Candied Romance: Spring Style

With every seasonal change there's always certain items of repetition that one pulls from their wardrobe, be it a go to jacket or even a favourite accessory. But, this spring and summer I have decided to incorporate at least one item that I don't typically gravitate toward. For me, it's shift dresses: a very simple body silhouette.

Although, I actually have several shift dresses in my closet I don't usually wear them too often. In this style board (seen below) I paired a romantic floral print with an edgier wooden heel.

At the moment I am drawn to artful footwear worn with softer palettes for spring. I also decided to go for a more modern version of the dress, and have been admiring the slightly boxy and vibrantly hued styles lately. Because, let's face it, me and colour ... well, we are already fully acquainted!

 ACNE Burberry

Above: My top five style flavourings: (1)Givenchy Albertina PVC Sandal more here, (2)Stella McCartney Floral Jacquard Jacket other styles here, (3)Acne Green Short Sleeve Dress (4)Burberry Berkeley Mini Leather Shoulder Bag, (5)Yves Saint Laurent Exaggerated Cat Eye Sunglasses. All items found on Lyst.

Have you taken any risks this season with your fashion choices? Even in the smallest way? Are you implementing colour in your wardrobe ... wearing less colour? Perhaps, just adding accessories and splurging on nicer shoes this season is crossing enough uncharted territory for you. Whatever it may be, I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Crafty Update:
Lastly, remember this fabric? Well, if you follow me on Instagram, then you've likely seen the pencil skirt that I finally finished and designed. Of course, sometime in the future I will wear again and style on the blog. The fabric was just too adorable to not do anything with it!

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Onyx and Pearl

Often when the sun shines it makes you envision warm places and chilled beverages. It may even trigger the urge of wanting to don pieces that you cannot wait to slip into for the season of flowery threads and open-toed soles.

But, then reality sets in and you hear the whistling of the wind or the crackling of branches as they sway side to side waving in rhythm with the wind. Instantly, the thought of breaking out my new sandal wedges just did not seem timely or suitable for such a cold day.

The only thing that I could think of after an extended glance through the window pane was to pack on the layers! So, to make a blah morning into a fashionably darker one, so to speak ... yes, this time black was the answer! I paired my ruffled dress that I made years prior (worn as a skirt) with a black and white lace tank and then added a cardigan.
How to Layer leather
This was an oldie, but goodie outfit some time ago amongst the data that survived.
I really love this oversize coat mostly because of the collar. In fact, I believe that's really the only reason I bought it, and because I did need a heavier coat, of course. The fun details: the collar can stand tall and dramatic without even falling, and that's always okay with me!
Style blogger outfit tips - Zara Coat
Vintage Ferragamo shoes
The goods:  Coat-Zara (Similar), Bow flats-Salvatore Ferragamo (Similar), Floral brooch-Ladyofashion handmade, Ruffle dress-Ladyofashion design (Similar), Leatherette Trousers-eBay, Lace tank-White House Black Market, Cardigan-Express, Costume pearls-thrifted, Patent leather croc-bag-Vintage, Rock ring-DIY.

Do you have a piece of clothing that has a lovable special feature?


Inspiration: Midnight Sand

Thank you for all of your lovely comments from the previous post. Thankfully, I managed to get about thirty percent more of my data with searching and recovering old file versions.

Fortunately, for the rest of the week there were other things to distract me, such as the exciting news of getting a call from a long time friend unexpectedly, having a great day at a work event, and scoring excellent buys on eBay! Finding the positive in the simplest of things made the week roll by rather quickly. And, believe me ... I was ready for Friday!

I wore this outfit to an impromptu Mediterranean dinner after an appointment. This silk skirt is one that I've had for many years. Now, it's quite loose fitting in the waist, so I thought I would get a few more lasting wears out of it before pondering the notion of donating it or altering it myself.

I've loved this skirt so much over the years. Perhaps, it's the movement of the hem swaying as I walk or the painterly print and colouring that just reminds me of being on the beach at night. I think I've only paired the skirt with black or teal in the past, but this time I decided to be inspired by the beach—the deep blue sea, grains of sand, and the darkness of night.
Style blogger Spring inspiration
Zara skirt Urban Outfitters Carrdigan
The goods: Silk skirt-Zara, Cardigan-Urban Outfitters, Crochet knit top-Aziz, Shoes-Charles David, assorted jewellery-Flea market, Ladyofashion, Nordstrom, Tank-H&M.


