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I hope that you had a beautiful Christmas ... I did! But, as I am still enjoying my holiday and soaking in each moment of not having to wake up at the crack of dawn, there's still work to be done. 

Although, I really don't have to be on any particular schedule quite yet, I have done a few projects in-between, and managed to grab inspiration from various surroundings. Of course, there's more to share in the near future. 

Here's a few holiday snapshots ... I could actually capture one decent outfit shot without loads of people encircling me, so I decided to take a chance with my day #2 (casual) ensemble. 

Have a happy new year!
(Above) Happy floral for the season, The family advent calendar makes a special appearance, An early gift for travelling reading.
We killed time watching the complete series of Lord of the Rings ... well, almost!  Shortbread and homemade herb biscuits, Pre-packaging ahead of time to beat the crowd. 

A nice sunny chandelier shot (no filter) that I took, somehow it resembles sun bursts of a flower.
Dimmed lights, as guests leave from our last Christmas party of the year, Special candle light moments, Accessories preview from casual outfit day 2. 
An Eve gifting moment: my lovely watch obsession continues, A quick snapshot before festivities, Glass sparkling jewellery boxes with metallic ribbons.


Warm Wishes and Holiday Bliss

By the time you read this post I will be making final preparations for Christmas. I am just about done wrapping the last few items, tracking awaited parcels, and packing for friendly seasonal visits. Are you getting excited for Christmas yet? Perhaps, you have already been struck by the mood of holiday glee in the earlier weeks.
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The bells are being rung from storefront doors as patrons enter and exit with stiletto heels, and other footprints or rubber soles of excitement. I hope you're ready because it's swiftly approaching!

I decided to don day glamour with layered attire, so I wore my comfortable cardigan, drizzled a few fine gems, and sparkling spikes to add that special touch of happiness for the season.

I will be casually blogging here and there, visiting your Insta-snaps, and catching up on your beautiful spaces. But, just in case I don't here's wishing you a joyous Christmas season!

The goods: Printed skirt: Anthropologie, Cardigan: Thrifted, Evening clutch: eBay, Heels: Salvatore Ferragamo, Spike earrings: Burlington Coat Factory, Vintage gems and jewellery: Family pieces, Cashmere hat-Banana Republic. 
It's been a wonderfully interesting year for me as well as for my blog, I am grateful and happy that I continued to keep at it. Of course there are many things that I still want to work on, however the vision board has been created and I am believing for it all to manifest.

As some of us take a new trajectory whether in our careers or merely lifestyle changes ahead, I wanted to leave you with a few inspirational words. I hope you remain steadfast on whatever goals that you have set.

 "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to
see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

~Martin Luther King Jr.

"You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction." ~ George Horace Lorimer

"Each day is a new life. Seize it. Live it." 
~David Guy Powers


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Dark Elegance: Take-2

 (Above) Wang SS13

There are some designers who are bold with their signature style lines. There are some who are also innately gifted artists, poetic in their design aesthetic, or have the eye of capturing distinct precision and execution all within a seam. And, when all of these elements come together (in fashion) they tend to either result in a beautiful masterpiece, unparallelled chaos, or a worthy and workable template of inspiration.

Haizhen Wang and Bernard Delettrez are two diverse designers that inspired me. Both possess an eye for detail and a specific showcase of style.

Of course, you may identify Delettrez from the name alone before glancing at his actual jewellery. His esteemed work has been sold in specialty stores from Lebanon to London. His daughter, Delfina also carries the designing trait, but one that dates back to a family of fashion history, Fendi. Quite the triple threat and gift of fashion, jewellery, and luxury. Delettrez was also one of the first designers to work with rock crystalwhich made him stand out, especially as a designer in the mid-eighties!

I love how Delettrez manages to marry precious stones with a gothic sensibilitythe outcome is appealing. In his work, you will find the pieces hauntingly opulent.There are white coral skull rings dressed in diamonds, claw cuffs made in the likeness of skeletal impressions, and necklaces that would garner more of an introduction than saying, "statement" piece.

Wang, a Central Saint Martins graduate and 2012 Fashion Fringe winner presented a cutting edge collection that displayed avant-garde in a structured, elegant, and daring way. Layering was effective throughout the line. Graphic prints and three-dimensional silhouettes were softened by Wang's draping and tailoring abilities, which made the garments all the more alluring.

