Inspired Layers, For Her

As we all know, time waits for no one, so you may have noticed my sporadic absence of late, however I am managing to visit your lovely blogs when I can. Gathering moments to squeeze in bits of craft-time also seems like a wish and a hope away. But, I was recently inspired and purchased a few trimmings for personal projects.

It started with my search for a vintage belt that I wanted to wear when another item immediately surfaced instead. I had perused my closets to find these vintage trousers that I’ve not worn since last year a few times—unfortunately I was not successful at locating them, that is ... until now!

Alas, the trousers were visibly folded, amongst the steam trunk of other vintage goodies. It was a good day!
After my minor shopping trip, I was sent a bag of vintage delights (scarves and jewellery) from my sister as well, which just made the day even better! I love when special items are passed down from your parents, then it eventually makes its way to you at the right time. I will surely be donning a few of these scarves very soon. 
Menswear Inspiration:
As for the outfit that I wore to work, this is a combination of structure and edge—I wore my menswear inspired vest with a layered blouse and high-waisted leather trimmed trousers. of course, caution was made stepping into these tricksy trousers. Yes, I still had to make sure that I didn't puncture anything, as they seem to have been made for a faux-human in the waist area, but that's another story. 

Enjoy the week!

The goods: Leather trimmed trousers-Vintage, Shoes-Ferragamo, and Blouse-Christian Dior, Striped vest-Express, Assorted jewellery-Nordstrom, Ladyofashion, Consignment, Tank-H&M.

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Fashionable Visions With Firmoo

When I was younger I hardly wore my specs, primarily because I played sport and would get annoyed with having them on my face. Of course, with the changes in technology and even with my own style evolving over time I would say that I have become fond of wearing them. Being an eyeglasses wearer to me simply means that I just have a plethora of options with styling eyewear as accessories with my outfits.
This post is brought to you by Firmoo. (Above) Styles: 1-OTO3574, 2-F031, 3-F028, 4-BLMKG717, 5-OTO3574, 6-OTO3570.

More recently, I tend to wear my frames when I know it’s going to be a long day of meetings or when I may have to hurriedly dash out to work. You’ve seen me wear my Firmoo eye frames many times, and upon my one year anniversary with the brand, it’s nice to collaborate with them once more!

They are just finishing their share-to-donate campaign tonight, in which approximately one dollar is donated when a person shares (via social media: Twitter, Facebook, and G+, etc.) about Firmoo and their show your love charitable efforts. This will aid those who cannot afford to buy a pair of glasses. Read more about it here. Currently, you may still obtain a free pair of eye frames as a new customer—and Firmoo ships internationally!

This style that I wore (here) might be my favourite pair, although they're basic, but the style goes with just about everything! They offer sunglasses as well, which you may get (all styles) with prescription or without. I’ve not tried Firmoo's Rx sunglasses as of yet, but I will be and styling them soon on the blog, so stay tuned.   
Here are some frame options for both men and women that I’ve selected! I typically wear wayfarer or cat-eye frames, because they seem to be the best fit for my face.

Which style of frames are your favourite to wear?

Click here to get your free pair of glasses!

(Above) Styles: 1-LYSJ744, 2-J-2128, 3-OTO3537, 4-CP8384.

*Photo credit: Firmoo, style boards by ladyofashion.
This is a sponsored post, however all opinons and views expressed are my own.

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Black and Blue: Weekend Style

Have you ever had one of those days, where you did not want to put too much effort in anything because you were either too busy or felt lethargic? For me, this day was exactly that! There were plenty of things to accomplish on the list of tasks, and thankfully I did manage to check off a grand ninety percent of them. However, there were loads of other tasks being added throughout the day to complete.