Data Disruptions

I had originally planned to upload a few other images, but instead my special USB decided to break and entirely ruin that novel idea! Yes, break as in port. stick. in shambles ... how lovely! And, between the countless whispers of, "well, you did back everything up," from what seemed to be everyone in sight, and a brief sobbing session, needless to say it did not matter at that point!

Sure, I had loads of things backed up, however the files that I really wanted were on said USB. Just before the switchover the wires were in tatters. Yes, it was one of those days! But, the day wasn't complete crap, after a good calm down I managed to have a worthy IT guy take a look at it and he miraculously collected what he could from it. Watching him in action was quite like a present day episode of MacGyver, and obviously a very hi-tech version. 

The same feeling you get when you think you've lost your handbag or wallet ... you know, that deep belly of heaviness and stomach dropping sensation, sprinkled with high increased heart beatsthat's how this felt.

Since the only thing I could think of afterward involved a shot of something, I decided to pair that concept with a few fashion items that I've been loving at the moment. I imagine normal programming will resume shortly, but until then enjoy these inspiring gulps of style.

1. A refreshing basil and mint mojito and  Baublebar mint cuff bracelet, 2. Mandy Flats with tassels-Madison Harding and Cranberry Mojitos, 3. Dalmore 18 year old single malt scotch whisky and vintage-inspired drop-waist dress-ASOS, 4. Chained on Love bag-Urbanog and a White Russian. Alternative Probiotics recipe here.


DIY: Rock of Ages

I have been wanting to play around with creating something from a few broken beads that I had in my crafting bin. I decided to break more of them recently to make a rock-candy inspired ring. Growing up I was not able to eat rock candy, since it was pure sugar, but my family used it from time to time. I was basically a sugarless hyper-energetic child, but in a good way! However, food in general to me is much like arteven now I can see the art in various forms of rock candy.
If you've never had this classic confection it's made from crystalled sugar and may come in a diverse range of colours by the simple addition of food colouring during the creation process.

Rock candy, (not to be confused with sticks of Rock/Blackpool Rock) has been widely used and enjoyed for centuries. It is also referred to as candy sugar, better known from its origin of India and Iran since the ninth century. In some cultures it is used in teas, for medicinal purposes, and even as a sweetener in certain cuisine.  

Have you had rock candy before? Now that you know a bit more about rock candy, view my version of it below worn as a playful and uniquely styled ring. I am so excited to wear it and already making a few other colours for friends!

Glass Marble (1) per ring
Acrylic Beads approx. 10 pcs.+/-
Heavy Duty Glue
Adjustable ring (1)
Glitter Glue or Dried Glitter
Scissors to cut excess (optional)


To begin, take a handful of acrylibeads and place them in a cloth (a face cloth size works fine), then hammer away at it until breaking the beads in smaller pieces. After the preferred size is achieved start to glue the beads to the top of the glass marble one by one.

If you use the clear acrylic beads like mine, they have a mirror-like film on the backside of each bead. As you hammer the beads be mindful of this so that you may have some of the beads scratched more than others on their backsideTo do this, turn some of the beads on opposite sideas you hammer away. The rubbing against each other with thcloth creates this effect.

To give my ring that extra sparkle and more depth I used the backside of the beads as I glued them, creating somewhat of an asymmetrical raised shape. By using my technique when the light hits the ring, it now has a sparkling effect with the mirrored edges dispersed throughout the ring. 

Afterward, I added dried glitter-glue atop the now formed rock. You may also use loose glitter to carefully drizzle small parts of the rock. Let dry. Lastly, attach the rock to the adjustable ring. Let dry, and wear!

*Further reading and fun facts on candied rock here. 
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Colour: Put Your Records On

What do you get when you have an off-day filled with running errands, listening to records with friends, and a mid-day sewing session? You guessed it, this outfit!

On a mission to partake in all the above from my unconventional to-do list, I was determined to be cool, calm, and casual. In addition, to enjoy a very rare 24-hour day of No's: no waking up early, no meetings, and no inbox messaging related to work.

For some reason on this day I translated that into grabbing an old T-shirt that I literally have not worn in 8 or so years, then paired it with my embroidered jacket. I'm uncertain as to why I adore this embroidered jacket so much. It's dated, and like many jackets for me, a tad short at the hem of the sleeves, however hardly noticeable.
Gudrun Sjoden tights legging
When I saw it in the shop I remember the look on these girls faces, as it was randomly in the "juniors" section. My eyes lit up as I tried to formulate words (with my animated eyes) expressing gasps of "ahhhh," accompanied by an abrupt, yet lingering "yesss!" My dear friend shopping with me was just as excited as I was. Afterward, we both looked up noticing the girls stare at us once more and laugh. We shrugged our shoulders simultaneously and went on.