Wang and Delettrez both decided to make important career changes in 2010. Wang took a giant leap by launching his own label and expanding to open a workshop/boutique. Delettrez had already worked with emeralds and designed for H.Stern in the past, and by 2010 he eventually decided to strictly put his attention toward working on his own jewellery designs.

I've chosen these two designers, one an emerging talent, and the other who has been designing for over thirty years to show you how remarkable they both are ... beyond contempo! You can view more of their works below.
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(Above) Delettrez: Yellow, cabochon, & green sapphire ring, heart & diamonds ring, skull & chain necklace, claw cuff. Haizhen Wang Press Fashion Fringe
Haizhen Wang London Fashion
 (Above) Silver articulated crocodile ring
 Images: Haizhen Wang (Source), Bernard Delettrez (Source)


Sky Gulps and Cloud Bursts

Have you embraced nature's beauty? Beauty in the brilliantly coloured leaves, abundance of clouds, or the shape of a flower's petal!

Sometimes I just take a seat sitting on a park bench pondering about my day and soak up the fact that inspiration from the simplest of things, such as the magnificent sky is enough to make me smile.

After an energy draining brainstorming session from work I was humoured by mother nature and once again reminded how awe-inspiring a mid-level cloud like an altocumulus or even an irregular stratocumulus could be! My appreciation, somewhat fascination, with clouds started at a young age. I blame my grammar school professor for this ... I should have never said that I was finished with my work so early, as my next task would be to name various types of clouds. But, I digress ...

Straight from the park bench the injection of divine influence filled my veins. The only thing that I could think of was paint and fabricbeautifully layered chiffon blowing in the wind or a glossy powder blue overcoat that gave off an almost pink misty shadow.

Inspiration really is all around us! Occasionally we merely need to stroll about, halt, and look around. Let your eyes see past the hustle and bustle or goings on from the intensity of a situation that you cannot change. Have gratitude of being able to view today's beauty, even if for only a moment of stunning inspiration.

Here's a diverse glimpse of images that inspired me this week and a few of my own.


 (Source) oO-Rein-Oo



Ace of Spades

I love playing a good card game, especially if Spades are involved. Then, there are moments when I enjoy a great game of chess as well. That's right, call it what you want, but I come from a family of devoted chess players. Whenever I go to visit my father the marble case is opened, and we pick up wherever we left off from our last game. It's quite a special time whenever it happens.

My friends and I also occasionally have a game night where a bunch of us relax, and enjoy laughs as we eat gourmet hors d'oeuvres. It's an anti-stress environment, we have chilled sips from our favourite stemware, and all in our Sunday's best! There's something about being all dolled up for no rhyme or reason other than because you want to as you're encompassed by loving friends. The night tends to occur when everyone needs a breakaway, and we're all split up in coupled groups trying to defeat one another in a little "friendly competition."

Due to all of our busy schedules it doesn't happen often enough, but when it does it's always a night to remember. This is an outfit that I wore for our game night a little while ago, which is not exactly my version of being dressed up. However, for me, I wanted to be playful casual this time, especially since I am usually in work ensembles. I also wore a fascinator with this outfit, but added it after I shot these photos. In the end, it was all about having fun and enjoying the company of friends. And that is not too shabby for a weeknight of bliss!

The goods: Stonewash denim-Cheap Monday, Glitter Heels-DIY, Shirt:Express, American Apparel Braces/Suspenders, Lace neck ruffle-used fabric from this DIY, Glam brooch-DIY


Humble Wrappings: Fashion Tales Turns Three


As a fairly private person when I started a blog I knew that it would take some time getting used to the publish for all to see button. Having something posted in "cyberworld" in general was going to be a conquest in itself. When I began blogging there were no style shots, no DIY's, no special features ... just a simple travelling journal, etc. I mean, back then I had only recently joined Twitter!

But, the blog grew each day and every time a post was created. Through blogging I have met some amazing people, obtained new clients for freelance projects, developed great friendships, and have even been apart of global causes that are close to my heart on a larger scale. Fortunately, between the wee hours of night and the waking chill of morning air I have managed to squeeze in my blogging moments that works best for my lifestyle.

I have developed such a passion for fashion writing and blogging far more than I ever thought I could. There were times when I thought a post was going nowhere or when a feature I've spent much time on has been overlooked. And, I choose to steadily share my thoughts and inspirations regardless. But, you have definitely shown me that ears are listening and eyes are reading, and for that I am grateful.