This was an outfit that I wore for a casual outing; in my attempt to meet a friend for brunch and a bit of vintage shopping. Additionally, I also had to pick up some fabrics for a few projects, and for some reason a dress was the only thing that I wanted to wear. All-in-one comfort! But, the check-list pile wasn't entirely alarming, as we were able to treat ourselves later in the evening and partake in spa time.
I decided to play with the idea of my vintage slip as a dress (something that I've often done in the past), and pair it with my denim jacket. I absolutely wanted a no-fuss look, since I knew that I was going to essentially be running about town all day. It was such an easy to-go ensemble! A dash of mascara, and a favourite lip colour was all that I needed to complete the look. 

Perhaps, you're like me and have a few weekend combinations that you continuously love to wear! What's your favourite weekend ensemble at the moment?
The goods:  Boots-Ecote via Urban Outfitters, Silk slip worn as dress-Vintage, Denim Jacket-Calvin Klein, Tortoise buckle bangle-c/o PONO via April M.

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Autumn Hugs With Outerwear

One of many essential pieces in my closet that I always revert to are jackets/coats! For me, a leather jacket and blazer takes me throughout multiple seasons. When fall makes its presence known, I do love a fitted long coat or heavier trench as well to pull an outfit together.

It may not be autumn yet, but I have seen a fur collared jacket a time or two, even worn in the summer. Don't we all have that one friend who wears a favourite furry number at any given time? Perhaps, you are that friend or festival-chic lady who does Bohemian fringe dances in the glorious sun. Or, maybe you're the classic style girl who loves to wear all black (jackets) regardless of the season.

I will likely bring out my vintage fur and faux fur pieces much later, as always. But, for now, I will just sit back and enjoy the mild climate and pre-autumn breezes of virtual inspiration.

Whatever your style is for "jacket weather," there's great options that may accommodate any lifestyle, whether you're an eco-lover or retro diva. I must admit, I am still on the hunt for an orange mac or emerald long coat. Hopefully, I will score some goodies soon when I get the chance to pop in more stores or on our vintage shopping excursion soon. Here's a few favourite jacket and coat options that I'm loving at the moment!

What style of coat or jacket do you love wearing? 

Click image to view larger (Above): Pastel coat with Faux fur trim-Rokit Vintage, Palomba grey coat Sportmax via Selfridges, Wool zipper coat-Zara via LystQuilted leather jacket with superb detailing!-Reiss

*Click image to view larger (Above): Checkered studio cape-Zara, Textured Drape Coat-Oasis via Lyst, Katie Fleece Cape-People Tree,Vintage-Leopard casual jacket-Beyond Retro.

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Floral Layered Cake

Life is great, but I have been completely wiped out with exhaustion and have somewhat been taking social media intervals. Spending time with loved ones has been the only thing on my mind. Well, that and a major desire to schedule a spa appointment!  

Here’s an outfit that I wore on a day off. We had friends over for a good catch-up with an early seafood dinner and grilled veggies, and then watched the sunset. It was likely going to be our last barbecue together before everyone’s hectic workload was in full effect.

Most of our guests tend to wear suits or other tailored threads to work, so this was definitely a more comfortable, fun, and casual style of attire. I decided on “girly meets romantic androgyny.” 

I asked for a small—this was so enormous, and clearly the wrong size was tagged, marked, and sent. I pondered how I might modify this piece for future wears. (Ahem, oversize cardigan or dyed jacket perhaps?) Unquestionably, this may just be my scissors talking, but something is absolutely in the works … you can quote me on that!

This top also reminded me of layered cake every single time that I looked at it—so sweet and feminine looking.  So, I decided to pair tougher elements with it to give it some edge. It didn't need too much: a hat, shorts, and a favourite pair of heels seemed just fine. 

The goods: Shoes-Hervé Léger, Floral rosette top-c/o Oasap, Patent leather clutch-Vintage, Hat-Banana Republic, Earrings-Maylee's Jewelry. DIY old denim-Acne, Bracelet-
family heirloom Belt (worn as tie)-H&M.    

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Thom Browne SP14: Fashion Injections

If fashion has a rule book, then Thom Browne sliced it up and made a wearable tapestry … an avant-garde one! Thom Browne’s Ready-To-Wear Spring 2014 collection served the viewers a fashion pâté, but it was on no ordinary plate. It was a special blend that Morticia would just love!