It's those moments that I don't take personal, because when I'm vintage shopping or find great thrifted pieces, occasionally I feel as if I've struck gold ... okay maybe silver this time, but sometimes even platinum as well! I know that some people may not understand, but obviously they've never found a fashion gem they wanted in the midst of the haus of "pre-loved" threads. The jacket: clearly a winner with the eyelet hole sleeves resembling the closures of stays in corset fashion, and the minimal faux fur trim embracing the neckline.

Sure, it wasn't quite as heavenly as many of my other treasured finds, but definitely a favourite and rightfully due for a style appreciative spotlight. So I wore this outfit, all very casual with bold spikes of colour and soothed by the dose of various shades of brown. It seemed perfect for a pleasant day of fun, relaxation, and reminiscing.
Vintage camera bag Vegan Hinson of Waterloo bag

The goods: Old Tee-Urban Outfitters, Shoes-Anthropologie, Patterned Tights-Gudrun Sjödén, Braided necklace-DIY, Embroidered jacket with Faux fur-Charity shop, Vintage camera Bag-Hinson. 

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Style Savouring: A Quick Fix

Sometimes the unthinkable happens, you know when you pick up the typical his and her dry cleaningonly this time it's from a new place and the surprise is that they ruined one of your garments! Yes, lesson learned.

It almost never happens, however I ventured out to try a couple of different places regarding special laundering services, which was certainly needed for several garments. Although, in the end the damages were covered, it did not nearly take the place of my item that was once ... a dress. The hem, now significantly shorter needed a reason to remain in my wardrobe.

Perhaps looking on the "bright side," this dress was already shorter than I had wanted it to be initially, but now I would definitely not have any other option other than to pair it with layering pieces underneath. This time I chose denim instead!
 Urban outfitters Skater dress
I bought this pair of skinny jeans during Christmas holiday shopping, and I must say, they are incredibly comfortable. The fit feels very nice. The fabric has a luxe and versatile hand to it and I love how I can almost wear them as regular pants. Most people could not tell that they were denim. I wore these a few weeks ago, incorporating them into a work ensemble, then wore them again with this look.

Sure, it was a classic garment going wrong, but with good intentions that turned into a wonderful and clearly fixed solution! All thanks to the dry cleaning service that I will likely not visit again. But, I thought savouring every part of this dress was worth it!

Do you have any garments in your closet that you've needed to alter in order to "make it work," so to speak?
Fashion Tales Accessories Jewellery Style Blogger Topshop trench jacket Fashion blogger

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*This week and the next is quite a busy one for me, so I will slowly catch up with most of your blogs and style happenings via your social networks. Have a joyous week!

The goods: Skinny Jeans-Gas Jeans, Crop Trench-Topshop, Heels-Gifted/seen here (buy similar), Skater cut-out dress worn as top-Urban Outfitters, Tee-H&M, Vintage leather clutch-Brandahl Sweden. *I am also linking up with Elena, of DC in Style for spring


Travelling: Alternative Style

What to wear for casual travelling style blogger 
For times of many scheduled appointments occurring both of business and leisure, for me, comfort has to come into account regarding attire. This is especially the case when all engagements are to be held in relaxed environments. 

This is what I wore as my travelling outfit one day. The mission was simple: I needed to be comfortable, yet I had to be mindful that versatility was essential. And, a hassle-free TSA-friendly look was going to be obvious to even start the style-thinking process. 

I am amazed at how many people that I see in airports nowadays who travel wearing loads of accessories and refuse to take them off. A random businessman kept beeping through the security line ... after a second run through he looks up at me and everyone behind him, clueless. I said, "it's your skinny belt!" That's right, Mr. Dapper (Mr. D) had on a skinny metal belt, and holding up the line for a good few moments. But, it was okay with me this time because I was well ahead of schedule. For some reason he would not budge to hand in his belt at first.

When it comes to fashion-eyes I am a very observant person. Finally, he takes off the belt, then everyone within the area took notice that his trousers were about to have a massive roll-down as he frantically tries to hold them up. 

I am uncertain if Mr. D was entirely spaced out, merely having a laugh himself, or going through caffeine withdrawals, however he did look a bit embarrassed after that situation. I know that I feel best when I've had my morning cuppa to start. But, I digress ...
Hot and Delicious Dress

This particular outfit was my fairly casual ensemble that day. I really loved the ribbon and draping at the sleeves, as well as the overall loose fitting. Of course jersey was perfect for the occasion and I was also able to wear my new specs!

