have you been preparing anything different for your summer guests? What do you do to get inspired for entertaining friends and family?


Simple Attire, Better Effect

Summer outfits Fashion Bloggers
Although I've only worn this skirt twice, it seemed appropriate for the evening's agenda ahead. This is the outfit that I wore to a friend's celebratory work promotion dinner, followed by a quick girl's night out. Quick because I had an early flight out for a wedding the next morning. The latter engagement's themed attire was stated to be what my friend Melissa called, "dress casual," however I knew better their version of dress casual was still going to be as chic as ever! But, I trusted my instincts!
Summer Skirts Forever 21
And since I throw all preliminary thematic titles out the window when it comes to my dressing, I just decided to style accordingly ... how I felt! I was a bit exhausted from running errands, oh, and shopping, yet I did want to look nice in a relaxing but feminine, summery way.

I only changed twice, then abruptly fell upon the simpler version of the look that I was after. There was no sequins or lace intermixed in my ensemble thought process, believe it or not! It was the perfect look that I wanted. Mission accomplished.
All was well and good, everyone seemed to go for the exact same feeling. Not one soul overtly sexy or trying too hard; it was merely a stylish group of people who simply wanted to have an enjoyable time. It's quite funny how a simple look may even grant you compliments from people that you thought never even noticed your style prior to, well anything!

How's your week going? Did you have anything interesting happen?

The goods:  Tank-Express, Heels-Salvatore Feragamo, Necklace-/Skirt-F21, Animal clutch-DIY

Subtle Influence: The Fashion Selective

From any era of time, history has been made by you and I ... it is being made every day that exists. There are moments being recorded in printed installments and life styled sections from someone's perspective. Is it possible to be influenced from others without knowing? Can adults be as impressionable as children in some degree.

This came to mind from an interesting discussion that went on at work as I heard a worker (from another department) proclaim to others that she was not into "older fashion" ... In fact, she said, "I have never been influenced by fashion or trends." She spoke forcefully to a third party within my hearing. Well ... my, my, my, that was quite interesting given the fact that she used the word never, at the same time wearing a boyfriend blazer and floral printed trousers!

This little rant of hers went on for a bit. If it were not necessary for my presence to be in the room because of a task, I would have left earlier with the faithful few who stood alongside me during this charade of ridiculousness. But, brief chortles aside, she was so resolute about her fashion convictions of not being influenced by trends that something had to be said. Most cohorts in the room did not give her a chance to finish, however I decided to hear her out before my retort.

We all were befuddled and slightly humoured. I explained to her (think, a more succinct yet superbly tactful Miranda speech) of how we're all influenced by fashion in some way by our mere selective daily attire. It doesn't mean that you only wear trends. However, first explaining to her what "trend" and trickle-down effect actually meant was key. "What's the point ... I don't even read fashion magazines," she said. Okay, now, my patience was wearing thin, likely because I had also skipped my morning espresso. You needn't worry though, it all ended very well.

Fashion, no doubt, often provides an uplifting source of confidence that one exudes and chooses to display. For some, it's donning bold patterns or a minimal showcase of quality jewellery. For others, fashion may be the art of concocting a stylish ensemble from secondhand items or solely finding worthy vintage garments. The list goes on.

We create our own news in our style parading the streets with our individual gait of fashion glory. Fashion: it's creative expression worn and distinctively styled by the wearer, and sometimes with our body alone being commissioned as the head stylist!

With that being said, have you recently remembered a specific fashion period, trend, or silhouette that you said you would NEVER wear, a colour or print that you may have flipped the finger to decades, years, months, no, just seasons ago?

Now, you find yourself embracing it because of that subtle influence. Whether it be from a blogger, an ordinary Jane or John in passing, perhaps an enjoyable film we are often inspired indirectly as well as by direct persuasion. It doesn't mean that we have to be a trendy-wearing sponge. Yet, it just signifies that we lively exist, having a style absorbent quality in us that's also open to evolving, even if not in a timely fashion.