The collection was fashion disobedience, artfully displayed and distinguishable by its mere intricate details. From the very distant to an enticingly magnified perspective, you’re full of intrigue with both eyebrows raised. And, if you’re already an admirer of Thom Browne, then you were eager to dissect the collection layer by layer, if only to appreciate the workmaster behind the line and quality of execution.

If the madhouse had a fashion show this is what it would look like—full of theatrical fantasy. The collection is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the unimaginative. As a former costumer and fan of Browne’s work it was a collection that I immensely appreciated, but more for the detailed elements (see images below).
Thom Browne Spring 2014 Review Blogger
There were styles that you simply wanted to understand a little bit more. Then, there were styles showcased with peculiar pairings that strangely balanced the theme of a modified hospice worker, at least for an inspired film or theatre play in mind. Fabrics of latex, silk, and lace were used, some matched with puckering finishes and extravagantly sculpted silhouettes—the skirts and jackets of white embellished with button-like pearls were all apart of the uniform.

As always, Thom Browne gave you a show! There was much to talk about, from the materials used to the finishing look, even as outrageous as the beauty spell of smudged rouge lips and wraithlike styling (from the neck up) may have appeared to be. 

His design aesthetic is clearly defined, and these were garments that seemed to already have a character in mind. Well, I'm not certain if Old Lady Grantham would approve, but I think Helen Bonham Carter would believe bits of Thom Browne’s collection to be very agreeable.

What do you think about Thom Browne’s spring 2014 womenswear collection?
SS14 NYFW Thom Browne
Images:, edited by Ladyofashion.

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Cat Graphics

When it comes to animal inspired prints, we often primarily focus on leopard, cheetah, or zebra patterns and styles. However, this particular print caught my eye, because it was so odd and a bit different than anything that I typically wear. 

Weeks ago, I had almost forgotten about this outfit that I wore to work one day. Throughout the day I was greeted with puzzling expressions accompanied by either a fashionable nod or rather, a chortle of appreciation. I took it in stride and remained confident in my choice of “animal print” that day. 

I also wondered if this (dress) would be considered an animal print, even as unique and unconventional as it was. There were certainly far too many other important topics and tasks to worry about. But, for some reason there were several moments in the day where the conversation seemed to be taken over by artistic interpretations of peers and onlookers inspired by feline enchantment—a classifiable cat-attack! 

I’m not sure how, but I managed to accomplish so much that day. Perhaps, an art discussion and small distraction from the mound of high priority tasks is needed for every productive day.  

I mixed this outfit with vintage and modern elements with a favourite colour combination: navy and brown. It was also a balancing fix that I thought blended well with breaking up the allover print. 

The goods: Boots-Vintage, Printed dress-c/o Oasap, Necklace-Burlington Coat Factory, Leather bag-Ann Taylor, Rock ring-DIY, Belt- Love culture.

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Feather Talk and Sheer Translations

After fully loaded weeks of meetings and conferences, I finally had one of my last few this week. There’s usually not too much time to go off and have “fun,” but I managed to get several hours away to take my mind off of work related things. It was a delightful and slight change in pace from the usual agenda. 

For my little excursion off-course, I went art seeking, something that I often love to do—visiting art markets, going to art shows, and events, etc.  I decided to wear this printed sheer dress, paired with a favourite straw hat, and added a tank with leggings to layer underneath.   

To be honest, this dress is more like a maxi to me, even with its sheer attributes as a cover-up. I also find that maxis are entirely versatile throughout all seasons.  So, I styled accordingly! I selected this dress from Jordan Taylor, a resort wear brand based out of New York, because it reminded me of this belt that I made, as well as the artwork below.
Autumn layering maxis
 V&A image: Arthur Silver  for Liberty and Co. Peacock Feathers' furnishing fabric (1887)

Peacocks have such special symbolism, and it varies in many cultures, from medieval paintings to religious significance in Christianity and Greek Mythology, amongst others. Some beliefs say that it resembles pride or immortality, others believe that a peacock is a symbol of rebirth.