I find that grey lends itself to be somewhat of a saving grace whenever I am not up to donning too much colour (which ... is rare, I know) or simply when I want to wear something other than all black. 

I combined various shades of grey to complement both the need to dress up and down. Although, later in the day I opted for my black lurex and tweed jacket (seen below) to pair with the dress, then added black opaques for the "worker-chic" version. But, nevertheless, here is my relaxing grey worn in travelling style. 

Firmoo Eyeglasses Style Blogger

The goods: Jersey ribbon dress-Hot & Delicious, Eyeglasses-c/o Firmoo, Jacket-NY &Co., Suede boots-gifted (similar), Denim printed legging-Marshalls, Leather Handbag-Urban Outfitters, Bracelet-Oasap

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Style Greetings With An Open Mind

On my way to grab a latte at a cafe to meet up with a co-worker friend I halted to browse a nearby newsstand to check out the latest glossies and non-fashion periodicals of choice. In reaching for the likes of Another, Dazed and Confused, and Crash, a woman with an orange trench coat excused herself to reach across me and take a stack of similar reads. She gradually looked up, smiled, and said, "oh, I love your shoes," which were nothing exceptionally special, merely sunshine coloured oxfords worn with this ensemble!

However, within seconds we began to chat about favourite authors, food, fashion, and just about everything inbetween. We also talked about our hobbies and occupations. Afterward, she thanked me for inspiring her (which I am still trying to figure out what I did exactly) and randomly began to talk about blogging and her long desire to start a food blog. There was no awkwardness at all! Instead, it was one of those rare and marvellous encounters with strangers that you wish happened often.

This made me ponder about how we influence people without even trying to. There are those who watch us from afareven in the simplest of ways our personal style can help inspire others when we least expect it!

Has anything like this ever happened to you before?
Spring Sale Items on Lyst Top picks Bloggers
(Above) Zimmerman Printed swimsuit, Paul & Joe Fabric clutch, Zara Printed linen mini skirt, Oscar de la Renta Gold-plated hammered bracelet, Nasty Gal Baroque-inspired Platforms. All of these can be found on Lyst! Follow me here!

As we step into another week with hopes of being greeted with warmer days, I wanted to share some fashion items that I am currently loving. This past weekend I actually had planned to squeeze in time to go vintage shopping, but that fell through because I was exhausted from other weekend engagements. Additionally, I am preparing for a work conference this week so I will see you back in a few, but for now, enjoy my selection of favourites!

Gypsy Warrior Blogger Fashion picks
(Above) Boneyard vegan-leather moto-jacket, Perfect Match rose-gold tone necklace, Smoking (Mustache) Loafer, Emerald Feather crop vest, Cat Eye teal sunglasses. All pieces available at Gypsy Warrior


Style Flashes and Flavourful Links Vol. II

February came and left in what seemed to have been galloping at full speed on some days. Nevertheless, I hope it was an enjoyable month for you as it was for me! Here's a brief style recap with additional links for your weekend inspiration. Enjoy!

Faux Fur Style Bloggers
-You showed much love on this style post initially (above), and continued to do the same this week even though it's a month old. I am happy that many of you could relate to it and also be inspired. Since I could not respond to all of you here's a huge, warm, and gracious "thank you" from me to you!
Military inspired outfits Inspiring Fashion Bloggers
-I displayed my love of Tartan once more with a playful pattern medley that also received a lot of buzz and feedback thanks to you!

-As promised in earlier posts, I showed a few more pieces of my artwork, in addition to sharing my experience of the fact that inspiration for me really does come from anything at any given time.

Gudrun Sjoden Gudrun's Good Deeds Charities Sustainable Swedish Designers
-I invited you to get inspired for spring with bold patterns and intense colours to help bring bolts of sunshine to your wintery souls.

-Forward innovation of the week! Take a look at these amazing wooden clutches by Tesler + Mendelovitch!

-I recently caught up with London-based fine art and celebrity designer, Yasemen Hussein. Check out my interview with her here.

-This remarkable art in motion installation, "a million times" by Humans Since 1982 involves 300 analog clocks connected with one another to form this one-of-a-kind installation. See the video and more details here.

-With just under two weeks left for his new album to officially release, I am hoping that David Bowie will do a proper tour again soon. Rumour has it there's talk of scheduling dates, however nothing concrete as of yet. Here's to crossing fingers and toes that he does! But, as we await during our extended intermission, view the interesting video starring the lovely Tilda Swinton ... and friends.

-Lastly, I am excited to don my new neon zipper trimmed handbag very soon! You can catch more uploads later via Instagram.

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