Plain White Tees

How To Style White Fashion Tee

We all know certain fashion staple items are favoured for many reasons, hence the name. Denim or a white T-shirt, for example may lend us comfort and familiarity for our fashion basics and necessary items that we consider staple pieces.

For me, there are several pieces in my wardrobe that I deem as "staple items," one which being a military inspired shirt/blouse, and of course a plain white T-shirt. Since a fashionista's perfectly fitted jean or LBD is an obvious selection I wanted to show you ways that I love to wear my plain Jane staple ... the absolutely no frills white T-shirt!

I possess many white T-shirts, some have detailed embellishments, deep necklines, and backless surprises. However, the purpose of showing a regular (scoop neck) style is to share with you how versatile a no frills T-shirt can actually be!
Remember, it's all about the styling, whether simple or dramatic! You may want to cuff your sleeves or add a brooch, perhaps a recent DIY! Suspenders and accessories added with the Tee may also add personal touches of your individual style. Just like a belt, a scarf, or with a simplistic twist, pin, and tuck there are many ways to style your Tee that will create an entirely worry-free fashion transformation. Give it a try!

How do you wear your plain white (no-frills) Tee? 

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Colour Block Knit: Day or Night

Fashion Bloggers Sugarlips Apparel
It's quite easy for anyone to love jersey knits because of it's versatility and remarkable stretch. It may have a casual or sophisticated aesthetic all contingent upon how it's styled when worn. I was excited to receive this colour block knit dress from Sugarlips apparel, which worked well since I was on the move!
     Sugarlips Style
 How to wear colour block trend
I love how one style can look entirely different on anyone, for example, take a simple LBD or a plain white T-shirt! I believe this dress will become one of my summer favourites since it's incredibly easy to wear, and delicately bold. Here's how I styled this fun hi-lo dress  from dashing out to a work meeting, running errands throughout the day, and even an early night outing.
    Fashion Blogger Styles Sugarlips Apparel
I added my girly teddy bear belt for a feminine day look, then lace tights, a pendant, and strappy heels for the evening. 

What do you think? Have you sported a (softer) colour blocked style recently?

The goods:  Colour block dress-c/o Sugarlips, Teddy bear belt-DIY, Heels-Seychelles, Tassel necklace, Gold/Black belt, and Blazer-H&M, Watch-Gucci, Black strappy heels-Hervé Léger, Leather cuff-DIY, Bangles-gifted, Handbag-vintage, Faux snakeskin clutch-F21, Grey vintage clutch-Brandahl Sweden-seen here


DIY: Black Collar Fashion

I have a couple of bold collar "statement pieces" made years ago from costume work, however they aren't as casual as I'd like them to be. I thought this was the perfect moment to show you a way of creating your very own collar treatment, and in leather form, because I love working with leather just as much as lace, but that's a whole other story!

I designed several versions, and since there are many of you who have recently requested a few more simple sewing DIY's here's an easy version of my leather collar piece below.

Metal Snaps (3)
Metal piece as trim 
Measuring tape
Sewing machine 
Awl (optional)
DIY Collar Style Trends
Measure collar from shirt or create a pattern. Either way is painless, however by saving time you can simply use a blouse or shirt as an outline.

After deciding on the shape of your collar, mark and cut the leather. Make certain to follow the neck-curve, because your pattern will not be a straight line. You may create a piece with or without a collar stand. This version is done without a stand for my style versatility, and there’s hardly any sewing required. Of course, you may be prompted to use an ready-made collar with a stand from an old shirt as well!  

For stability cut interfusing, and adhere it to the collar piece by steam (ironing) or fabric bonding glue. Press flat. *This will be the same shape of your collar, yet slightly smaller than your collar piece from the top edge.
Fashion DIY Bloggers
Fold in the top edge of the collar and topstitch 1/8” (from right side toward wrong side), with the starting point approx. 5cm/2in.+/- away from the front end of the collar. With chalk or an awl mark placement for snaps, I opted to put them on the top part of my collar. Insert snap-tops: one on each side on the face side of the fabric.