I remember hearing different meanings growing up—"oh, yes, the all-seeing eye of the peacock," my nan would say in a powerful, yet endearing voice! But, one thing that cannot be denied is the peacock's natural beauty.

Maybe, if anything to remind us that nobody has it all. Although, the peacock has breathtaking beauty, it also is known for its harsh screeching sounds that entirely contradicts its appearance. Additionally, the peacock is able to eat poisonous plants without suffering, as he remains colourfully decadent in the animal kingdom. A prideful creature (just as humans at times), going about showing off and strutting their exterior flamboyantly.
But, let us remember to also exhibit that there is far more to each of us than what meets the eye. Nobody is perfect, however beauty is certainly within us all. For just as the ocelli, visually embedded within peacock feathers, there are eyes watching us as well. But, I digress ...
Peacock symoblism -Style Blogger 
Of course, most people at our offices are arriving back from enjoying their holidays, and others (even some of you) have mentioned that they’re still holding on to summer. 

Perhaps, we can hold on to the attitude of summer if not primarily in our dressing, because there’s something special about the sun shining, buds blooming, as well as having a glowing countenance to go with it. It just enhances the day! Yes, I think I’ll try to bring that cheerfulness into my autumn, especially since the days will get shorter.
The goods: Printed dress-c/o Jordan Taylor, Shoes-MissSelfridge, Belt-Michael Kors, Tank-H&M, Leggings-Express, Cuff-Oasap, Hat-Urban Outfitters.
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Style Notes: Emerald and Tangerine

I decided to remix these wool shorts that I have not worn in a while. This is an outfit that I wore to go shopping for work, which is always fun and never droning. Thinking on my feet, I put my colleague to work to take some fun styleshots literally within minutes, since we really had no time to spare! Yes, how very ... "blogger" of me!

When it comes to shopping, generally I’m quite disciplined because ...
#1-I really don't like to carry loads of bags with me, and if you've not noticed by now this is one reason why I always have a carry-on and never check luggage!

#2-I tend to analyse garments, often wondering how well the clothes or accessories can fit in my wardrobe, amongst a multitude of other things. For me, workable pieces that have texture and colour will typically win the battle of those “what do I wear,” type of days. This is especially the case if staple items, like jeans and a Tee aren’t within reach!

A Summer, “Good-bye” and Autumn, “Hello”
Are you ready for the season transition or are you happily holding on to summer? I am definitely ready for autumn to the point that I’ve already pinned my favourite coat and boot styles many weeks ago! And, although, it may be a bit too early to don coat styles, I will simply enjoy the comfort of my plaids and (possibly one last time to wear) shorts sans tights.
Autumn outfits wool plaid shorts

Project Updates:
I have a demanding week ahead; however I will update you soon on a new project that I’ve been working on. Think leather! I purchased some new leather yardage, and very pleased to work with these special cuts! Hopefully, I will have more info and a few snapshots of progress on that in the near future. For now, just enjoy my pre-autumn greetings in emerald and tangerine.

Did you have an exciting weekend?

Wearing Plaid shorts style blogger Outfit ideas
Lucky mag Autumn Inspiration Plaid 
The goods: Tartan/Check shorts-Charity shop, Shoes-Anthropologie, Earrings-Deborah Grivas via April M, Belt-DIY, Leather jacket-Thrifted,Clutch-DIY, Tank-H&M.

*I am also linking this post with the lovely Bella, of (The Citizen Rosebud) for her "Shoe Shine" event. It was a tough decision, however I chose these shoes, although they aren't sparkled, because I love how comfortable they are. They are handmade made from Spanish leather with cut-outs, but with closed toes, making it excellent for all seasons. Check out other bloggers sport their favourite shoes here.

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