With that being said, this is a big thanks to you dear followers, random visitors, and secret admirers in the blogosphere. Thank you for walking with me through the progressive journey of FASHION TALES. I look forward to continually sharing my artful lens of fashion and style with you, all uniquely and creatively expressed.

Here's just few styles & highlights from 2012
Click images for the memory!
OASAP Blogger Style VintageFashion Tales Top Plaid Styles Coco-Fashion Bloggers  

Happy 3rd Birthday FASHION TALES!


Rugged-Chic: Knowing Comfort

When there's no appointments to attend, no sharp timeline to make and no RSVP's ... for me, nothing says a day of easy comfort like a vintage maxi and a scarf—at least when you can layer them during autumn/winter season.
  There was not any occasion to get ready for, it was merely an off day of happiness! There was however, window shopping involved, dog sitting for a friend, and enjoying my favourite cuppa, Earl Grey.

Moments like these are those not to be taken for granted, so I thoroughly enjoy them when I can. I've learnt to make time for the simple pleasures in life. For example, having more silent time to read great books, taking at least one day out of the week where there's very minimal distractions of technology (still working on that one), and finding time to call far away friends, even if for only a short period.

You see, life is short and I am always generally busy, so it's important to, as my sister says to me, hey, NIKE! ... "Just Do It!" If you need quality time, take it! If you want to go get a spa day do it with no regrets! And if you just need a moment to breathe ... well, just like buying that new pair of something, you will find a way if you want to!

I wore this a few weeks ago and loved the lounge, yet rugged feeling of the entire outfit, which could also be deemed as a going straight to the grocer and back type of ensemble, but that's a tale for another day!

I layered my vintage slip with an "oldie, but goodie" cargo jacket that I have neglected this season. It fairly has enough pockets for just about everything! Although, I only used the pocket space to stash my favourite lip colour, because you simply must have a pretty pout during an off day, no?  

I am also happy that I finally finished my beading handwork project; repairing fabric that I wanted to make a cape with some time ago. Here's the result (below), and more pics to come of course as soon as I find something to pair it with!
Well, here's to wishing you a joyous weekend, and hopefully fulfilling most/all of your Christmas to-do lists!

The goods: Boots-Michael Kors, Lace slip-Vintage, Knit Hat-Target, Scarf-SF Flea market, Jacket-Old Navy/gifted, Earrings-Swarovski/gifted, Mixed bangles-Consignment Shop/Charity shop/Nordstroms, Beaded necklace-H&M, Leather clutch-Vintage.


DIY: A Holiday Plate With Insta-style

With Christmas entertaining and holiday cheer there's bound to be a few hosting tricks up my sleeve! I grew up in a family that was always entertaining, and there were definitely new table settings and decor happening for different occasions, but when I went off to study I was on a budget! There was no time for anything other than to hit the books, and when I could throw a proper dinner party or three I used my dexterous gift of sewing to explore my options. 
Oi! Tis the season of big spending and free-shipping, right? But, what if you simply aren't in the mood for dishing out more cash? Well, here's a suggestion: grab your scissors and trimmings lovelies, because it's getting crafty in the Haus of Fashion Tales! Glistening glitter, ribbons sparkling, and the holiday music has begun!

I have been creating several projects and gifts in my spare time ... well, you know, whatever that is! So, instead of showing you all of those beauties I decided to add another task of creating napkin rings. This is all very easy and such a great way to both save money, and make a themed setting for your guests. 

I have made several different versions below by using woven ribbon, wire ribbon, and other motley trim. View the series of mobile images below! As for our gathering, this setup was for a simple and light dinner that we had with family friends from Vancouver, and Edinburgh. I also used fabric that I already had, then cut and sewed them to make napkins. 

Spools of seasonal ribbon (sheer, satin, wire or grosgrain)
Dinner napkins
Needle and thread
Sewing machine (optional)
Buttons or other trim
*An upbeat holiday tune-absolutely recommended

To start, cut your ribbon approx. 15 cm or the length that will secure your napkins. I used a thin napkin, and a wide napkin so that you can see the difference. Next, fold the ribbon in half (face side to face side) and start sewing the open ended seam closed, pulling the end threads to create a gathered effect. Then, embellish away!

You may use a button for closure if you prefer as well. Finger press. Turn the ribbon inside out so that the sewn seam is facing inside. That's it! Now, the fun begins! Start folding your napkins and setting your table ambiance.

Of course, this is merely a quick and easy way to make the most of what you have without breaking the bank. You can save pulling out your fine china and table linens for the actual day of Christmas or whatever your occasion might be!

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