Put the collar on, measuring the distance between each snap and cut one strip of fabric/ neck strip (+ with interfusing) that covers this distance measurement + desired width. This measurement will depend on how you want your collar to look, i.e., having a more open or closed appeal, and/or how your snaps are initially placed. My neck strip is approx. 3”L X .625”W.
DIY Collar Statement Pieces Fashion
Add the snap-bottoms (snap #1 and #2) to each side of the neck strip, leaving space in the center for your trim. Add a new snap-bottom (snap #3) to the center of the neck strip. For my trim I cut and used a metal filigree design. Glue the snap-top (snap #3) to your trim. Let dry.
Fashion DIY Style Blogs
With this snap technique I am able to change my collar by using other trims I've made ... if you want to use ribbon instead of snaps that's even easier! I also decided to make a second collar in a different style using shantung silk, old chain necklaces, and a button trim in black and white. 
Mission complete! Now you have a new leather collar statement piece!

Stay tuned for more DIY's of all levels soon! Enjoy!


Airport Chic

How To Dress Travel to Airport
Dear lovelies,
I know that many of you are dispersed throughout the world, so I will start by wishing you a happy summer or winter, depending on what part of the world you're in.
Top Style Bloggers Travelling Outfits
This past week I have been away again quite a bit attending weddings, (which I'm still not finished with for the year), as well as having a small dosage of visiting family. Summer for me brings the anxious RSVP notes from friends, fun parties, and gatherings at night right on the beach or at a charming venue with ... you guessed it, succulent cuisine (which I love). And this week was filled with exactly that!

Since, I have no patience at the moment to begin to sift through the countless uncategorised work papers that I should be doing I thought I'd share with you my outfit that I wore for travelling. Of course all jewellery was kept in a mini-bag inside of my carryall. But, my outfit longed for accessories. Consequently after going through the TSA detection dance I was able to add a touch of colour to the ensemble.
Fashion Tales Travelling Outfits
I often get cold in airports so layering this tank with my striped v-neck worked perfectly for me. It's also so versatile, which helps because by merely adding heels, a patent belt, and rolling my sleeves up it creates a different look. I generally go for a maxi-skirt or skinny jeans when travelling because of how easy and changeable they are for my lifestyle: appropriate transitions from day to night.

Do you have a favourite travelling look for easy transformations, whether for work or leisure?

The goods: Striped V-neck-Max Azria, Denim-Express, Necklace-Art fair, Leather cuff-DIY, Bangles/bracelets-Thrifted, Consignment shop, beaded handbag-Retro diva, Sandals-Bivel via Rabat, Tank-H&M, Earrings-Target, Belt from coat-Zara


On-the-Go Comfort

Summer Style Tropical prints
When there's loads to do (before having time off), I've said many times that for me comfort plays an essential role in the outfit choice of the day. So, my selection this time resulted in a convenient pull-on look, which obviously meant knitwear was going to join this colourful fashion concoction.

This is such a comfortable dress that I have always worn as a skirt. I decided to go back to this printed maxi, because of its versatility ... throw on a belt, and add a bright handbag, then the outfit easily becomes a summer casual ensemble!
Lady of Fashion - Fashion Bloggers
Although, I only have two yellow colour handbags (I think), however nothing by far as luminous as this one! It's also quite roomy, and was appropriate for packing my snackbars, a pair of flats and exciting new reading material.

Summer to me signifies bright palettes, and cheerful hues. They aren't solely to liven up your spirits when worn, but those encompassing you as well! Between donning the tropical printed skirt and the yellow bag it wasn't at all difficult for me to put forth a smile walking happily down the street. You know the burst of joy when you wear happy colours, well it does a fashionista good.
 Wishing you all lovelies a beautiful weekend! Are you doing anything exciting?

The goods: Handbag-c/o Oasap, Printed skirt/dress-AC/ Jacket-gifted, Tee-F21, Belt-Love Culture, Yellow beaded necklace-gifted, Wooden necklace-H&M, Sandals, Seychelles.

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